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Is VO5 Shampoo Really Good For Your Hair?

VO5 or Alberto VO5 shampoos are cheap. Does it mean they are bad? If you go to the internet, you’ll find many different reviews that contradict each other. The reason is that there is no such thing as an all-purpose shampoo.

If you haven’t tried VO5 shampoo before and are wondering whether it’s good for your locks, I’d recommend looking at the list of ingredients.

Vo5 shampoo
  1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A common ingredient used in shampoos for cleaning and creating foam. This one poses no threat to your hair and you are unlikely to see many shampoos without it.
  2. Cocamidopropyl Betaine – A common surfactant that is derived from coconut oil. It eases the surface tension making the shampoo easier to lather.
  3. Ammonium Chloride – pH regulator.
  4. Vitamin E – A great vitamin to help your hair grow healthy and shiny.
  5. Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A – Useful vitamins for healing your hair and giving it sufficient nutrition.
  6. Vitamin C and Vitamin D – Much-needed vitamins that help your locks withstand environmental factors and prevent split ends.
  7. Octoxynol-9 – This common shampoo ingredient is also considered a sensitizer, which can lead to an allergic reaction. It may contain impurities that can cause health problems.
  8. Tetrasodium EDTA – Improves the effect of cosmetic preservatives and decreases water hardness. It has a low toxicity level but may be harmful when used in large doses.
  9. DMDM Hydantoin – Antimicrobial agent, preservative. It can cause problems for people allergic to formaldehyde.
  10. Citric Acid – pH regulator. In the USA, it doesn’t even need to be listed as an ingredient if used for pH regulation only.

What Is Unique About VO5 Shampoo?

What sets VO5 shampoo apart is its incorporation of the “5 Vitamin Oils” and the “Power of 5 Vitamins” in its formulations. This unique combination is designed to provide comprehensive care for the hair, offering a range of benefits.

Here are the features where VO5 is unique than shampoos:

5 Vitamin Oils

VO5 stands for 5 vitamin oils. These shampoos contain a blend of Sunflower Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, and Chamomile Flower Oil.

These oils contribute to the nourishment and conditioning of the hair, each bringing its unique properties for hair health.

5 Vitamins

All VO5 products contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and Biotin in the formulations. These vitamins are known for their potential benefits in promoting hair strength, vitality, and overall health.

By combining these vitamin-rich oils and essential nutrients, VO5 shampoos offer a unique care for your hair care. This can include moisturizing, strengthening, and providing a healthy shine to the hair.

Variety of Formulas

VO5 often provides a variety of shampoos to address different hair care needs. Whether focusing on hydration, volume, or color protection, the brand tailors its formulations to cater to various hair types and concerns.


VO5 products, including shampoos, are often affordable. This makes them accessible to a broad range of consumers seeking quality hair care within budget.

So, what makes VO5 shampoo unique is its commitment to combining essential oils and vitamins in a way that provide a comprehensive and budget-friendly hair care solution.


Here are some frequently asked questions about VO5 shampoo. 

Is VO5 shampoo sulfate free?

Traditional VO5 shampoo is not sulfate-free, but a line of sulfate-free shampoo from VO5 is available for purchase.

Can I use VO5 shampoo on dogs?

You shouldn’t use human shampoo on dogs. Using human shampoo on dogs disrupts their acid mantle since their pH balance is more neutral than humans. 

Does VO5 shampoo contain silicone?

Though VO5 is not sulfate-free, their shampoo products are silicone free! Double check the ingredients of the specific shampoo you buy to be sure, but VO5 products do not typically contain silicones. Conditioners from the brand are always silicone free. 

Does VO5 have parabens?

Traditional variations of VO5 products do contain parabens. However, there is a line that you can buy that is paraben free. This paraben-free line also addresses four major hair concerns. These include dryness, split ends, volume deficiency, and anti-frizz.

Can I use VO5 shampoo on colored hair?

According to their frequently asked questions section of their site, VO5 products are safe for color-treated hair. They are also safe to use on keratin-treated hair.

If you are wary of using this product on your hair due to color or other types of hair treatments, ask your hairstylist for recommendations. 

Is VO5 shampoo good for curls?

While VO5 offers excellent products for people with straight hair, it is not the best brand to use if you have naturally curly hair. Many of the ingredients in VO5 products cause build-up, dryness, and breakage in people with curly hair. 

If you want to try out their products on your curly hair, design your hair care routine to help mitigate some of the breakage and potential damage the ingredients could cause to your curls. 

As you can see when looking at the ingredient list, the Vo5 shampoo contains useful components for stimulating hair growth and nourishing your locks. As for dangerous ingredients, only Octoxynol-9 seems to pose a problem, but the quantity is so minuscule that it should not do any harm.