20 Mind-blowing Horse Mane Hairstyles To Show The Class

Whether you own a horse or are a fan of these amazing animals, you know they have beautiful and thick manes and tails. Horse hair is a dream for many men and women since its so long, bright, and never fine. Horses, just like people, have trouble with tangling and unruly manes. That’s why horse owners come up with various hairstyles to make the animals’ lives easier. If you’ve never seen a horse with a hairstyle, you’ve missed out on a lot of fun. If you are a lucky owner of an equine, you can benefit from various ways to style its hair.

horse hairstyles


Horse Hair and Its Uses

Besides enjoying a nice-looking haircut on your equine, you might be surprised to learn that horse hair has various uses. The amazingly thick and durable horsehair is taken from the mane and tail can be a big help in our everyday lives.

So what is the horse hair used for?

  • The tail strands are used for string instruments, such as violin, viola, and cello. In the old days, people used hair from the horse’s manes to fill their sofas.
  • In the modern days, horse hair is sometimes used as mattress filler.
  • Various brushes are made from horse hair. This includes hair, paint, tooth, and shaving brushing as well as shoe polishing brushes.
  • In the 16th century, people used to create wigs out of horsehair. In the 18th century, judges wore horsehair wigs in the courtrooms.
  • In the 19th century, people used horse hair to create durable fabrics. Some factories still use horse hair to make upholstery.


Smart Horse Hair Styling Methods

While horse hair is very thick and unruly, you can still readily style it. You might need to practice some patience when caring for your horse’s mane since not all animals are big fans of hairstyling. However, the end result may be beautiful. We collected 20 various horse mane styles for you to consider, study, and enjoy. If you’ve never styled a horse’s mane before, you should start with the simplest options. Remember, not all horses are created equal and your equine might not be a big fan of hair care. Start slowly in order for the animal not to associate hairstyling with unpleasant feelings.


1. Let it Down


The most beautiful horse hairstyle of all times is, of course, professional brushed horse hair. Clean and shiny manes are always the most impressive when kept free of any styling. However, it’s hard to keep them this way all day long.


2. Curly struggle

horse hair 2

When a horse has curly or wavy hair, keeping it neat is a tough task. Some horse owners prefer braiding the mane and then letting it down for horse shows or competitions. Keeping such manes brushed daily is a big must.


3. Hair twists

horse hair 3

If your horse is used mostly for trotting or running, you need to keep the mane in check. You can consider creating hair twists to keep the mane from getting messy in the wind. It also prevents part of it from being soaked with sweat.


4. Brush guru

horse hair 4

If the horse hair you have to deal with is thick and beautiful, you need to learn how to take care of it. Buy high-quality horse brushes and wash them on a daily basis. This can extend their lifespan significantly.


5. Braids

horse hair 5

Many horse owners make a decision to style their horse’s hair in a very human way. If your equine’s hair is soft enough, you can create nice thick braids that can help keep the mane clean longer.

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