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What Does Blue Shampoo Do to Orange Hair?

If you have recently dyed, balayage, low-lighted, highlighted, or bleached your hair, there is a chance it orange undertone. You may have heard of purple shampoo, but can you use blue shampoo?

What does blue shampoo do to orange hair? Or, as a natural redhead, you might be curious as to how blue shampoo can change the tone or coloring of your hair.

In short, using blue shampoo can help get rid of the orange tones in brown or bleached hair. Keep reading to find all your questions answered.

Will Blue Shampoo Work on Orange Hair?

effects of blue shampoo on orange hair
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Yes, blue shampoo works on orange hair.

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a professional at a salon to dye your hair, only to find the color slowly changing over time. What happens if your brown hair turns orange? The key is to use blue shampoo.

It is THE best option for canceling out orange hair or orange tint. Blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, so using blue shampoo can help ‘re-tone’ your hair back to the desired brown. 

If you add highlights or balayage to your dark brown hair, using blue shampoo helps negate warm tones and orange from your hair strands, giving you a more bronde look.

If you have dull brown or gray hair, using this shampoo can help color-correct these shades. We recommend using blue shampoo for natural brunettes, light-brown highlights, and gray/silver hair that needs more of a ‘pop!’.

There are some cases when blue shampoo will not work on orange hair. For example, if your hair is extremely red or orange, it will not cancel out the tones completely. In this case, you will need to visit a salon to fix the color of your hair.

What Does Blue Shampoo Do to Your Orange Hair?

Using blue shampoo on orange hair

Using blue shampoo can help your brown hair stay vibrant and keep the look you are going for.

Blue shampoo works by removing orange and red tones from your hair due to its counterbalance on the color wheel. This can help people with naturally brown or dyed-brown hair remove brassy tones. Plus, using blue shampoo on dry hair can help those with strong orange tones get rid of the color quickly.

We find that using blue shampoo is a great option for those with naturally brown hair, light brown balayage or highlights, and adults who are slowly transitioning from brown to gray hair.

You can use blue shampoo and ensure the best result by following below tips:

  • Determine the frequency of using blue shampoo — Consult your stylist to see how many washes/times per week you should use blue shampoo to get your desired result.
  • Use blue AND purple shampoo — If you find yellow and orange in your hair, combining purple and blue shampoo can negate these unwanted tones.
  • Lathering— Use the blue shampoo and lather your hair with it.
  • Let it rest — Many people wonder how long to leave the blue shampoo on orange hair. Let the blue shampoo sit on your hair for at least 2-5 minutes to see results quickly.
  • Moisturize! — Blue shampoo can dry out your hair. Make sure you use a deep conditioner, leave-in conditioning treatment, or specific blue conditioner to keep your hair healthy and not frizzy. We Recommend letting the deep conditioner sit on your hair for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it out.

When Should You Use Blue Shampoo on Orange Hair?

When to Use Blue Shampoo for Orange Hair?

You can use blue shampoo when you find that orange or red tones are creeping through your brunette strands, caramel highlights, or gray hair. Using blue shampoo at least once per week can help negate these unwanted color tones.

The best advice to keep in mind is only to use blue shampoo when you need to remove brassy tones and orange hues from your slightly dull brunette hair. You can also use blue shampoo to brighten your silver hair.

We recommend using the shampoo just once per week to help with color balance and prevent excess drying. Using it too frequently can cause frizziness, damaged follicles, and split ends.

You shouldn’t leave the shampoo for more than 5 minutes; otherwise, it may overtone your hair. Once you notice the color changing to your desired shade, you can cut back on the frequency of use.

Wrap Up

Blue shampoo effectively combats orange tones and red hues from infiltrating your brown hair, preventing unwanted color changes.

For best results, use it once a week to neutralize warm tones and let it sit for 2-5 minutes to prevent orange discoloration.