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20 Horse Hairstyles To Show The Class

Whether you own a horse or are a fan of these amazing animals, you know they have beautiful and thick manes and tails. Horse hair is a dream for many men and women since its so long, bright, and never fine.

Horses, just like people, have trouble with tangling and unruly manes. That’s why horse owners come up with various hairstyles to make the animals’ lives easier.

If you’ve never seen a horse with hairstyle, you’ve missed out on a lot of fun. If you are a lucky owner of an equine, you can benefit from various ways to style its hair.

horse hairstyles

Horse Hair and Its Uses

Besides enjoying a nice-looking haircut on your equine, you might be surprised to learn that horse hair has various uses. The amazingly thick and durable horsehair is taken from the mane and tail can be a big help in our everyday lives.

So what is the horse hair used for?

  • The tail strands are used for string instruments, such as violin, viola, and cello. In the old days, people used hair from the horse’s manes to fill their sofas.
  • In the modern days, horse hair is sometimes used as mattress filler.
  • Various brushes are made from horse hair. This includes hair, paint, tooth, and shaving brushing as well as shoe polishing brushes.
  • In the 16th century, people used to create wigs out of horsehair. In the 18th century, judges wore horsehair wigs in the courtrooms.
  • In the 19th century, people used horse hair to create durable fabrics. Some factories still use horse hair to make upholstery.

Amazing Horse Hairstyles

While horse hair is very thick and unruly, you can still readily style it. You might need to practice some patience when caring for your horse’s mane since not all animals are big fans of hairstyling. However, the end result may be beautiful.

We have collected 20 various horse mane styles for you to consider, study, and enjoy. If you’ve never styled a horse’s mane before, you should start with the simplest options.

Remember, not all horses are created equal and your equine might not be a big fan of hair care. Start slowly in order for the animal not to associate hairstyling with unpleasant feelings.

1. Long and Flowing

long horse mane hairstyle

Some horse owners opt to let their equine’s hair long, natural, and flowing. Brush their mane and tail daily and wash it regularly to maintain cleanliness.

There’s no need to style or cut it if you don’t want to. It’s the wild and natural look.

2. Ultra Short

short horse mane hairstyle

If you live in a warm climate or if your horse runs a lot you should opt for a very short mane. You can cut off most of the length to create a horse hairstyle that’s similar to a human bob. Leave some hair on the forehead for style.

3. Trimmed Bristles

trimmed horse mane hair

Here’s another option or a short horse mane style. All the mane is left there but it’s trimmed very short so it stands up in thick bristles almost like a stereotypical human military ‘do. The hair on the forehead is longer and more natural.

4. Braided Knots

braided knots on horse mane

Cut down maintenance time by putting your horse’s mane in a protective style of knotted braids. Leave some hair free to fall onto the top of your horse’s head, the rest should be kept groomed and pulled to the side.

5. Blunt Cut with Bangs

horse mane hair

Humanize your equine’s hairstyle by giving them a very blunt cut on the end of their mane. Brush some hair over the forehead and cut it bluntly like human bangs.

If you have a showhorse, then this could be a very fashionable style that will make you stand out.

6. Braids and Bubble Ponytails

braided horse mane

Treat your long-nosed friend like the beautiful creature it is by styling its mane incredibly decoratively.

Alternate braids, loose sections, and sectioned ponytails so your galloping friend looks utterly stunning. This is perfect for pet horses who aren’t used for working or competitions.

7. Voluminous Blowout

horse mane style

Did you know some horse hairstyles can include styling techniques such as blowouts?

You can also add hair dye to your horse’s mane to brighten up the color and make it stand out from all the other horses in the field. For example, a dark brown horse can have a bright blonde head of hair.

8. Matted Locks

horse hairstyle

Allow your horse’s hair to become matted in the style of dreadlocks but with a different texture due to the different quality of horse hair.

It’s a low-maintenance style some owners may find easier to deal with. It won’t require brushing, but you’ll still have to wash the hair regularly to keep it clean.

9. Curly struggle

horse hair 2

When a horse has curly or wavy hair, keeping it neat is a tough task. Some horse owners prefer braiding the mane and then letting it down for horse shows or competitions. Keeping such manes brushed daily is a big must.

10. Hair twists

horse hair 3

If your horse is used mostly for trotting or running, you need to keep the mane in check. You can consider creating hair twists to keep the mane from getting messy in the wind. It also prevents part of it from being soaked with sweat.

11. Brush guru

horse hair 4

If the horse hair you have to deal with is thick and beautiful, you need to learn how to take care of it. Buy high-quality horse brushes and wash them on a daily basis. This can extend their lifespan significantly.

12. Braids for Horse Mane

horse mane braids

Many horse owners make a decision to style their horse’s hair in a very human way. If your equine’s hair is soft enough, you can create nice thick braids that can help keep the mane clean longer.

13. Windblown look

horse hair 7

Sometimes horses have very thick manes that don’t yield to any styling. It’s still up to the owner to keep such a mane brushed, however, it will hardly look neat. You just have to settle for the wild horse hairstyle.

14. Short horse mane

horse hair 9

A short mane is easier to take care of than long hair so you can consider trimming your horse’s locks. Don’t forget that hair cutting is a time-consuming task. You might want to ask a professional groomer to do it.


15. Thin the mane

horse hair 10

In order to make your horse’s and your own life simpler, you might want to consider thinning the mane. The thick hair is hard to wash and brush while a thinned mane looks neat and beautiful. Do mane thinning at least once every couple of months.

16. Long Horse hairstyle

horse hair 11

Long horse hair looks amazingly beautiful. However, it’s a big hassle to take care of. If you decide to let your horse’s mane grow long, you need to learn how to make all types of braids. Otherwise, it will always stay tangled and dirty.

17. Running braid

horse hair 12

A running braid is the most common way to style a horse’s hair. It can keep the mane clean and neat for a long time. However, braiding the horse’s hair is pretty time consuming so you need to get ready for a long day.

18. Stylish horse ponytails

horse mane diamond braids

If your horse has long hair and you want to flaunt it, consider creating these pretty ponytails. You’ll need to spend plenty of time brushing and styling but the result is truly impressive. It’s the next best way after braiding to keep the horse’s hair neat.

19. Special braids

horse hair 19

If your equine is ready to endure your lengthy braiding experiments, you can try creating various kinds of beautiful braids. Just be ready for your masterpiece to be ruined as soon as the horse starts rolling.

20. Stylish Horse Mane


Horses usually have long and thick bangs that need special attention. Keep the bangs well-cut and neat. Otherwise, it will get into the animal’s eyes and make it feel uncomfortable.

Horse hair is tough to take care of. But if you are ready to put in the hours, you can save yourself some washing and brushing time. Make sure you keep your horse’s hair under control and the animal will reward you with a beautiful appearance.


Why do horses have manes?

Horses have manes to protect their skin from flies and help keep them warm in colder weather. Manes also help water drain away from their necks when they’re outside in the rain.

Does horse tail hair grow back?

Horse tails grow back, and the speed of growth varies by breed, age, and health. Most wild horses grow their tails by a little over one centimeter per month, and domestic horses by two per month.