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How to Avoid Pyramid Head? 5 Easy At-Home Fixes for Triangle Hair

Having triangle hair, or “pyramid head” is a common problem for women with curly and wavy locks. When the hair on top lacks volume and the ends are full and fluffy, your hair takes a triangular shape.

While intentionally styling your hair this way may sometimes be flattering, it’s not a look many want permanently.

If your hair often takes on a triangular shape, there are some simple tips that can help you achieve a more rounded and balanced shape quickly.

What is Triangle Hair?

triangular hair
Triangular Hair, (Source: Instagram/Chloe) 

When your hair takes a triangular or cone-like appearance that is known as triangle hair. This is more common in wavy or curly hair than straight hair.

Curly hair can get really wide and full of volume on the bottom near your ends. If the top of your hair lies flat, it might create a shape that makes your face appear as if it’s inside a triangle.

What Causes a Pyramid Head?

A pyramid head may not be flattering to most women since it can make them look older. However, not knowing its cause makes it difficult to avoid this problem. Here are some of the causes of triangular curls:

Wrong Lengths

If the layers of your curly hair are cut too short, it can create a pyramid shape, as the ends tend to be much denser than the tops.

The top and the ends should have the same lengths to ensure the density is even. You can ensure this by starting with the longest layers at the bottom and gradually getting shorter as you move up.

Incomplete Blending

Causes of Pyramid Head Hair - Incorrect Blending

An incorrect blending of the layers can create a triangle shape as the layers won’t flow together properly, thus leaving the ends thicker than the top.

It’s important to take time blending layers and ensure that it’s done correctly before leaving the salon. You can ask your stylist to redo the blending severally to ensure the layers fit perfectly.

Poor Technique

Techniques such as thinning can create triangle hair by leaving the bottom more fluffy than the top. It’s important to consult with your stylist before you decide on which technique is suitable for your curls.

The stylist can also show you how to cut the right layers so your hair won’t look like a pyramid head.

Incorrect Hair Parting

Causes of Pyramid Head Hair - wrong parting

When parting your hair, it’s important to ensure the top and bottom are even.

If you part your hair too far on the top, it can condense it more and reduce its fluffy nature. It can also make it look unnatural and unappealing.

How to Prevent My Hair from Looking Like a Triangle?

Triangle hair can make your face look unbalanced. Pyramid hair is more common with bob cuts and looks worse when you have medium-length hair.

So, here are some tips on how to prevent triangle hair when getting a bob, and style your hair the way you want.

Choose the Right Hairstyle

how to avoid triangle bob - right hairstyle

When choosing your hairstyle, just as important as the hair itself is the facial shape of the person wanting a new makeover. Knowing how to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape is important.

If you aren’t certain of what hair goes great with your face, you can consult any stylist to determine what better suits you.

If you choose the right hairstyle, you can prevent the bottom layers from expanding more than the top to create a triangular shape.

Choose the Right Styling Tools

Invest in quality styling tools such as ceramic-coated flat irons, curling wands, and gentle brushes for your hair.

The right tools can help prevent damage to the delicate tops of your hair and keep the sides from puffing too much.

Opt for a Dry Cut

how to avoid triangle bob - dry haircutting

This may be new to some people, but if you want to avoid triangle hair, you can cut your hair with minimal tension and incorporate layers. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Using no water when cutting curly hair allows the natural texture to thrive and gives you more control over the volume of your hair.

Condition Your Hair

If you use conditioner regularly, you maintain your hair’s natural hydration and elasticity. The conditioner can help the natural curly shape of your hair and reduce the chances of your ends becoming too puffy.

If you want even more protection, use a conditioner with natural oils such as jojoba and coconut oil. These oils keep your hair moisturized, making it more manageable to style and preventing the formation of triangular hair.

How To Fix Your Triangle-Looking Hair At Home

If you already have a triangular head shape, you don’t have to immediately rush to the salon to fix it. Here are five ways you can get rid of the pyramid head at home:

1. Use a Curling Iron

Fixing Triangle Hair - curling iron

Use a curling iron to create waves and volume on the sides of your hair. It can help add depth and remove the triangle shape, making it look more natural. It can also help cover up any thinning areas.

You can use styling mousse or wax to add texture and lift the side layers of your hair. It can help blend the layers and give your hair a more natural look.

When drying your hair, use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. This helps to evenly distribute the heat and can boost volume at the roots while keeping the ends from puffing out.

2. Try Root Lifting Techniques

Make sure to add volume at the roots also, else too much volume at the sides and flat tops can make your face look more imbalanced.

Try techniques such as clipping the roots while drying or using root-lifting sprays to add volume to the top portion of your hair.

3. Plopping

Fixing Triangle Hair - plopping

Plopping your hair can help re-shape your curls and create a more balanced look by preventing hair from sticking to the scalp. You can use a stick or your hands to plop the hair.

You can then use a towel to fold the hair from top to bottom. Twist the ends, tie and leave them for about 20 minutes to get the desired look.

4. Choose the Right Products

Using the wrong products can weigh down your hair and make it look limp. To prevent this, use lightweight products specifically designed for curly hair, such as mousses and gels.

The products can help lift the roots of your hair, giving it more volume and a less triangular shape. It can also help protect your hair from heat and humidity, which causes flyaways and frizz, which can affect the overall shape of your hair.

5. Trim the Ends Regularly

Fixing Triangle Hair - regular trimming

Getting your ends trimmed regularly is a must for anyone that wants their hair’s weight, shape, and volume to be on point. Trimming the hair now and again prevents the ends from becoming too puffy or thin, thus reducing the chances of having triangle hair.

Regular trims can also help keep your hair healthy and reduce the chances of split ends, thus maintaining its natural shape.

Wrap Up

Triangle-shaped hair can be difficult to manage and style, but it is possible to fix it at home. The key is to use lightweight and gentle styling products, trim the ends regularly, and mind the length of your hair.

You can also invest in quality hair care products and use a curling iron to create waves and add volume. Avoid puffing your hair too much, the roots weigh down and form a triangle head.