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Ice Blonde Vs. Platinum Blonde: What’s The Difference?

Have you ever tried to tell the difference between ice blonde and platinum blonde? While many claim blonde hair shades are variations of the same color, we’re here to show you the significant differences between the two shades.

We’ll take you through the ice blonde vs. platinum blonde details and how you could maintain these hair colors.

Also, we’ll show you what these hair shades look like to help you understand which blonde color works best for you.

Ice Blonde

Ice Blonde Hair
Ice Blonde Hair

Ice blonde is one of the paler blonde shades that fall on the cooler end. It tends toward the blues and purples as undertones, meaning it lacks the warmth you get with honey shades or even a bleach blonde. To achieve an ice blonde, expect to take your hair to level 10.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde shade
Platinum Blonde Hair

The platinum blonde also sits at the lightest end of the blondes. It’s typically a warmer tone with undertones of silver, pearl, gray, and ash, but there is some versatility in how you wear it. You need to have your hair lifted to a level 10 to work into a platinum blonde.

What Does Ice Blonde and Platinum Blonde Hair Look Like?

What Does Ice Blonde and Platinum Blonde Hair Look Like?

Ice-blonde hair is the brightest cool-toned color you could achieve. In terms of looks, it’s similar to platinum blonde, but ice blonde emphasizes ashy tones similar to ash blonde hair. However, ice-blonde hair keeps your desired vibrancy that looks almost white.

Platinum blonde hair isn’t the color that allows you to blend into a crowd. Instead, the white, gray, and blonde balance shows why platinum blonde is known as the lightest shade of blonde hair.

The color will always look most vibrant in the sunlight, no matter how subtly you apply tones to your platinum blonde hair.

Also, even though platinum blonde looks silver or icy, it’s still blonde. You might notice some yellow or brassy undertones, so it’s a good idea to use a silver conditioner to reduce that brassiness.

Platinum Blonde Vs. Ice Blonde

While both are level 10 blonde shades, ice blonde and platinum blonde, they still have some major differences.


Ice blonde and platinum blonde are two of the most expensive blonde shades to achieve because there are multiple steps you need to take to achieve the white base you need.

After paying for the bleaching, you need to invest money in the multiple salon treatments you will need.

Ice blonde and platinum blonde hair require touch-ups at least every four to five weeks, though it’s more common to go every three weeks.


Ice blonde vs platinum blonde - Maintenance

Whether you have ice blonde or platinum blonde, you need to invest money in a good quality purple shampoo. Everyone with blonde hair must use purple shampoo to prevent fading and keep the shade vibrant.

Platinum blonde and ice blonde require daily maintenance to avoid losing the underlying pigments in your hair. In addition, you need to use color-enhancing purple shampoo to protect your hair while washing.

Blue shampoo is another color-enhancing and protective product for ice blonde hair. In addition, the blue shampoo protects your blue undertones from being removed from your hair.

You might consider a silver mask or silver shampoo to support your platinum blonde hair. It can offset some of the yellowing that comes from washing your hair with tap water.

Along with shampoos, you should sparingly wash your blonde hair and avoid using hot water.

Getting blonde hair means you’ll need to bleach your hair to achieve a white base. However, an excessive amount of bleaching causes damage to your hair, so it’s important to maintain color-treated hair by using hair masks to repair any damage.

Skin Tone

Both blonde shade variations look best with paler skin. Also, it looks best on younger women because it lightens your face and shines a light on every facial feature.

Ice blonde looks best on people with light skin tones to frame your face and feature luminosity on your pale skin. Also, if you have light eyes, your eyes will look brighter than before.

Platinum blonde hair looks best on people with lighter skin tones as well.

However, platinum blonde hair can look beautiful on darker skin tones or women with olive skin. If you have a dark skin tone, the yellow undertones add depth to your hair while contrasting your skin.


Ice blonde and platinum blonde are both light, level 10 blonde shades, but they differ in tone and maintenance.

Ice blonde is a very pale blonde with cool, ashy undertones, leaning towards blues and purples. It lacks the warmth of other blonde shades and maintains a vibrant, almost white appearance.

On the other hand, platinum blonde is a warmer, light blonde with undertones of silver, pearl, gray, and ash, known for its standout white, gray, and blonde balance.

Both require significant maintenance, including frequent salon visits, specialized shampoos, and careful washing routines.

They are best suited for paler skin tones, with platinum blonde complementing darker or olive skin tones due to its yellow undertones.


Do you still have questions regarding ice blonde vs. platinum blonde? Here are the frequently asked questions about them.

Ice or platinum blonde – which is more white?

Ice blonde hair is cool-toned with ashy hues, so ice blonde is more white. On the other hand, platinum blonde is warm with hints of yellow throughout, so platinum blonde is less white than ice blonde.

Does platinum blonde fade faster than ice blonde hair?

No. Both platinum blonde and ice blonde hair fade fast because they are so light colored and susceptible to discoloration from the sun, tap water, and more.

Expect to get touch-ups every four to five weeks for either shade of blonde.

Platinum vs. ice blonde – which is high maintenance?

Both blondes are high maintenance and require regular upkeep, both at home and with regular salon visits.

These shades require your hair to be at a level 10, which requires bleaching that damages your hair. So, you’ll need to pamper your hair with hair masks and other moisturizers to keep your hair healthy.