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Top 5 Commercial Grade Wall-Mounted Hair Dryers For Customer Satisfaction

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Wall-mounted hair dryers are secured to the wall and provide durability to be used in hotels, gyms, hospitals, cruise ships, and spas. The best commercial-grade wall mounted hair dryers have special features like turning off the dryer by placing it in the cradle, having LED night lights, coming in various colors to match your decor, and coming in plug-in or direct wire models.

Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer
Wall-mounted hair dryer in a hotel washroom

Wall-mounted hair dryers have two parts: the blow dryer itself and a base attached to the wall. If you have wall-mounted hair dryers installed in your commercial business, this makes them more secure against theft and more convenient for customers to use.

We’ve narrowed down a list of 5 best wall-mounted hair dryers here!

If you want a quality wall mounted hair dryer in your home and you have space, you might want to splurge on something with more features, even if it’s the size of a standard hair dryer.

If you’re going to provide basic hair dryers for your customers, you might prefer to get several simple dryers that get the job done. Commercial grade wall mounted hair dryers can even be used in your home or apartment because they are kept out of the way and help you save space.

Choosing the Best Wall-Mounted Hair Dryer

Choosing the best commercial-grade wall mounted hair dryers will depend on where the dryer is mounted and who will be using it. Here are the 5 best wall-mounted hair dryers for you.

1. Andis 30975 1600-Watt Quiet Ionic Wall Mounted Hangup Hair Dryer

This dryer has shockproof technology, which is essential when using it in damp spaces. It is also easy to clean, with a removable air intake grill. The Andis dryer’s energy-efficient LED light display makes it effortless to dry your hair in dim or dark settings.

The Andis Ionic wall mounted hair dryer has a convenient hanger loop that lets you drape the coiled cord out of the way, making this wall-mounted hair dryer even more space-saving. It also has two heat settings and two airflow settings, so you can pick the optimal conditions to dry your hair.

For a unique hair drying experience, you’ll want to try ionic technology that helps seal your hair’s cuticles for a sleek, smooth look. Ionic hair dryers use negative ions to dry your hair. Wet hair is covered in positive ions, and when they combine with negative ions, your hair will dry much faster than with a standard hairdryer.

2. Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer

The Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer offers another unique hair drying experience. Tourmaline hair dryers use both negative ions and infrared heat to dry your hair up to 40% faster than standard hair dryers. Don’t worry—the ions and infrared heat won’t fry or damage your hair. This dryer’s use of tourmaline technology guarantees smooth, shiny hair and prevents frizz.

The Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer automatically shuts off when you put the dryer hand unit back in the base. It is an important feature when evaluating the best commercial grade wall mounted hair dryers. The dryer is magnetically attached to the base for maximum security while also giving an easy release when you reach for it. It has both high and low-speed settings.

3. Sunbeam HD3003-001 1500 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Sunbeam’s wall mount hair dryer offers two wattage selections to maximize energy efficiency and even has a dimmable energy saving LED night light built into the base. It has a removable lint screen and disposable lint filter, so you can keep it clean and extend its lifespan.

Like the Andis Ionic Hair Dryer, Sunbeam uses ionic technology to dry your hair quickly while preventing frizz. However, Sunbeam excels by offering three heat settings, two airspeeds, and a cool shot button so that you can get the perfect temperature for your hair.

Though the Sunbeam HD3003-001 Wall Mount Hair Dryer is more expensive than others on this list, you should note that this hair dryer is a full-size hair dryer that mounts onto the wall. The abundance of special features should also be considered when comparing the prices of the best commercial-grade wall-mounted hair dryers.

4. Conair 1600 Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer

If you want something simple and compact that will get the job done, the Conair Wall-Mount Hair Dryer is your best bet. It doesn’t offer many special features, but it has two heat/speed settings. The hand-held dryer attaches securely to the base and is equipped with auto shut off.

This dryer has a removable lint filter so you can easily clean it and prolong its life. It has a built-in LED night light and is easy to mount on any surface.

5. Jerdon Direct Wire Hotel Style Wall Mounted Hair Dryer

Jerdon’s wall mounted hair dryer has two-speed settings and two heat settings. It has an easy to operate switch on the base, along with a safety plug to prevent electric shocks.

This wall-mounted hair dryer doesn’t have a night light like many others, but it comes with automatic switch off feature when placed in the wall-mount caddy.

So, these are the best wall mounted hair dryers according to our personal experience and user reviews.