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Can You Workout After Dyeing Your Hair?

Are you one of those who never compromise with their workout schedule? But if you have recently dyed your hair you must be worried about sweating your hair after hitting the gym.

While sweating can slightly fade hair color, read this article to know if you can workout after dyeing your hair and how to minimize the hair color damage from sweaty hair.

Can I Workout After Getting My Hair Dyed?

Preparing dyed hair for working out

Yes, you can exercise after dyeing your hair. But before heading out for the workout you must make sure the color has been set and dried completely.

Excessive sweating right after dyeing hair can cause color bleeding or unevenness. If you do heavy exercise and there is a chance of your hair getting sweaty, it’s best to wait at least 24 hours before hitting the gym after dyeing your hair.

Additionally, use a heat protectant spray on damp hair before styling as you do with hot tools like blow dryers and curling irons. This will help you keep your color vibrant while protecting against heat damage during exercise.

After finishing up at the gym or any other activity, rinse off any sweat residue with cool water.

Does Sweat Affect Hair Color?

Sweat from working out contributes to the fading of hair color but it is not that intense once the hair dye sets on your hair.

Here are a few reasons why sweat might impact hair color:

Sweat has a slightly acidic pH, which can affect hair dye. While it’s not as impactful as harsh chemicals, over time, the acidity in sweat could contribute to color fading.

When your hair gets sweaty, the salt (sodium chloride) in sweat can strip moisture from the hair. Dry hair may lose color faster than well-hydrated hair.

Frequent hair washing after workouts to remove sweat can lead to quicker color fading. Shampoos, especially those not formulated for color-treated hair, can strip color each time you wash.

Post-Workout Care for Dyed Hair

Caring for Dyed Hair after Working out

After a sweaty workout, you must take care of your dyed hair. When you dye your hair, the chemicals used can be harsh on your scalp and strands; that’s why taking proper post-workout care for dyed hair will help ensure that the color stays vibrant and healthy looking.

Sweat contains salt, which can strip away a color from dyed hair. To prevent this, rinse off with cool water immediately after exercising to remove any sweat or dirt that may have built up during your workout session.

Rinsing off with cool water post-exercise can help keep the scalp hygienic, avoiding any potential irritation or outbreaks.

Now you can rush to your closest bathroom and be able to explain why you soaked your face in the water.

Use shampoo twice using lukewarm water and sulfate-free products designed specifically for colored tresses.

Finally, apply conditioner generously throughout the length before rinsing thoroughly again using cold temperatures; this will help seal cuticles shut, preventing further dehydration and providing additional shine & softness post-workouts!

So, working out after dyeing your hair is possible but requires extra precautions. Before exercising, make sure your hair is dry and use a heat-protectant spray.

After working out, rinse off sweat and dirt immediately with cool water and use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair.

By following these tips, you can work out while keeping your hair looking fabulous.


Here are some of the most common questions people face when they wonder if they can work out after dyeing their hair.

What should I do before working out after dyeing my hair?

Before working out after dyeing your hair, properly protect your strands with a deep conditioning treatment or leave-in conditioner.

These products will help you lock in moisture and add an extra layer of protection against damage caused by heat or sweat during exercise.

Is it okay to sweat after getting hair dyed?

Yes, it is normal to sweat after getting your hair dyed. Sweating helps your body regulate its temperature and can help speed up the process of dye absorption into the hair follicles.

However, if you are sweating excessively, contact a professional stylist for advice on how to manage your scalp health while coloring your hair.

What should I not do after dyeing my hair?

After dyeing your hair, avoid activities that could cause damage or fading. Wait at least two days before washing your locks, and use a sulfate-free shampoo when you do.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water, as this can strip the color from your hair. Additionally, limit exposure to direct sunlight as UV rays can fade the color of dyed hair.