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Does Dying Your Hair Slow Down Growth?

Hair dye looks fantastic, but unfortunately, many dyes are filled with harsh chemicals. You may be worried about your hair growth slowing or stopping after coloring it so many times- after all, those chemicals can cause damage, especially when it comes to hair breakage.

But does dying your hair really slow down growth? Not necessarily. Read on for more information on the effects of hair dye on hair growth.

Does Dying Your Hair Make It Grow Slower?

hair breakage from the dye

No, dyeing your hair does not stop its growth or make it grow slower. However, dying your hair can cause damage which can make your hair brittle and lead to hair fall.

Hair grows from the follicles on your scalp, which are not affected by the chemicals in hair dye. Adding color to your hair isn’t going to slow its growth, as the follicle is separate from the hair strands themselves.

Using permanent dye to color your hair can cause damage to the hair strands. Strong chemicals, such as peroxide and ammonia, may dry out the hair strands.

When your hair becomes too dry and weak, it is more susceptible to split ends and breakage. You will notice breakage where the individual hairs are shorter and sticking out, called flyaways. Due to the breakage, the hair becomes short, and it appears like the hair isn’t growing enough.

You can also tell if you have breakage by looking at the hair that falls out. The hair will be short or fragmented.

Is Permanent Hair Dye Causing Your Hair to Fall Out?

Permanent hair coloring can temporarily thin and weaken your hair due to chemical damage, even if it’s not causing it to grow any slower.

Weak hair strands tend to fall out easier. You may notice that you are shedding more hair than you typically do, but it shouldn’t be a permanent change. Your hair will continue to grow from your scalp as long as you do things in your daily hair care routine that promote healthy hair.

Once you give your hair a little time, it should start growing from that spot again and return to normal.

When Should You Stop Dying Your Hair?

Signs You Should Stop Dying Hair

You may want to stop dying your hair when you notice a significant change in the health of your hair. Healthy hair may have a shiny look, minimal breakage, and just the right moisture level.

Dying your hair with permanent dye can negatively impact your hair, so there may come a time when you need to stop dying your hair. When your hair shows signs of damage, you should stop dying it or take a break to give it time to heal.

The America Academy of Dermatology recommends waiting for at least 8 to 10 weeks between dye treatments. Any less time between coloring can weaken your hair. Weak hair is prone to even more damage.

Damage to your hair may show as split ends and breakage. When you notice signs that your hair is damaged, it may be time to stop dying or using other chemicals and treatments.

Will My Hair Grow Faster If I Dye It Dark?

No, dying your hair will not make it grow any faster. Hair growth rate depends on genetics, diet, hormones, etc. Hair dye (be it dark or light) doesn’t alter any of these, so the actual growth rate remains the same after dying.

There are ways to stimulate hair health and growth, but using dye is not one of those ways. The best thing you can do to help your hair grow faster is to keep it healthy and strong.

Dying your hair can damage your hair which actually causes hair fall and breakage so if someone says dyeing hair with darker shades like brown makes it grow faster, it’s a complete myth.

Tips to Speed Up Your Hair Growth

Hair care for faster hair growth

Your hair will grow best when it is healthy. Hair breakage and shedding will also decline when your hair is healthy and strong. Here are some tips to help you keep your hair growing.

  • Use less heat when styling your hair, such as blow drying, straighteners, or curlers
  • Wash your hair less frequently, not every day 
  • Condition your hair every time you shampoo or more if it’s dried out
  • Get a trim every four to six weeks
  • Avoid harsh chemicals such as peroxide, ammonia, and bleach
  • Scalp massages can stimulate hair growth
  • Eating a balanced diet can give your hair nutrients to grow 

So, hair dyes can greatly impact hair health, but they will not cause it to grow any faster or slower. If your hair looks like it’s growing slowly after dying, it’s because the hair is damaged and