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91 Most Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts in 2024

At this young age, baby boys don’t have too many preferences for their haircuts, so it all comes down to your tastes. Try to discover low maintenance hairstyles that make him look cool and sweet until he grows up and starts finding his own preferences.

When having a toddler, the first thing you must do is carefully comb his hair because you don’t want this process to be disturbing for your baby boy or make him feel uncomfortable. If his hair is not detangled and you are continually pulling it when cutting, he might end up hating the whole procedure after a few cuts.

We know it’s hard to keep a baby standstill, but you should try your best. Our advice is while you are doing your job, you hand him over a few toys to keep him busy.

Cute Baby Boy Haircuts

However, if his hair is still rare and fluffy, your toddler’s hairstyle will be quite straightforward. But if the little man has rich hair, you must find something that fits him. With the proper haircut, he will look adorable, and you can even get him and his dad matching haircuts.

As we want you to offer your toddler the best experience the first time you’re giving him a haircut, we gathered here all types of baby boy haircuts that will help you decide what fits him.

1. Toddlers Haircut

baby boy's first haircut

A baby boy’s first haircut doesn’t require too much work, especially if your little man stands still. Trim the sides and comb the top with the fingers, swooping it on one side.

2. 1-year-Old Cut

baby boy's thin haircut

Your baby boy’s hair is thin and rare at this young age, and you’ll probably only need to chop off the ends. Using your fingers, you can lift the longer strands into a mohawk.

3. Bowl Cut

baby boy's long haircut

This baby boy’s long haircut is called a bowl cut because of its shape. The bangs are spread on the forehead while the sides are long and cover his ears.

4. Little Black Boy’s Haircut

haircut for black baby boys

When your baby boy is this small, you’ll need to trim the tops of the hair. Tousling that soon to be quiff is probably the best hairstyle for black baby boys this young.

5. Asian Baby Hair

Asian baby boy haircut

This Asian baby boy haircut features short bangs that are spread on the forehead. If you think it’s necessary, you can even trim the sides with a no.2 guard.

6. Layered Ginger Hairstyle

baby boy with ginger hair

When your little man has such rare hair color, why cut it and not brag about it! He will look adorable with a layered hairstyle with bangs messily arranged on the forehead. This baby boy with ginger hair really looks cool, right?

7. Side Swept Bangs

messy haircut for baby boys

Such a messy haircut is exactly what you need for a baby boy whose hair starts to get thicker and thicker. Sides can be trimmed at home with the machine and you can get him short bangs that won’t stand in his way.

8. Curly Toddlers Hair

mixed baby boy's hairstyle

A mixed baby boy with curly hair needs a hairstyle that will keep the curls in control. Comb the hair often so that he won’t get his fingers stuck in those ringlets.

9. Baby Wispy Bangs

baby boy's haircut

At this young age, the options for your son’s cuts are quite a few, especially because his hair is still thin and rare. Short sides, some wispy bangs, and off you go.

10. Side Swept Top

baby boy haircut

Even as a baby, you can still look fashionable and cool. It’s not all about the outfit, but also about the hair. Style a side part and slightly comb-over and pass the top and bangs to the other side.

11. Undercut with Curly Top

baby boy curly hair

We are sure you prefer a low-maintenance haircut and you can easily get that with an undercut and long curly top. Whether you pull this off at home or take your son to the barber, make sure you define those edges.

12. Little Elvis

baby boy hairstyle

That sleek top with a wave will make anyone admire this little gentleman. Keep it simple; the hairstyle doesn’t necessarily require too much fluff or extravagance.

13. Intricate Braids

braid hairstyle for baby boy

They might look stunning, but these intricate cornrow braids are not for everybody, especially if your kid can’t stand still. Otherwise, the haircut involves tapered sides and a person with good braiding skills.

14. Wavy Quiff

asian baby boy haircut

Side fades are not really required but we can’t say they won’t look nice and highlight that wavy quiff. Those nice lush tresses look so sweet and your little boy is trendy.

15. Asian Hairstyle with Hard Part

Because he has thick dense hair, you can think about creative ways and hairstyles to make your son stand out. A quiff with a hard part, an undercut and a razored lined design is going to make him feel proud about his new look.

16. Long Blonde Hair

baby boy's blonde haircut

Toddlers look so sweet when their hair starts to grow, and if you want to witness this process, cut only the ends of his hair. You can also pull off a fringe so that the hair won’t get in his eyes.

17. Taper Fade

toddler baby boy hairstyle

An angular fringe with sides tapered is suitable not only for men, but also for babies. Brush the top slightly to the side, and your little guy will be not only adorable but so cool and chic!

18. Thin Baby Hair

toddler boy haircut

On one corner of the forehead, cut the hair shorter, creating an angle. Maintain the fringe short, one finger above the eyes, and go for a low taper on the side.

19. Fade Haircut

toddler baby boy's hair

Start longer on the top and taper the hair down towards the sides. Because baby hair is soft and thin, you can mess with the longer section and arrange it just the way you want.

20. Haircut for Round Face

baby boy's hairstyle for round face

Even if he is young,  you can figure out what face shape your baby has and act according to that. If it’s round, the baby boy’s hairstyle needs some angles and a fringe that is slightly tossed in one direction. It can create the impression of slimmer features.

21. Slicked Back Short Sides Haircut

baby hairstyle

If your baby’s hair is thin and frizzy, give him a haircut that gives his hair a bouncy look from the middle. This slicked back haircut with short sides and short back can be a perfect hairstyle for your little boy.

22. Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Hairstyle for little boys

Now, that’s the hairstyle that gives babies the star look. You can use hairspray to fix the hair after setting up in wavy shape from the middle. The length of side hair and back hair will be comparatively shorter than the middle hair.

23. Frizzy Haircut With Shorter Sides

Baby boy Frizzy Haircut With Shorter Sides

If you don’t want to cut your baby’s hair too short, cut them in a way that they can be styled. This hairstyle leave your baby’s hair short up to 2 inches to 3 inches approximately.

24. Parted Haircut For Wavy Hair

Parted Haircut For Wavy Hair

For thick or a bit curly hair, you may opt for any shorter haircut. In this hairstyle, the hair is parted in portion to cut them in different lengths. From middle, the length of hair is a bit longer than the length of hair near the ear.

25. Classic Puff Haircut

Classic Puff Haircut for babies

This haircut gives your baby a decent and sophisticated look. If you dress up your kid in the same decent style, he’ll look more adorable. Use jell or hair product to fix the hair for a classy look.

26. Trimmed Undercut Hairstyle

trimmed undercut hair
This one is the trendy haircuts in kids and adults as well. Give your toddler’s look an edgy touch with the pairing of long middle bangs with the shaved side.

27. Wild Spiky Hairstyle

spiky baby boy hair

This spiky haircut is every kid’s favorite haircut. You can give this cut an edgy look with flipped bangs and an edgy design. While setting up the haircut, use light texturing lotion for damp hair and finish with a medium hold hairspray.

28. Classic Blonde Puff Long Haircut

Classic Blonde Puff Long Haircut for baby boy

If your blonde baby has very thin hair, don’t cut his hair too short. And don’t slick his hair back. Instead, make a fringe or classic puff for covering your little one’s forehead area. You can use texturing lotion for not making his hair look fizzy.

29. Textured Grunge Haircut

 Textured Grunge Haircut

This heavily textured haircut suits a square or triangular face shape and works best with thick and medium hair. While setting up, blow dry hair lightly using fingers to create separation and make layers.

30. Wild Curly Round-Shaped Baby Boy Haircut

If your baby has natural curls, you don’t need gimmicks for his hairstyles. Make your baby’s curl the focal point with this round-shaped haircut. It’s a blend of fringe and bob haircut and best suits with curly hair.

31. Formal Side Parting Baby Boy Hair

A short baby boy haircut makes your baby’s blue colored eyes look more prominent and attractive. Make him look more adorable with this classy formal side parting haircut. Be watchful that the apparel of your standout son makes a similar statement as his hairstyle.

32. Blonde Surf’s Up Hair

Blonde little boy hairstyle

A bit of wave gives this haircut dynamic movement to focus on. This hairstyle is suitable for oval, triangular and square face shapes, and works best on thick and fine hair.

33. Flair Undercut for Baby Boy

baby boy haircut 2024

This short haircut with a bit of flair and exaggerated length in the middle area can be a perfect hairstyle for your little man. It gives him a look that is neat and tousled both at the same time.

34. Little Boy Long Side Bang Haircut with Thin Hair

little boys haircut with thin hair

Pairing a long side bang with short side hair gives your baby an edgy look. Keep this look fresh with some handy hairspray. This look is suitable for oval, square and round face shapes. If your baby’s hair is medium or thick, this hairstyle can be a spotless option.

35. Toddler Flipped Bangs Haircut With Shaved Edges

toddler boy haircut side bangs

Pairing flipped bangs with shaved sides can give your baby an elegant look, and it’s appropriate for any occasion. This haircut works best with medium to thick hair types, and suits to oval, square and rectangular face shape.

36. Twisted Billow Haircut

billow hairciut for baby with fine hair

Your brilliant but a little naughty little boy deserves a haircut that matches his personality. So, what can better for him than this twisted billow haircut? This haircut suits to oval and square face shape. And if your baby’s hair are thin or medium, go for this haircut.

37. Cute Formal Petit Baby Boy Haircut

cute baby hairstyle

Let your baby’s natural hair texture shine with this sophisticated but a bit petit haircut. Keep this look neat and controlled with a polished finish. This hairstyle is suitable for oval, square and round shaped faces, and works best with medium and thick hair.

38. Classy Medium haircut

cute baby boy haircut

This one is really a cool haircut for baby boys. The way to keep your baby’s hair look neat and not so short is to give him a haircut that cuts the edges short but keeps the crown area filled with bouncy hair. Let your kid have the classy medium haircut. It would look more appealing if your baby’s face shape is oval, square or rectangular.

39. Cuddly Haircut

Cuddly Haircut for Black Baby Boy

Let your baby’s natural texture shine, if he has curls. His curls will have everyone wanting to scroll their fingers through. Just trim the sides to ensure that you maintain the softness of the curls.

40. Low Baby Mohawk

Low Baby Mohawk

Nothing can be cuter than a Mohawk. While this haircut looks wild on adults, the babies’ look more adorable in this haircut. Make the side hair shaved and trim the middle hair for making a Mohawk. If your baby’s face is oval or square or round, he’ll look more charming with this haircut.

41. Mild Wavy Timber Hairstyle

Mild Wavy Timber Hairstyle

This mild wavy timber hairstyle best suits to your playful baby’s personality. This haircut is suitable for round and square face shape, and work best with medium hair type. Use a hair product for removable texture with a soft hold to help control and smooth fizz.

42. Blonde Suave Short Haircut

Blonde Suave Short Haircut for Boys

Your reticent and not-so-social kid needs a suave short haircut because it perfectly matches with his persona. This haircut is suitable for all hair types whether it’s thin or thick or medium. The face shapes that complement this haircut are round and square.

43. Slicked Back Medium Hair

Slicked Back Medium Hair

This slicked back medium haircut gives your baby a sports-boy look. Unlike the fringe, this sliced back haircut will make your baby’s brilliant eyes the focal point. This haircut works best with thin or medium type hair. The face shape that is suitable for this haircut is oval and square.

44. Long Crowned Bang Hairstyle for Toddler Boy

Long Crowned Bang Haircut for Baby boys

If your toddler is a fan of spikes and Mohawk style, give him a haircut that he can style in both ways. The lengthy crown area hair and short side walls let your toddler make a spiky hairstyle or a Mohawk or long side bang whatever he like.

45. Pomade With Short Side Haircut

Pomade With Short Side Haircut

This haircut is suitable especially when there’s any formal occasion. Give the bouncy look to the middle hair and keep sides neat. Use a lotion or some handy hairspray to fix hair and give them a shiny and texture look.

46. Classic Fringe Boy Haircut

Classic Fringe Boy Haircut

This classic fringe is not in trend nowadays. But you can give it a try if your baby has straight, shiny and medium to thin hair. This hairstyle looks more adorable on round-shaped and square shaped face.

47. Blonde Fetching Toddler Hair

Blonde Fetching Toddler Hair

Here comes the hairstyle that’s favorite of most moms. Give your baby a star look with this blonde fetching haircut. Use a vent brush for giving the shape and volume to hair. For a medium hold, use a handy hairspray. This haircut is suitable for square, round and rectangular face shape.

48. Blonde Fringe Haircut

Blonde Fringe Haircut for Baby Boy

Here comes another fringe haircut in our list that gives your baby a classic look. This haircut complements baby’s straight and shiny hair. This is suitable for square, rectangular and round shaped face.

49. Fizzy Haircut for Toddler Boy

Little boy Fizzy Haircut

This fizzy haircut is perfect for your mischievous and playful baby boy. Use a hair product for removable texture with a soft hold to help control and smooth fizziness. This haircut is suitable for round and square face shape, and work best with medium to thin hair type.

50. Half-Fringe Haircut

Half-Fringe Haircut for little baby

You should give a try to this half-fringe haircut if you and your kid are not a fan of short hair. This haircut is suitable for medium to thin hair types. The face shape that complements this haircut is oval, square and round.

51. Spiky Short Side Haircut

Spiky Short Side Haircut

Every kid loves to have a spiky hairstyle. Give your baby a spiky look with an edgy cut and flipped bangs. Use a light texturing lotion for wet hair to set up the style and finish with a medium hold hairspray. This haircut is suitable for round, square and oval shape.

52. Side Bang Haircut

Side Bang Haircut for baby boy

The long length hair on the crown area and shaved sides can be a perfect match to your frisky kid. This baby boy haircut is suitable for oval, square and rectangular face shape, and work best with medium to thin hair type.

53. Spiky Edge Haircut

Spiky Edge Haircut for Toddler Boy

If your baby’s hair are slender, try to give him a haircut that may add volume to his hair. This spiky edge haircut will make your baby hair bouncy. This haircut is suitable for round, square and oval shape face.

54. Baby Mohawk Hairstyle

Baby Mohawk Hairstyle

Nothing can be more fun than giving your baby a Mohawk haircut. It will look more adorable if your baby’s face is round or rectangular shaped. It would be good if you let your baby have this haircut on some special occasion because it will make him a standout baby.

55. Edgy Faux hawk Haircut


This blend of spiky and edgy haircut will give your baby an artsy look. This haircut will look more adorable if your baby’s face shape is round, rectangular and square shape. The hair type that works best with this haircut is medium to thin.

56. Blonde Parted Baby Boy Haircut

Blonde Parted Baby Haircut

If you don’t want your baby to have short hair especially when he’s a school-going kid, you can give him a trendy look with this blonde parted haircut. You can use cream lotions to add texture and shine to the hair. This short sides and long middle area haircut are suitable for medium to thin hair types.

57. Razor Layered Haircut


If you are looking for some trendy but not informal haircut for your kid, this razor layered haircut can be a good option. This haircut is suitable for medium and thin hair type and complements to oval, square and round shaped face.

58. Curly Fringe Haircut

medium layered baby haircut

The pairing of fringe and curly hair gives your baby a classic look. If your baby’s hair is thin and frizzy, this haircut will give them a bouncy and high-volume look. This is suitable for round, square and rectangular face shape.

59. Rockin’ Edge Haircut


Style the fringe way up and give a spiky and edgy look to your baby. You can use lotion to add texturing and shine to hair, or simply use hairspray after setting up hair. This haircut is suitable for oval, round, square and rectangular face shape.

60. Razor Spiky Haircut


This hairstyle is for very short hair. In this haircut, the hair of the crown area is about 2 inches long and the sides are razor shaved. This haircut is suitable for oval, square, round and rectangular face shape. If your baby’s hair is thin this haircut can be the best option.

61. Crown Bang With Short Side Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be a perfect match with your baby’s playful personality. The middle area hair is a bit longer than the side hair to keep the look sophisticated and neat. This haircut is suitable for oval, square and round face shape.

62. Tailored Haircut


This haircut is a blend of longer lengths along the top and sides but the back hair is cut in short to keep the look neat. This haircut can be perfect for any formal occasion as it will keep your baby in the spotlight.

63. Side Bang Haircut

baby haircut

The middle area hair is cut in length so they can be turned into fringe or spiky or side bang style. This haircut is suitable for medium to thin hair. The face shape suitable for this haircut is oval, square and round.

64. Blonde Crown Layered Haircut

Blonde Crown Layered Haircut

The middle area hair is cut in length to spike up the crown layers and smooth down the fringe. This haircut is suitable for oval, round and square face shape, and work best with medium and thin hair.

65. Side layered Haircut

baby haircut 1

It a perfect haircut for your perfect toddler. It looks best on square or long face shape. Brings out a mischievous side of your kid. A little puff on the front looks great to add some volume in the hair.

66. Sleek Gold Haircut

baby haircut 2

With an undercut on the side, it gives a very decent look at your kid. Also, increase the reflection of the Golden blonde hair. It gives out a very innocent look to your kid.

67. Razor Layered Haircut

baby haircut 3

Kids, especially boys, are full of energy for this their haircut should be easy to set. This is an extremely sleek haircut that gives out a very modest look to your kid.

68. Dashing Boys Haircut

baby haircut 4

It gives out a very manly nature to your boy. A decent and mature haircut with the perfect styling will look amazing on your little toddler.

69. Messy Spikes for Baby Boys

baby haircut 5

This style is good for you if you do not want to use a lot of product on your child’s hair. It only takes a small amount of product to settle down. Also, it gives a very classy look to your little boy.

70. Spiky Layered Hair


This spiky haircut is simple, comfortable and should look dashing on your kid. But indeed, the potential of any haircut is revealed through proper styling. The accurate lines of the cut are dashed with the slightly layered bangs.

71. Mid-Length with a Floppy Sweeping Fringe


Mid-length hair looks cute on younger boys. Keep the hair part to one side and flick the fringe over to one side. This style is a killer if your little man has a cheeky smile.

72. Careful Cut with Stiff Fringe


A careful cut is what you need if you want your boy to look smart and well-groomed. Just take care to chop any stray hairs to keep the style looking perfect. Keep the top of his hair a little longer, so that you can brush it forward into a smart stiff fringe.

73. Trendy Sweep-over with Strong Side Parting


You could try this fashionable style if you want to have the sharpest baby boy in the nursery. Undercut his hair at one side but leave the top layers long. Sweep the longer layers over to one side from a strong side parting.

75. Ivy League Cut


This short haircut will look like you are setting your little man up for great things. Grow his hair so it is long enough to style with a side parting and then brush it all carefully to one side. Before you know it, he will be heading off to college!

76. Short Back and Sides with a Thick Top


This cut hints at military cool, so it is an excellent look if your boy likes playing soldiers. The short back and sides are a smart choice, whilst the longer central section looks incredibly cool when ruffled up a bit.

77. Little Spikes


Your little boy will love to wear his hair in this style because he will adore the way that it feels. Run some hair gel through his hair, and then use your thumb and forefinger to pull his hair up into many little peaks. You will both enjoy spending time together doing this style in the morning.

78. Too Cool for School


This baby boy hairstyle is just too cool for school. If they have mid-length hair, you can gel it into stiff peaks. You will only need some product to pull his hair up into a cool little quiff style.

79. Scruffy Pudding Bowl


This purposefully scruffy look is a good choice if you want your son to have long hair. When you want him to have a more stylized look you can use a little bit of product on it, but when he goes out to play you can give it a light tousle with your hands.

80. Undercut Back and Sides with Trendy Pomp


Keeping the sides of his hair short can mean you have less hair to worry about when styling your baby’s hair. An undercut style means it’s easy to create a trendy pomp by brushing his hair onto the top of his head.

81. Platinum Blonde


A lot of children are born with very bright blonde hair. This tends to darken as they get older. If your baby has platinum blonde hair when they are young, make the most of it because the color could change!

82. Cheeky Peaks


If your baby is a cheeky little man, you should give him a cheeky hairstyle to match. All you need to make a cheeky little peak in his hair is to put a little child-safe hair gel onto your hand and then push it through his hair until it meets in the middle. A nice little peak will be left when you pull your hands up and out.

83. Little Line-Up


Line-up haircuts are now one of the most popular hairstyles for grown men, and there is nothing to stop little guys from getting in on the action. Line up cuts do require precision and maintenance if you want the lines to stay sharp. This means that your baby needs to be able to sit still whilst they are at the barber.

84. Royal Assent


If you consider your baby boy a little prince, why not try this style which takes inspiration from Prince George of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Like the boy’s hairstyle in the picture, George wears his hair with a strong side parting. His loosely wavy hair is then swept over to the other side.

85. Hollywood Star


All children are stars in the making, but if you expect to see your little boy on the big screen, you can give him a Hollywood hairstyle. This type of cut wouldn’t look out of place on big stars like Zac Efron. Cutting in lots of layers will help to keep the style cool.

86. Curly and Wild


Some little boys have big soft curls in their hair. If your son is one of the lucky ones, let his hair grow wild and free. It’s a super adorable look that will make all your friends say “aww”!

87. Tight Curls


Tighter curls tend to hold their shape more than looser ones do. Even as his hair grows it should hold its shape and stay close to his head. Give it a trim every now and then to get rid of any stray hairs. This is a lovely choice.

88. Flyaway Fun

Very soft fine hair often forms into a Flyaway style naturally. Lots of children have thin and fine hair whilst they are young. His hair may grow stronger and thicker as he grows up.

89. Sweep Over with Undercut


If you want your baby to be a trend setter then choose this style which will sweep the competition away. Undercut his hair at either side using careful trimmers, and then sweep his hair from left to right. Leave a few strands flopping down over his forehead to make him look even more adorable.

90. Helmet Hair


Let his hair grow longer and then layer it to turn it into this rounded helmet style. Run your fingers through his hair in the morning to give him a slightly playful look.

91. Short tousled style


This look is great if you want your baby boy to look smart, but you know that a perfectly manicured style won’t suit him. Have his hair cut so that it is relatively short, then just give his hair a ruffle every morning.

A baby boy represents his parents choice and personality as long as he becomes an adult. So choose a baby boy haircut that’ll represent him in a positive way. Choose a hairstyle for the baby that’ll fit his facial size and shape.

Hope you enjoyed our best baby boy and toddler haircuts lists and got the hairstyle idea you wished for. Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments.