25 Cutest Maltese Haircuts For Your Little Puppy

Do you own a Maltese? Then you definitely know how important Maltese haircuts are. These dogs grow a huge amount of fur and feel uncomfortable when it’s too long. Besides causing discomfort to your pet, a long fur coat can become a hassle to the owner. The dog itself is rather small and keeping the long coat groomed is a hard task. That’s why a haircut is in order. These dogs look like cute fluffy toys and proper haircuts improve the image even further. Whatever you try to do, you’ll never get the adorable out of the Maltese. So settle for the cute haircuts and find the one that you and your dog love best.


Cute Maltese Haircuts Your Dog Will Love

You can either cut your pet’s hair yourself or go to a professional groomer. Most Maltese dogs are not big fans of getting a haircut so you must be ready for a battle. With time, smart pets learn to sit still and wait for the grooming process to be completed. If you are just starting out, you might want to ask a professional’s advice. In order to be prepped for the Maltese haircut, you need to browse through a few different options. We picked out 25 wonderful choices for you to check out and try on your pet.


1. Teddy Bear Cut For Your Maltese

 Teddy Bear Cut for Maltese

Teddy bear cut is one of the most popular Maltese haircuts since it makes any dog look extra cute. The fur is cut to be about a half an inch long and the hair on the face is shaped to achieve roundness.


2. Long girly cut

Long girly cut your Maltese

This hairstyle is similar to the teddy bear cut only the fur has to be at least one-inch long. The hair on the face is shaped for roundness but a few strands can be left long on top to make ponytails.


3. Layered cuts

lady Maltese Layered cuts you like

You need to be a real dog grooming guru in order to create good-looking layered cuts. While it might take some time to do, the results are truly extraordinary.


4. Show Maltese cut

 Show cut Maltese hairstyle

Maltese are frequent visitors at the dog shows. The Maltese haircuts for the dog show significantly differ from what you’d like to have at home. They are long and require careful daily grooming.


5. Lion’s tail


The tail is one of the most important parts of a dog’s body. So you need to take good care of it. A lion’s tale is often a part of Maltese hairstyles. It looks good and requires little maintenance.

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