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31 Exquisite Top Knot Styles for Men Trending Right Now

If the circle of men you hang out with doesn’t often sport a top knot hairstyle, you may want to branch out in circles or at least be the first to wear it!

Top knot styles are trending for several reasons: they pair well with all types of facial hair, whether it’s a beard or minimal scruff, it looks great for men with medium to long hair, and it leaves plenty of room for adding your creativity through shaved details or an undercut.


How to Style A Top Knot

Styling a top knot is fairly easy, but a few things will make the process easier and look better in the end. Depending on your hair type and the top knot you want, you’ll want to make sure it’s cleaned and combed.

Are you aiming for a curly or thick texture? Scrunch in the product with your fingers first. Want super sleek hair? Straighten with a flat iron.

After getting the texture you want, the next step is using fingers or a comb to gather the hair into the top knot. Secure your top knot up high at the crown or mid-level. You can alter the look of your top knot by pulling it tight and nixing frizz with more product or leaving it a little loose for that relaxed vibe.

Not into spending styling time in front of the mirror in the morning? Roll out of bed and haphazardly gather those locks in a messy top knot – perfect for the beach, the gym, or running errands.

Many top knots are defined by their extra features, such as shaved designs and undercuts. As long as you have medium to long hair (or enough to make a ponytail), it doesn’t matter what features you add to your top knot. Choose to add a bald fade for the punk-rock feel or leave the fade just a little buzzed. Either level will add a punch of personality to the top knot.

The nice thing about sporting a top knot is that it will always look great with facial hair. Keep that beard you’re so proud of or a handlebar mustache; even leaving sideburns connected will add a different spin to the top knot style.

Ultimately, the key to a top knot you can be proud of is making it something you’re comfortable with and choosing one that flatters your angles. Take a look at our looks below for ideas!


Handsome Top Knots for Men

These 31 top knot hairstyles are all great options for your next new do. See why!

1. Messy Top Knot

There are very few times when the just rolled out of bed is a good look, but it works handsomely for this top knot. The key is not making it too perfect.


2. Curly Hair Top Knot

curly top knot for men

A curly top knot can be the key to taming curls, especially on days when you’re running errands or heading to the gym and need those locks off your neck.


3. Top Knot for Thick Hair

Any man with thick hair needs to put the top knot on their hairstyle reference list. Use fingers to gather those locks into a high top knot without sacrificing texture or length.


4. The Shortie

short top knot for men

Is your hair on the short side? Whether it’s all one length or you’re sporting an undercut on the bottom, a small top knot is the key to a “put together” style.


5. Braided Top Knot

For Black men wearing their hair in cornrows or braids, it only takes minutes to take your look one step further and get the top knot hairstyle.


6. Thin and Messy

man with messy top knot

Even the guy with thin hair can pull off the top knot. The next time you head to the beach, make sure hair is stylishly out of the way in the high style.


7. Punk Top Knot

A high fade sans undercut matches perfectly with a top knot. This hair is actually long and straight, but shows off cheekbones and your rocker side when gathered up.


8. Viking Top Knot

Put a Viking spin on your top knot by growing out facial hair so it’s full and scruffy. Let side burns grow out as well. The overall result is a rugged loose high updo.


9. Box Braids

Even if your box braids start out small and thin, they’ll wind up thick and look even thicker gathered into a jumbo top knot.


10. Top Knot and Gradual Fade

Help coarse hair out by giving it a gradual fade and a top knot. Make sure the back of the head and the neck are shaved bare as well for a fresh and clean result.


11. Standard Top Knot

men's top knot

This top knot is a very standard version of this style. Just gather all of the hair at the top of the head and place into a bun for this effortless look.

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12. Tapered Top Knot

top knot taper

This faded tapered cut is styled up into a top knot and has been given a unique twist by leaving a small piece of hair out.


13. Side Braid Top Knot

side braid top knots

Try snazzing up your top knot with a cornrow on the side. This is a unique variety of the top knot for men that is sure to make your look stand out.


14. Peculiar Top Knot

creative up top knot for men

This unique top knot style features a tapered cut with a semi-box cut. If you’re a man who isn’t afraid to dabble in eccentric styles, then this top knot may be perfect for you.


15. Texture Top Knot

textured top knot

This textured top bun for men is perfect for those who have curly or wavy hair. Just gather all of the hair to the top of the head and secure with a ponytail holder.


16. Full-Fledged

This bun is another variation of the traditional top knot, but it’s been set a little lower than standard. Perfect for a carefree look, but can be rocked in formal settings as well.


17. Side Parted Top Knots for Men

top knot with medium length hair

Here’s another top knot for men that can be achieved with a tapered cut. The crown has been given a distinctive part, separating the shorter hair from the long hair.


18. Faded Top Knot

faded top knot

Here’s a great top knot option for men, featuring a bun that has been given a distinctive part while the perimeter is cut very low and faded right above the ears.


19. Top KnotLocs

men's knot locs

If you’re a man who is sporting locs, you too can rock a top knot. Either go bold by gathering the hair into a tight bun and shaving the perimeter of the head, or get your edges lined up and pile it all on the top of your head for a messy bun.


20. Braided Bun

top knot with bun for men

If you’re looking for another alternative to the top bun for men, try cornrowing the crown for a sleek look. This particularly unique style features faded edges and deep side parts.


21. Messy Knot

messy colorful knot

Here’s a top knot for men who aren’t too interested in sleek buns. Put your hair into a loose bun in a half up half down style in order to achieve this carefree look.


22. Half Down Bun

half up half down top knot bun for men

Here’s another half up half down top knot style that isn’t as messy as the previous, but still achieves the same effortless look. To achieve this style, try leaving the nape down and brushing the rest of the hair up into a sleek bun.











While top knots for men are on the steady incline, it’s settling to know that they’re very easy to achieve. If you’re not used to doing men’s top knot styles, try practicing a few styles to see what suits your style. Transforming your entire look can be as easy as brushing your hair up into a simple bun.