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41 Wonderful Cats with Cute Haircuts

When it comes to cat haircuts, some people flinch with terror. Everyone knows how capricious cats are. They seem to be ready to do only whatever they feel is right.

Not many cats realize that they need a haircut while the owners are sure they do! If you are one of the cat lovers, who think that your cat needs some styling, you might want to ask a professional groomer’s advice. Trying to give your kitty a cut can mean disaster for your hands and face. Only professionals with experience know how to do the job right.


It’s Summer… What haircuts are best for Cats?

If you live in a warm climate and suffer from heat in the summer, your cat does too, especially if its fur is long and thick. Remember that if you feel like shaving all of your hair off when the temperatures go up, it doesn’t mean your cat needs a shave.

A summer haircut for a cat might mean a lion’s cut or a belly trim. Keeping the fur on the animal’s belly short makes the groom easier and keeps your pet safer from fleas.

cat haircut in summer

Sometimes owners decide to give their cat a hygienic cut that involves trimming the hair around the anus. This is a perfect choice for long-haired cats during any season since it keeps the waste from sticking to the fur.

This haircut is also a good idea for older cats that have trouble maintaining their fur in good condition. Most of the time, the purpose of a cat haircut is to make the owner happy. Ask yourself if your cat really needs it!

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Most Beautiful Photos for Every Cat Lovers

As you are looking for the cat haircuts, you definitely own/love cats. Below are some of the most beautiful cat photos we wanna share with you. Hope you’ll enjoy!

cute cat jump


Cat Haircuts You’d Love

Contrary to the popular belief that cats groom themselves, many of them require their owner’s attention. This mostly goes for pedigree cats with long fur. They don’t feel comfortable during the summer days and need a trim.

Cat haircuts can vary greatly. Some are designed to make the animal feel better while others are aimed at the owners, who want their pet to look unique.

Whatever is the case with you, you can take advantage of the below options that are created to make your cat’s next grooming session fun and exciting.


1. Summer Trim

black cat haircut

If your cat has long and thick fur, you can give it a surface summer trim that involves cutting about 1/8th of an inch. You might want to leave the facial hair intact since touching the face is disturbing for the animal.


2. Lion cut

cats lion cut hair

The lion cut is the most famous way to make the cat look funny and delightful. You need to keep the hair on the head and trim the fur on the body. Some owners might decide to shape the tail fur as well.


3. Shape it up

Nice cat hairstyle

Some cat haircuts involve a little trimming in order to shape the fur. You might want to give your cat a round (or even a square!) shape to make it look more interesting and worthy of as pageant title.


4. Kitten style

Kitten style for cat

It’s not recommended to give your cat a haircut when it’s still a kitten. Kittens are nervous creatures and have trouble keeping calm during a cut. Sedating a kitten might cause health problems in the future.


5. Egyptian style

 Egyptian cat haircut

Egyptian cats with large ears look beautiful but they might have long fur that ruins the image. Ask a professional groomer to create a short haircut for your Egyptian cat to make it look even more classy.


6. Tail grooming

Beautiful hair for cat

Cutting the tail fur is one of the most complicated cat haircuts since the felines really don’t like it when you touch their tails. However, furry cats have trouble keeping their tails clean and might require your help.


7. Frilled front

A short-haired cat can benefit from a frilled front hairstyle. It involves shaping the hair on its chest into a circular form. Some owners play around with various shapes, including the heart.


8. Ear trim

Cats often have hairy ears, which don’t match their overall silky appearance. If you want to get the hair on the ears cut, you might need to sedate the animal. Don’t touch the hair inside the ears as it may affect the animal’s hearing.


9. Natural look

Natural cat haircut look

Kittens don’t usually have a fur problem so the only reason you might want to cut their hair is if they have a problem. Hygienic and belly cuts are allowed for the kittens but in most cases, they should stay natural.


10. Styling

Don’t be upset over being unable to give a cat haircut to your kitten. You can do some styling instead. Ask a groomer about hair products you can use on your cat to create fashionable hairstyles.


11. Dragon style

 Dragon style cat hair

This is an interesting mix of lion and dragon styles. You can create such cat hairstyle if your animal has long enough fur. Make sure you go for this choice only when it’s hot outside so your cat doesn’t freeze.


12. The real lion

This real lion hairstyle is a wonderful choice for owners who want their cat to make an impression. Pay attention to the paws and the tails as they complete the image. Keep the cat as warm as possible.


13. Grey lion

The furrier the cat is, the more amazing a lion hairstyle can look on it. Enjoy the way your cat sports the new style. When creating a mane, keep some fur on the cat’s neck and down the back for a more voluminous look.


14. Time for a cut

Extremely furry cats suffer from hairballs and lack of grooming. They are just not flexible enough to get all the grooming done on the regular basis. If your cat looks like this, it’s asking for a haircut.


15. Sleek buddy

Feline with short hair will be unhappy with almost any cat haircut you offer them. So if you can’t wait to do something about your cat’s fur, you can consider a belly cut. Short-haired animals should be left alone for the most part.


16. Black panther

cat Black panther look

If your pet is black and you want to make it look like a sleek black panther, you need to give its fur some trim. Ask the groomer if it’s possible to take about 1/8 to ¼ of an inch from the fur to make it look smoother.


17. Enhanced pattern

If your cat has an interesting fur pattern you can outline it by trimming the fur along the pattern lines. In this example, you can see how the white fur is slightly trimmer to outline the gray and black pattern.


18. Lower body


Most of the time older cats have trouble reaching their lower bodies for trimming. That’s why you might want to consider giving your old pet a cat haircut that will make the self-grooming easier.


19. Pedigree cat

Pedigree cat

If you are lucky enough to become an owner of a short-haired pedigree cat, there is no need to tamper with the fur. You can cut away an occasional stray hair or deal with some fur knots but leave the fur alone.


20. Sphynx cat

If you are not a fan of cutting the cat’s hair or have allergies, you might want to consider a Sphynx cat. These felines won’t have you worrying about the cat haircuts. Just make sure to keep them warm.


cat haircuts





cute haircuts for cat





cat haircut






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cat haircuts


Cat haircuts are complicated. They can be very exciting for the owner and useful for the cats. However, most of the time, a cat can do without this type of styling. Think twice about offering your cat a new hairstyle.