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Aaron Donald Haircuts: Top 4 Hairstyles of the NFL Star

When you think of defensive superstars in the NFL, Aaron Donald is probably the first name that comes to mind.

The 6’1″, 280 lbs defensive tackle is a terror for any offensive player who plays against the Los Angeles Rams. Aaron Donald’s haircut matches his rough-and-tumble play style.

Over the years he has rocked the buzz cut fade, high-top fade, and tapered low fade. He’s also rocked a short afro early in his career.

As for his facial hair, Donald has rocked a mustache and full beard throughout his 10 years in the league. Check out Aaron Donald’s latest haircuts and how they’ve changed during his time in the NFL.

Aaron Donald’s Hairstyles Over His Career

Aaron Donald has stayed consistent with his haircut choices over his 10 years in the NFL. Here are the haircuts he’s gone with throughout his career:

1. Buzz Cut Fade

Aaron Donald With Buzz Cut

Aaron Donald has had a buzz-cut fade for most of his time in the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle prefers a low-maintenance clean look.

It’s not surprising that most NFL players prefer short haircuts since they have to wear helmets and other headgear often.

Nicknamed “The Terminator” for his massive frame and ultra-aggressive play style, this no-nonsense haircut suits Aaron Donald perfectly.

2. High Skin Fade

Aaron Donald With High Skin Fade

On several occasions, Aaron Donald has rocked a high skin fade. Many professional athletes opt to go with this look, indicating that the influence of ‘90s rappers and entertainers is still alive and well.

The close relationship between sports and hip-hop was embodied by Donald when he signed with Donda Sports, the agency run by Kanye West. 

However, he parted ways with Yeezy’s agency along with Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown last year following the controversy around Kanye’s antisemitic statements. 

3. Tapered Mid Fade

Aaron Donald With Tapered Mid Fade Haircut

Another haircut that Aaron Donald has had is the tapered mid-fade. This is another short hairstyle that showcases the elite defensive tackle’s strong hairline with a fresh lineup.

Donald rocked this haircut frequently earlier in his career before he settled on the buzz cut fade as his preferred aesthetic.

It’s also the haircut he went with when receiving his Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2020.

4. Short Afro

Aaron Donald With Short Afro Hair

Before he became an elite defensive talent in the NFL, Aaron Donald was still trying to prove himself in the league. This mentality was evident in his hairstyle choice during the 2014 NFL Draft Combine and his rookie year.

At that time, Donald rocked a short afro with no bells and whistles. His sole focus was to show the world a glimpse of his dominant potential as a defensive stalwart.

Aaron Donald’s Facial Hair

Aaron Donald Facial Hair

In contrast to the hair on his head, Aaron Donald’s facial hair has remained unchanged throughout his NFL journey. He’s always had a mustache and a full beard.

However, you’ll notice that Donald’s beard changes ever so slightly if you look closely. The Los Angeles Rams star tweaks his beard style to suit his haircut.

For example, when he’s sporting a buzz cut or high-top fade, his beard also has a fade to match his sideburns seamlessly.

Where Does Aaron Donald Get His Haircut?

While it’s unknown where Aaron Donald currently gets his hair cut, it’s common knowledge that his Calabasas estate included a private barbershop.

He sold this 7,000-square-foot mansion last year for a whopping $6.258 million. The news that he’d put the estate up for sale fueled the rumors that he would retire from the NFL in 2022.

Aaron Donald is one of the premier defensive players in the NFL. The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year has rocked several haircuts throughout his career. However, he’s kept his hair short over the past decade.

His haircuts include a short afro, buzz cut fade, and high-top fade. Additionally, the Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle has gone with a tapered low fade on some occasions. The one constant for Aaron Donald over the years has been his mustache and full beard.

We’re all waiting to see what the surefire Hall of Famer has in store for us next on the field and on his head.