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Do Braids Really Make Your Hair Grow?

Our hair in braids was a staple of our childhood for most of us. Today, they have once again become part of our hair care routines. You may choose to wear braids when you are going on vacation, a low-maintenance hairstyle, or just want to change your hairstyle.

Regardless of your reasons for getting braids, there is always a genuine question: should you wear braids for hair growth? The question is valid in a sense. Most people who wear braids for long intervals have curlier hair patterns. Despite what many may think, curly hair is very delicate.


Do Braids Help In Hair Growth?

Yes, but it’s not worth the effort as the growth will be minimal.

The more you touch or manipulate your hair, the more it will be prone to breakage. For that reason, many people feel that leaving your hair in braids is better for your hair and will encourage growth.

If you’ve decided to go ahead with braids for growing hair longer, there are some things to keep in mind.


What to Do Before You Braid

To make sure that you prepare your hair for ultimate results while in the braids, there are several things that you should do.

Start with Clean Hair

You should always braid freshly washed and clean hair. Freshly shampooed is crucial as it may be the last major wash for your hair and scalp for your braids’ duration.


Speak to Your Stylist

If someone other than yourself is doing the braiding, you should always speak to them about any concerns you may have or issues you are dealing with regarding your hair. For example, a stylist must know if you are already experiencing breakage in some area of your hair.


Do Not Install Tight Braids

braids for hair growth

Another thing to discuss with your stylist is that they should not install the braids tightly. Braiding tightly, especially around the scalp, can cause dangerous breakage. Tight braids cause too much tension on your hair, which would be counterproductive if your ultimate goal is growth.


How to Care for Your Braids

Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because your hair is in braids, it will grow. Even in braids, you must care for your hair. While your hair is in braids, you must both care for the braids as well as your hair. 

You want to care for your braids so that they last longer and remain neat. You want to care for your hair to keep your mane healthy and promote hair growth. Both of these things will go hand in hand.

Moisturize Your Scalp

Even in braids, you must care for your scalp. Your scalp is where your hair will grow, and it is essential to keep it as clean and moisturized as possible. You can achieve this even with braids. Spray your scalp with water or a leave-in conditioner a few times a week. You may also want to oil your scalp with some of your favorite oils.


Wrap Your Hair at Night

Always remember to wrap your hair at night. Wrapping the hair protects both your hair and your braids, ensuring that your braids last longer and remain neat. It is best to wear a scarf made of silk or satin to prevent frizz.


Wash Your Hair

Yes, even with the braids, it may be necessary to wash your hair. If your hair and scalp are getting dirty, you must keep your scalp clean from constant exercising or everyday activities. If you do not want to wash your hair with the braids in, you may take a washcloth and clean your scalp in sections.


Now that you know how braids can help you maintain your hair, it’s important to care for them. Do you have braids? If not, it’s time to try a new hairstyle. Whatever you do, take care of your hair!