81 Most Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts in 2020

Grown-up men are not the only one to get a classy haircut. Your baby boy should also get a cute haircut to look more adorable. Our list of baby boy haircuts and hairstyles are to help you choose the best one for your toddler baby boy. How you dress up your baby; the apparel and the haircuts you choose for them represent your taste and fashion sense. The way you are conscious about your clothes, hair and look, you must be mindful of your baby’s get up as well. Keep an eye on the trends and let your baby be a part of this fashionable society.


Cute Baby Boy Haircuts We Love

You should choose a baby boy haircut that’ll comfort your baby. Don’t make him uncomfortable by choosing a long hairstyle if he doesn’t like it. Here are 81 adorable baby boy haircuts and hairstyles you’ll really love for your little man.


#1: Slicked Back Short Sides Haircut

baby hairstyle

If your baby’s hair is thin and frizzy, give him a haircut that gives his hair a bouncy look from the middle. This slicked back haircut with short sides and short back can be a perfect hairstyle for your little boy.


#2: Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle for little boys

Now, that’s the hairstyle that gives babies the star look. You can use hairspray to fix the hair after setting up in wavy shape from the middle. The length of side hair and back hair will be comparatively shorter than the middle hair.


#3: Frizzy Haircut With Shorter Sides

Baby boy Frizzy Haircut With Shorter Sides

If you don’t want to cut your baby’s hair too short, cut them in a way that they can be styled. This hairstyle leave your baby’s hair short up to 2 inches to 3 inches approximately.


#4: Parted Haircut For Wavy Hair

Parted Haircut For Wavy Hair

For thick or a bit curly hair, you may opt for any shorter haircut. In this hairstyle, the hair is parted in portion to cut them in different lengths. From middle, the length of hair is a bit longer than the length of hair near the ear.


#5: Classic Puff Haircut

Classic Puff Haircut for babies

This haircut gives your baby a decent and sophisticated look. If you dress up your kid in the same decent style, he’ll look more adorable. Use jell or hair product to fix the hair for a classy look.


#6: Trimmed Undercut Hairstyle

trimmed undercut hair
This one is the trendy haircuts in kids and adults as well. Give your toddler’s look an edgy touch with the pairing of long middle bangs with the shaved side.


#7: Wild Spiky Hairstyle

spiky baby boy hair

This spiky haircut is every kid’s favorite haircut. You can give this cut an edgy look with flipped bangs and an edgy design. While setting up the haircut, use light texturing lotion for damp hair and finish with a medium hold hairspray.


#8: Classic Blonde Puff Long Haircut

Classic Blonde Puff Long Haircut for baby boy

If your blonde baby has very thin hair, don’t cut his hair too short. And don’t slick his hair back. Instead, make a fringe or classic puff for covering your little one’s forehead area. You can use texturing lotion for not making his hair look fizzy.


#9: Textured Grunge Haircut

 Textured Grunge Haircut

This heavily textured haircut suits a square or triangular face shape and works best with thick and medium hair. While setting up, blow dry hair lightly using fingers to create separation and make layers.


#10: Wild Curly Round-Shaped Baby Boy Haircut

If your baby has natural curls, you don’t need gimmicks for his hairstyles. Make your baby’s curl the focal point with this round-shaped haircut. It’s a blend of fringe and bob haircut and best suits with curly hair.