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25 Cottagecore Hairstyles for a Magnificent Look

Cottagecore hairstyles are all about dreamy, feminine looks, with warm tones, romantic scarves, waves, or curls.

The trend started during the pandemic and gained so many followers. It features relaxed looks inspired by women who love a simple lifestyle.

The cottagecore hairstyles also have a cute vintage note, and more importantly, you do not need a high budget for styling. Bandanas, straw hats, or bows are most of the time included in the updo, well integrated to create a diaphane appearance.

Beautiful Cottagecore Hairstyles

If you love this trend that took social media, especially Tik Tok by storm, check these amazing examples below.

1. Half Up Half Down

cottagecore hairstyle for long hair

If your hair has a waistline length, you can pull off a cottagecore hairstyle with a scarf, just by parting the upper section and pinning it in the back.

Opt for a honey blonde hair color and wave your hair. Let it fall in a cascade on your back.

2. Curly Ponytail

cottagecore ponytail hairstyle

It is so easy to create these simple, romantic looks because all you need is a ponytail and a suitable scarf.

Pin your hair in the back and curl it with an iron. Using the scarf, create a large bow and let the ends fall on your back.

3. Cottagecore Hairstyle with Bandana

cottagecore hairstyle for copper hair

Use a squared-shaped bandana that you will fold or one that already has a triangle shape. Swipe your bangs on one side and place the bandana on your head, tying it at the nape.

Wear your mane on the back and side, and choose a color that complements your copper ginger hair.

4. Rose Turban

cottagecore wavy hairstyle

If you love some Turkish inspo for your new look, then you should choose a headpiece that is already twisted, creating a rose shape for the top of your head.

Before adding the turban, you should wave, curl, and part your hair in the middle.

5. Soft Ombre with Bangs and Bow

cottagecore hairstyle with bangs

Bob haircuts or medium cuts are ideal for this look. Go for a caramel ombre with lighter ends and bangs that you will wear on the forehead.

Use a wand to build your curls and section the top to pin it in a ponytail. Use a clip-in with a satin bow to get that romantic touch.

6. Dark Red Curly Hair with Bow

medium cottagecore hairstyle

Firstly, you will need a curler to gain this amazing texture. It will make your dark red hair color look even more eye-popping as the sun reflects on each strand.

Section the top and pin it in the back, securing it with a large white bow.

7. Cottagecore Hairstyle with Highlights

bubble hairstyle for Cottagecore girls

Highlights are so flattering when created on a warm dark blonde base. To recreate this look, you will need to trim your bangs to a chin length and keep them straightened.

The rest of the hair must be pinned in a low back ponytail, with a bow-decorated hair elastic.

8. Braided Crown

cottagecore updo with braids

When your hair has enough length, you can play around with your tresses and create unique looks that involve multiple braids.

Part the hair in the middle and section it again in the temple area. Create two braids on each side, build a loop, and secure them on top of the head. Use the rest of your strands to obtain a braided hair crown.

9. Side Curled Bangs

vintage cottagecore hairstyle

Part your bangs to the side and use a large rotative brush and hair spray to build that curl. By adding the spray, the hairstyle will last without allowing the hair to get flat and without volume.

You can also curl and wave your tresses, to obtain that romantic, aesthetic cottagecore hairstyle.

10. Black Bow with Burgundy Curls

cottagecore updo hairstyle

If you love being creative, this hairstyle will definitely make you love the cottagecore trend. It has a particular dark side given by the burgundy curls. These are pinned in a bun and the careless strands.

The bow is placed under the bun, and the color choice gives the hairstyle a vintage, gothic touch.

11. Simple Braided Pony

braided cottagecore hairstyle

When we’re talking about this trend, the idea is to capture the simplicity and the aesthetics of a hairstyle.

The colors chosen for hair, scarf, and outfit have a warm touch, making them beautifully match. The hair is just braided in a pony, in the back, secured with a floral scarf.

12. Floral Headband with Curls

cottagecore curly hairstyle

When you have naturally curly hair, this cottagecore trend looks like it was created for girls with unruly hair.

To recreate the look, choose a natural hair color and a slightly layered trim for the ends. Go for bangs that reach the cheekbones and a large headpiece with flowers.

13. GLamorous Waves and Top Updo

cottagecore puffy hairstyle

Such long, blond, beautiful hair deserves all the attention. The best way to make it stand out is to create loose waves and curls that look carelessly styled, but glamorous at the same time.

Pin the top hair in a ponytail and create more volume in the crown section. Spare some thin strands from the hairline and let them carelessly fall.

14. Braids and Bubble Ponytails

fancy cottagecore hairstyle

Combining a simple, diaphane hairstyle with eye-popping makeup that highlights your eyes will definitely make you stand out.

Keep your waves on the back, part the hair in the middle, and using your bangs, style two thin braids. Add some bubble ponytails here and there.

15. French Braid with Ponytail

cottagecore hairstyle with scrunchie

Such a simple and glammy look is also a fabulous idea for a wedding hairstyle. It has the top French braid and a lovely curled ponytail in the back.

Also, it sends a calm, warm vibe and doesn’t require any professional to be recreated.

16. Short Bob with Side Bow

short cottagecore hairstyle

You can easily transform any haircut into a cottagecore hairstyle. You will have to add a bow or two and involve some waves and curls.

In this case, the blunt bob features bangs that are rolled to the side in a careless way.

17. 3C Coils with Bandana

cottagecore hairstyle for afro women

Depending on the makeup you are choosing and your outfit, opt for a bandana that is a great color match for your entire look.

Use hair gel so your coils will get that tightening effect and better-defined shape. Keep one part of your bangs uncovered.

18. Braided Bangs and Pony

crown braided cottagecore hairstyle

Create a hair crown by selecting a thick hair strand from one side and braiding it towards the other, on the forehead. Feed in the braid and connect it with that back braided ponytail.

19. Ombre with Curls and Headband

tousled cottagecore hairstyle

Your headband choice should be a piece that adds value to your outfit, with matching colors.

Go for a blonde ombre and wear your hair on the shoulders and back, showing off your curled hair. Take a piece of your bangs and tuck it under the headband.

20. Two Ponytails with Hat

cottagecore pigtails hairstyle

Cottagecore hairstyles most of the time use headpieces like bows, scarves, or even straw hats. The look aims to be simple, yet romantic and aesthetic.

If you have gorgeous long copper hair, create two braids that you will wear on your back and tie them with white ribbons.

21. Crimped Hair with Straw Hat

crimped cottagecore hairstyle

A crimping iron gives your hair a lot of texture and volume, ideal when you have long locks that you need to emphasize.

However, if you have short hair and lack length, you can always add hair extensions. Add a matching straw hat to complete the outfit.

22. Starry Twisted Hairdo

twisted cottagecore hair

Half-up half-down hairstyles can be so beautifully decorated with flower hair clips, bobby pins, and star elastic bands.

Select two strands from the temples, twist and feed them in. Use a curling wand to style your locks.

23. Rapunzel Hair

cottagecore hairstyle with flowers

If you love that long process hair, with smooth waves, braids, and floral decorations, here’s what you’ll need to do.

First, braid your hair overnight so it naturally gains that texture. Use two pieces from the temples, braid the hair, and secure to build your crown. Decorate with your favorite flowers.

24. Side Braid

cottagecore hairstyle with side braid

Just like doing a French braid, start from that top and feed in your braid while directing it to the side.

Crimp your roots to gain more volume, and create waves and curls for the rest of your hair. Decorate with a satin textile hair appliance.

25. Two French Braids

cottagecore hairdo

Create two French braids from the top and secure them at the bottom with white hair elastics. As we said, cottagecore hairstyles are all about the simple lifestyle and looks.

And what better decoration than Calystegia silvatica flowers that populate gardens, without even being cultivated?

Cottagecore hairstyles are not just a passing trend. It’s here to remind us to embrace simplicity and our feminine side. Using curls, waves, and other delicate hair decorations, your goal is to create a dreamy girlie look.