Long Fade Haircuts – 7 Fantastic Approaches

A fade haircut is one of the most famous cuts in the world. Long fade haircuts are gaining momentum due to their versatility and great appearance. Men, who aren’t afraid to dive into the sea of styling are taking full advantages of such hairstyles. Long fades vary depending on the amount of time you have as well as the skill level you possess. They can be easy to style and fun to wear. Some require a lengthy styling process but look utterly fantastic. Whatever style you decide to choose, you’ll definitely enjoy the amazed glance you’ll get from the girls. Any guy who manages to keep a long fade neat deserves a lot of respect.


Interesting Ways to Enjoy Long Fade Haircuts

A long fade hairstyle is exactly what you need when you want a short cut with benefits. While the hair doesn’t get into your face and stays neat longer, you can allow your imagination to run wild and come up with various styles for any occasion. Not many guys have a personal hairstylist, but a lot of them wear long fade haircuts. What’s their secret? They spent some time learning how to deal with their hair. We are offering you 7 options to consider and enjoy.


#1. Medium Fade

Medium Long fade haircuts for men

This medium fade is easy to make. This is a great choice for guys, who don’t like to do a lot of shaving. The hair on top is left about 5 – 7 inches long in order to create a comb-over. You can play around with the way you arrange the top part.

Fade Haircuts for Men


#2. High Curly Fade

High curly Long fade haircuts

Guys with curly and tough to manage hair often choose long fade haircuts because they look stylish and give them an opportunity to do some interesting styling. A few touches of hair gel can help you shape the top part.


#3. Patterned Fade

Long fade haircuts

This fade looks truly amazing thanks to the patterned design on the sides. Whenever there is shaving involved, you can enjoy a striking high fade with patterns. The top part can be 4 – 5 inches long and styled as spikes.


#4. Soft and Spiky

Spiky Long fade haircuts

While soft and spiky doesn’t seem like a great mix, when it comes to a long fade haircut, the two look great together. The high fade makes it easy to take care of the hairstyle while the top part is easily styled with hair gel.


#5. Scissored Fade

Scissors Long fade haircuts

A scissors fade is hard to make but it looks truly striking. If you add some exciting spiked styling on top, the overall impression this style makes will be priceless. Ask your hairstylist for a scissor fade. Only real professionals can do it right. You can also try the popular taper fade cuts.


#6. The higher the better

Long fade haircuts

High fades take the hassle out of styling as long as you know what to do with the top part. This hairstyle may seem easy but ask the hairstylist to show you the way first. Once you learn how to do, you’ll become the most stylish guy on the block.


#7. Curly Asymmetry

Long fade haircuts

The long hair on top can be styled asymmetrically to the side. In order to give it even more striking fun, consider curling the ends. The fade on the sides can differ from medium to low. Both options look amazing.

Fade Hairstyles for Bearded Guys


We hope these 7 long fade haircuts inspired you to choose the way to go. Even if you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can consider creating your own unique fade. The basics are always here for you to check out.