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Hair Consultation Guide: 7 Tips for An Effective Hair Consultation to Make Your Clients Happy

Consulting and making sure you understand what your clients are asking for is important to keep them happy, coming back, and telling friends or family about you. Giving a proper hair consultation is key to a satisfied, loyal customer.

Here are a few tips and tricks for consulting with your customers efficiently and making the most of a salon visit. By following our guide, you’ll know how to have a hair consultation that will make your clients happy.


Hair Consultation Tips to Keep Your Client Happy

#1. Client Comfort 

Hair Consultation Guide - Client's Comfort

When a customer visits your salon for the first time, they need to feel comfortable and at home before you proceed with the service. Feel out their personality and try to understand what they want. Small talk will put them at ease, making them more likely to talk about their hair with you.

Let your client know that you are excited to work with them. You want them to leave the salon with a smile on their face. Save non-hair related discussion for later when you’re sure they’re comfortable proceeding with hair services. Once they’re settled down with a cape around their neck, then you can talk them through the hair process.


#2. Preparation

Hair Consultation Guide - Preparation for Meeting Client

First things first, organize your workspace and tools (combs, dryer, trimmer, etc.) before meeting your client. Getting these in place will lessen your stress and convey to your client that you’re a professional. Remind yourself of your client’s name, since you’ll want to greet them with it and a smile.

Introduce yourself when shaking hands and guide them to your station to get seated. Take their coat and/or purse, and offer them a drink. Once they’re settled, ask them these questions:

  • How did they hear about you or the salon?
  • What made them change their stylist?
  • What went wrong with their previous salon visit?

Asking these questions will help prevent you from making those same mistakes, guaranteeing their happiness. This is really important.


#3. Consultation Tips

Hair Consultation Guide - Tips Before Starting Service

Consultation with clients may require more than you would give it credit for. Some clients will instantly be on the same page, while others may need more time to get there. Some clients may want a service, but use different terms you’re not familiar with or that you know by another name. This is completely normal.

Be patient and confident with your client, asking them to clarify any terms you aren’t familiar with. Then explain your version of it. You may also ask for a picture or article that demonstrates what they’re looking for. Never give them the idea that you aren’t familiar with what they’re asking for. This may come across like you don’t know what you’re doing. Asking questions to clarify will ensure you understand what they want and that both of you are on the same page.

While some clients may need time to make their final decision, make it your goal for them to decide during your consultation. If there are any differing ideas, discuss them with your client. Break down processes gently, assuring them you can see eye to eye before getting into the service.


#4. The Consultation

Hair Consultation Guide - Actual Consultation

Once both you and your client are settled and at ease, start prepping for the service. Get into details and ask what their hair goals are: is it just maintenance, updating the same look, or are they looking for a major change. Don’t forget to ask them about their previous hair salon experience.

If your client is new, you’ll have to discuss both haircut and color in detail to get on the right track. Start with the haircut: discuss layers, bangs, length, etc. Once you settle on the cut, talk about color options, suggesting colors that’ll complement the cut and their face.

You have to make sure that both of you fully understand and are comfortable with what you’re going to do. This will ensure your client is satisfied and comes back.


#5. Pointers for Consultation

Hair Consultation Guide - Haircutting

Before starting a haircut it’s important to know what the client wants first, including everything from layers and length to bangs and thinness/thickness. When it comes to hair, never assume; always ask the client to clarify before starting the cut.

Be confident and communicate the procedure you’re going to do. Then be sure they’re comfortable with the chosen haircut and color. Entertaining your client while they’re waiting will make their salon experience relaxing.


#6. Final Check-Ins

So the discussion is done and you know what the client wants. Now you can pick up your tools to start on the actual work. It may help to talk to your client about what you’re doing as you do it, whether you’re cutting, layering, thinning, etc.

Also, talk about the tools you’re using, things like texturizing shears or scissors, etc. Be sure to check in with them as you go. This will make your client trust you more and enjoy the service.

These tips will lead to greater self-confidence and put you at ease when providing services.


#7. Ending The Service

Hair Consultation Guide - Ending The Service

Once you’re done with the hair services, finish by showing your client their final look, highlighting the changes made. Don’t rush them; give them time to process their new look. Ask them once more if they’re happy with their look or if they’d like anything done differently.

These questions will show your client that you truly care and want them to feel both confident and beautiful. This goes a long way to ensuring they trust you for future hair services!


By following a few key tips that make your client feel seen, heard, and understood during their hair consultation, you can ensure you have a happy client at the end of their hair service. You can also be pretty much guaranteed that they’ll return for continued services!

A happy client means more referrals and recommendations, leading to even more clients. A quality hair service is an experience, requiring effort and high quality. Be sure you start off on the right foot with the perfect hair consultation!