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What Does Blue Shampoo Do to Blonde Hair?

If you’re a natural blonde or have ever lightened your hair, you might have considered using purple or blue shampoo. Typically, blondes use purple shampoo to make their hair color vibrant. 

But what does blue shampoo do to blonde hair? The answer is not as straightforward as it seems. Blue shampoo works differently depending on the particular undertones present in your blonde hair.

Since blonde hair can range from cool icy tones to warmer ashy shades, the use of blue shampoo will have varied effects.

If you want to know what blue shampoo does to blonde hair and the results you might expect, we have covered it all in this article.

Should You Use Blue Shampoo on Your Blonde Hair?

You should use blue shampoo on your hair if it’s been lightened. This is because the blue tones added to your hair during dyeing are stripped away over time. This will in turn show your hair’s natural warm orange tones. 

Here are some lightening techniques for brunettes that need blue shampoo: 

  • Balayage 
  • Highlights 
  • Foils 
  • Streaks 
  • Ombre

Whether you’re a brunette or a natural blonde, these styles require bleaching to turn your hair into a clean slate. In addition, these hairstyles are neutralized in blue pigments because the brassy orange color cancels out. People with caramel, dirty blonde or ash brown hair can use blue shampoo on their hair. 

The main problem with bleaching is hair dye doesn’t eliminate the underlying pigment. As a result, they inevitably emerge later after re-washing your hair. 

However, with the variations of blonde shades, it’s possible to get copper hues after a while. Therefore, blue shampoo is the right choice for darker blonde hair that turns into a copper color after a while. 

Here are the undertones you may develop that will lead you to use blue shampoo: 

  • Purple undertones 
  • Orange undertones 
  • Reddish undertones 
  • Yellow undertones. 

The blue-violet pigments eliminate orange and red undertones that reappear over time after bleaching your hair. 

What Does Blue Shampoo Do to Your Blonde Hair?

before and after using blue shampoo on blonde hair

Usually, blue shampoo is the choice for people with darker hair. But what does it do to blonde hair? 

The simple answer is blue shampoo brightens blonde hair. However, that’s not all it does. Blue shampoo removes products and oils that aren’t properly washed out. These cleansing agents provide clean hair that doesn’t look greasy after every wash.

However, using blue shampoo on blonde hair could turn your hair green. The color wheel is essential for understanding why this could happen. Blue is the opposite of orange and red on the color wheel. On the other hand, blue shampoo may produce less desirable effects on blonde hair. 

We have seen that it’s possible for your hair to turn green. But why?

Green is the product of mixing yellow and blue. Yellow isn’t the natural base color for blonde hair, but many blonde hair colors have golden or yellow undertones. So, if you have a yellow hue in your hair, you must remain cautious of the products you put.

Blue shampoo’s efficiency comes from giving your hair a natural-looking color. It cancels the orange and copper undertones, leaving behind brighter and glossier hair. 

While blue shampoo is essential for eliminating brassy undertones, a leftover effect could also happen. It’s possible that there could be a subtle tint of blue left in your hair. 

However, it’s only common to see this blue tint if you’re blonde hair is extremely light. Just to note, that blue tint may ruin pale yellow and white-like shades. 

When Should You Use Blue Shampoo on Your Blonde Hair?

blue shampoo for blonde hair

The timeframe for using blue shampoo on your blonde hair varies depending on the tones and shades of your hair. 

You get tones by adding either warmth or coolness to a base color. Blonde hair types are either light, medium, or dark shades. So, no matter your blonde hair shade, you’ll always have warm tones. 

It would be best to use blue shampoo on your blonde hair to neutralize the warm tones. For people with blonde hair that includes cool undertones, you should use blue shampoo for color-enhancing and protecting your hair. If you have a light blonde shade, it may be beneficial to always wash your hair with blue shampoo. 

Also, blonde hair fades over time. The color may become dull after multiple washes and sun exposure. Therefore, if you have blonde highlights, you can minimize the number of times you use blue shampoo.

How often you use blue shampoo depends on the type of color you prefer. Most individuals love Demi-permanent hair dye and toners. 

While the color may look good for months, brassy tones can peak through after as little as three weeks. 

When you dye your hair, you must switch from regular to blue or purple shampoo, including tone correctors. Using these products increases the likelihood of preserving your hair color over time. 

Will Blue Shampoo Make My Hair Lighter?

what does blue shampoo do to the blonde hair

Blue shampoo helps to brighten brassy and yellow tones in blonde hair. It has the same effect on darker colors, removing warmth and creating a cooler-toned result. However, it is essential to note that this should not be confused with lightening your hair.

While blue shampoo can make hair look lighter, it won’t change completely your natural shade of blonde or brunette. This product type is best suited for counteracting unwanted warmth in the hair rather than completely changing it.

Final Words

Blue shampoo helps to neutralize any warm tones that may be creeping into the hair and balance out brassy hues. It also provides nourishment and hydration, keeping the hair healthy. 

It’s, however, advisable to use blue shampoos sparingly as they can easily cause buildup or even discolor your tresses if left on too long. 


Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about using blue shampoo on blonde hair. 

Does blue shampoo lighten or darken blonde hair?

Blue shampoo lightens blonde hair. Over time, your blonde hair gains yellow tones throughout. While blue shampoo lightens your blonde hair, it also adds a layer of brightness to counteract brassiness. 

Also, blue shampoo enhances cool tones in your blonde hair. Cool tones are brighter than warm tones. That means blue shampoo lightens your blonde hair to emphasize cooler tones. 

Can I use blue shampoo on blonde hair every day?

No. Blue shampoo is a specific type of shampoo containing chemicals. The ingredients reduce brassiness, restore cool tones, and neutralize yellow and orange blues. 

If you use blue shampoo too much, you’ll cause a color imbalance in your blonde hair. Also, it may look unclean because the color is unnatural. 

If you want to be proactive and use blue shampoo daily, mix it with regular shampoo. This technique continuously keeps your hair balanced. However, you should not overdo it, which protects your hair in the long run. 

Does blue shampoo dry out blonde hair?

Yes. Hair dries out when you add dye; blue shampoo adds more chemicals to dry your blonde hair. 

Using a hydrating blue conditioner after using blue shampoo would be best. It adds glossiness to your hair so it won’t dry out your blonde hair.