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6 Reasons to Try Ginger Box Braids

Ginger box braids are a unique and stylish way to wear vibrant protective hairstyles. Box braids can enhance your overall look and Ginger is a warm, inviting color that can complement a variety of skin tones.

Wearing ginger box braids can be a confidence booster and a fun way to switch up your hair color without using permanent dye.

The Benefits of Ginger Box Braids: Why You Should Try Them

As a hairstylist, I saw that choosing the color is one of the most difficult parts of deciding about a hairdo. There are two types of people, those always opting for their natural shade, and those looking for a unique look.

I mostly find myself in the second group, as I like to keep my hair natural while always changing the color on a temporary basis, but only by adding synthetic hair so that I don’t damage my own dying it. Nevertheless, picking one color, or a palette, is tough for me too.

Therefore, this shade might work for everyone and everything and has some unique characteristics. So, here I’ll give you six reasons to try out the Ginger color for your next box braids!

#1: The Most Vibrant Natural Color

vibrant ginger box braids
Ginger Box Braids, Model – Ana Ineni

If you are just like my sister, who wants all her damaged hair to be trimmed while keeping the same length, or looking for a strong, colorful, intense color but at the same time natural, then ginger should do wonders for you. This color has it all, the power of a super-pigmented bright color and its natural vibe.

#2: Suitable for Any Occasion

Unlike other colors like green, pink or blue, which might be categorized as extremes in particular situations, ginger, although it is super vibrant, doesn’t pop out like an unusual hair color. So, you can fit into any circumstance, be it an elite event or a punk party.

#3: Be the Fire

Ginger is a bit spicy and it easily catches attention, but its warm shades don’t push others away. They would come as close as not daring to touch, which I consider to be the best effect of being the fire. Be your own light and don’t mind if intruders get burned!

#4: You Can Mix It or Choose Your Favorite Shade

Ginger Palette. ©Inashan ©hairstylecamp

If your hair has a different color and you don’t like how it blends with any ginger tones, you can always mix it with multiple shades, and get a natural striped hair look.

Fortunately, plenty of ginger or copper tones of braiding hair extensions are on the market. Plus, you can also try an ombre ginger synthetic hair that matches your natural color at the root.

#5: Positive Energy Color

Hair is the most spiritual part of our bodies, and I often get feedback from customers about how different they feel after getting braided. It is also common for a woman to cut her hair when she wants to make a change in her life.

The copper or ginger color has deep positive symbolism in many different cultures, being associated with wealth, love, fertility, prosperity, beauty, and courage.

#6: It Might Have Been the First Color Ever for Styling Hair

Himba woman with ginger box braids - first ever hairstyle color
Himba woman. ©Riccardo Parretti

Ancient civilizations worldwide used henna, cinnamon, reddish iron oxide, red clay, or other natural reddish pigments for their hair. It might be a primary intuitive option for humanity to add color to their hair.

If we go back to the first people wearing braids, we’ll find out that about 3500 years before our era, Himba people used red clay for their braids, resulting in a ginger color look.

Their hairstyle is really unique, and it was more than just a style for them, as their hairdos were sacred, and full of symbolism, having given them information and power.

These earthy-reddish colors have been used since the Paleolithic age and are still a top option.

In conclusion, ginger box braids are a great option for most of you, being at the same time a special, vibrant color and down to earth.

It comes with lots of good warm energy and has been used since a million years ago in the Paleolithic period, and it is still a favorite option.

More than that, warm reddish shades have been predicted to remain in style both in 2024 and 2024. But anyway, as history has shown us, ginger hair will never become unfashionable.

Hope this helped you out and made you want to try ginger box braids at least once in your life, and I wish you a great experience in this sense!


What number is ginger in braiding hair?

The most common numbers for ginger braiding hair are 350, 35, 39, 30, 138, and sometimes 130, 135, 118, 20, 21, 27, 144, 33, 340, BG, 900, and others. But many suppliers don’t put a number on their colors or they even use different ones.

Can I dye braiding hair with henna?

No, you can only dye natural hair or natural hair extensions with henna. If you really want to dye kanekalon hair, you can try and use pigmented acrylic ink mixed with rubbing alcohol.