LCO Method: Here’s Everything You Should Know

If you are dealing with dry and frizzy hair, then the LCO method can be your answer. The liquid, cream, and oil method (LCO) is designed to keep your hair moisturized for longer than regular products.

This simple three-step method will keep your hair moist and lock in the water, and it’s effortless to incorporate into your hair care routine!


What Is LCO?

LCO Method

The LCO method uses three steps to prepare your hair for retaining moisture. You need to apply a liquid-based conditioner, styling cream, and oil to your hair in the right order. Then your hair can be moisturized and stylized to your heart’s content!

This process works because the oil and cream help lock in the moisture that the leave-in cream has put into your hair. It’s the perfect method if your hair won’t hold any water on a cold day.

The process works by layering the different components on top of one another and creating a barrier. Once your hair absorbs the liquid, then the cream absorbs the extra water. Once you apply the oil, it mixes with the cream and creates a barrier to protect your hair.


LOC Method – Liquid, Oil & Cream


How To Do It

There are four steps to complete the method, and they have to be done in order:

  • Wash Your Hair Normally with Water and Shampoo
  • Apply Water or a Water-Based Leave-In Conditioner
  • Add Styling Cream or Butter
  • Add an Oil

Once you have completed all four steps, you can style your hair without trouble. Your hair will retain moisture for up to a week, and you can do all your favorite styles.


Hair Type for LCO

Hair Type for LCO

Now the LCO method isn’t for everyone, and it works the best if you have low porosity hair. Hair Porosity is the one thing that affects your hair care routine. Your hair’s porosity level is your hair’s ability to take in moisture and how long it can keep the water inside the strands.

If you have high porosity hair, your hair can absorb water but won’t hold onto it for long. Low porosity hair doesn’t absorb moisture as well but will hold onto it for long periods.

If you try to clean your hair and it has low porosity, then the products you use won’t absorb into your hair. But the method consists of light products that will be absorbed by your hair and products that will lock in moisture for long periods.

If you happen to have high porosity hair, you can still use the LCO method, but you will need to make a few changes. The process is still the same, but you will need to use heavier and thicker creams and oils.

The heavier creams and oils will allow your hair to hold onto the water while also taking advantage of the high porosity’s natural absorption.



Benefits of LCO Method

The method helps if you have very dry hair, allowing for stronger moisture retention for long periods. You won’t have to deal with dry hair and frizzy or broken strands whenever you style your hair.

You’ll also be able to moisturize your hair every two days without any feeling of dryness in between. Moist hair has several benefits, so you want to keep that moisture retained for as long as possible.


Final Thoughts

For dry hair that doesn’t respond well to moisture and doesn’t retain it, then the LCO method can be an excellent part of your hair care routine. It’s easy to do with just three ingredients, and the benefits are real, no matter your hair type.

Give it a try today, and see what it can do for your strands!

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