Handlebar Mustache – How to Grow & 20 Best Styles

6. Classical Handlebar

It’s another amazing yet classical mustache style that is easy to wear and effortless to clean. The twisted ends are shorter and don’t spread on the major part of your face. Add some accessories with it and get an outstanding heroic look.

Classical Handlebar mustache with spike hair


7. Beveled Ends

Beveled ends portray the gentleman in you and never disturb you because of the balanced size and shape. The sides of this moustache aren’t curled but upward and erected. Go for this style if you have dark and thick hair.

back combed men with beard and handlebar mustache


8. Slight Twist

Stand out from the crowd and get slight twist mustache to turn every head. It maintains zest and elegance simultaneously by keeping the both slightly twisted. To avoid extreme wild look and uphold manly appearance, a slight twist is the best option for everyone.

Slight Twist Handlebar Mustache hairstyle


9. Acute Angle

An acute angle is for those who love leveled and thick handlebar mustaches. It covers a major part of your mouth and you have to take care while eating. The selection of the ends styles absolutely depends on you, i.e. twisted or leveled.


10. Thin Handlebar

It’s large in size and thin in the width. This handlebar mustache doesn’t cover your mouth and known as a modern style that is getting popular day by day. Young and middle-aged men can add grace to their personality by growing thin handlebar mustaches.

thin Handlebar Mustache