60 Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men That Rock

When people hear about a fade haircut, all of them imagine different things. Many think that a taper fade and an undercut are the same hairstyles. Others can’t tell high and low fade apart. This is all quite unfortunate for those who are heading to the hair salon with a certain plan and leave it with a haircut they didn’t want. Knowing the different 60 types of fade hairstyles will save you a lot of disappointment.

Everyone knows that a fade means “fading” length of hair from top to the bottom. A well-done fade hairstyle is obvious to the onlooker. That means you will be able to see the fading hair levels without getting too close. These hairstyles look very fashionable and are among the most popular haircuts for men around the world.

Every man has his own idea about what the perfect fade hairstyle is like. But before going to the barber shop, some information should be learned about the different fade types.


How to Create a Fade Haircut

If you’ve never cut your own hair before, we recommend watching the way your hairdresser does it closely. When you feel you are ready for experiments, you can follow a few simple steps. All you need to buy is clippers, scissors, trimmer, a comb and a mirror.

Start with the simplest high fade that doesn’t do any dropping. This way you have to take care of the sides only. With time, you can go on to more complicated options

  1. Choose the fade line. It can be right above your ears, at the temple or as high as you wish as long as you leave some longer hair on top.
  2. Start with cutting the sides. Do one side at a time. Choose a long trimmer attachment, such as # 4 or a #5 for the top layer of your fade.
  3. Replace the trimmer attachment to #3 or #2 and trim the sides right below the first line you made with the higher attachment.
  4. Go on to do the back. If you can, ask someone for help. If not, use a mirror to slowly do the back part. Consider cutting it simply with one attachment at first since keeping to several lines is complicated in the back.

More complicated scissors fades are available for guys who are good with hair cutting tools. A scissors fade looks more impressive but needs frequent maintenance. Consider going to the salon for that one.


Why Guys Choose A Fade Haircut

Men in the USA have always wanted an easy way to set themselves apart from the crowd. A new fade will allow a man to keep the style that they love whilst adding a little bit of variety to the look. Some men also want a fade because it helps to make their haircut more manageable.

Give yourself a new fade haircut to change your existing style into something special. The modern fade technique will really change your style if you do it correctly.


Different Types of Fades for Men

There are various types of fades you can choose from. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

1. Classical fade

types of fades

The main rule for choosing a hairstyle is as follows: If you are lost, choose the classics! In the classical fade hairstyle, the tapering starts about 3–4 inches above the hairline and the fading levels are about a ½ inch thick. The hair is faded at the same length all around the head perimeter.

Such fades are easy to take care of. They require regular barber shop visits for touch-ups. A perfect touch up period is about 4 weeks. However, it can be extended up to 6 weeks, depending on the hair growth rate.

Try High & Low Taper Fades


2. Low fade

low fade cut

When the barber is asked for a low fade, he or she will make the hair disappear about one inch above the natural hairline. The same will go for the back of the head.

However, the level of the fading line can vary depending on a man’s wishes. The fade style will stay low as long as it is lower than the classics.

The lower the fade is, the more respectable the hairstyle looks and the better it fits men of all occupations. The disadvantage of the low fade is more frequent touch-ups. The top can be styled in many ways, depending on the person’s preference. The low fade is also often called a Taper Fade. However, there are some minor differences between the two.


3. Taper fade

type of taper fade

The taper fade is the most popular hairstyle of the modern generation. It can be called a mix between an undercut and a low fade. The connection levels of this fade are quite short and the tapering is almost unnoticeable.

Usually, this fade is a little higher than the low one. In many cases, taper fades are complimented by different hair designs at the shaved parts. The top styles also vary dramatically. The advantage of this fade is its popularity. Men always feel sure of themselves with a well-made taper fade.


4. High fade

high taper fade

A high fade type haircut is somewhat related to a mohawk. The hair stops fading about two inches from the top part. It means that most of the head perimeter will be shaved.

The advantage of this fade hairstyle is very low maintenance. If you will not be choosing something extravagant for the top part, you will not be spending too much time taking care of this haircut.

However, touch-ups must not be forgotten. Depending on the hair growth speed, you will need to visit your hairstylist once in about 4 to 6 weeks.


5. Scissors fade

fades haircuts type

As you can tell from the title, this fade is made by using just the scissors without a trimmer. This haircut can be made by highly professional barbers only. It will also take a pretty long time to do.

However, the result will truly surprise any man. This is a perfect option for men who don’t appreciate the first week after going to the salon before the hair grows out a little. A scissors fade looks perfect from the very beginning and will not have you adapting to the new hairstyle.

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