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25 Pompadour Fade Haircuts For A Clean Look

Pompadour fades are a guy’s best friend when they crave a great hairstyle that is versatile, fun, and cool. The hairdo never went out of style, even if the pompadour first appeared hundreds of years ago. It was adapted to modern times, and it doesn’t seem to get outdated anytime soon.


How to Style a Pompadour with Fade

How to Style Pompadour Fade

You have plenty of options when styling the pomp with fade. Medium, low or high fades will help you create a wonderful transition to the top, using hair from the laterals and back. To create the perfect pompadour fade, follow the steps below. 

  • Start with a high guard for your trimming machine to create the fade. As you go down on the sides, switch to shorter guards.
  • Set your line guard to determine the transition from one length to another.
  • Make sure you separate the top and keep it away.
  • Once you are done, use a razor to define the base of the neck and the edges.
  • Now take care of the crown hair. For the top, you’ll be using a pomade of any type.
  • Before applying it to your hair, rub it in your hands so it will get that nice and smooth consistency.
  • Comb the hair with your fingers (with pomade on your hands) and make sure the product ends up near your roots and not on your scalp.
  • This is a practice that will hold your hair in the shape you want it for the whole day. You can use a simple straight comb, or if you want more height, go for a rounded brush and a blow dryer.
  • If you want to make sure the hairstyle lasts all day, you can include hair spray in your styling routine. 


Best Pompadour Fade Hairstyles

Check the images below and let us know which of these pompadours with fade you love. Follow the indications below when getting the hairstyle and you’ll have a remarkable look. 

1. Asian Pompadour

drop faded pompadour

Combining the famous pompadour with a low drop fade will get you a slick, shiny look that complements your look. By using a razor to style the temples, you’ll obtain a neat, stylish look that stands out. 


2. One-Sided Pomp

gentlemen's pompadour fade hairstyle

This pompadour hairstyle with a mid-taper fade is ideal for a real gentleman who wants to look sharp and elegant all the time. Use a strong hold product to get that wet look and hold the hair just the way you wanted for the whole day. 


3. Receding Hairline Hairstyle

pompadour fade with receding hairline

A pompadour is probably your best friend when you have a receding hairline. It will help you make those goals of hair less visible. Go for a shaped taper fade for the sides and messily style the top upwards. 


4. Pompadour with Beard

high faded pompadour

If you love that badass look, you’re going to fall in love with this hairstyle with a pompadour and an undercut. When styling, add a high taper fade and get a medium beard. 


5. Temp Faded Pompadour 

pompadour with temp fade

A sleek pompadour with a mid temp fade will look so polished and perfect if you use a strong hair gel. It will make it stand and preserve the shape for the whole day.  


6. Wavy Pomp

tousled pompadour fade

Men love careless looks that go hand in hand with a casual outfit. The hairstyle is so versatile and suits both straight, wavy and curly hair. Complete the look with a short beard and mustache


7. Medium Fade with Full Beard

pompadour fade with beard

If you are blessed with thick black hair and a full beard, you have plenty of options when styling your hair. Opt for a pompadour with medium fade. Comb over the hair and make it look shiny with your favorite pomade. 


8. Rockabilly Pomp

Really long pomp is the perfect choice when you want to give your hair such height. Style a drop fade that makes your hair beautifully blend. As for the razored areas, style them only a few inches long, around your ears. 


9. Pompadour with Low Fade

Pompadour Fade for Elderly Men


If you already have white hair, there’s nothing to worry about. Go for a low fade for the sides and use a rotative brush or a blow drier to style that top. You will gain a flawless look, especially if you grow your top hair a little longer. This will give you the chance to style several types of pompadour looks.


10. Curly Pompadour 

Curly Pompadour Fade with Design


It would be such a shame not to make your ringlets stand out when having such textured hair. To do so, you need to build contrast. So creating some lined designs on sides and shaving the rest is going to offer you that variation. Also, opt for a perfectly styled short beard.


11. Textured Hairstyle

Brushed Up Pompadour Fade


All the focus points will be on your messy pompadour by tapering the hair low. Build that great volume and use a Demi to blow dry your hair. You can also use a rounded brush to style each of these layers. Use a volumizing foam or mousse to make it hold. 


12. Ultra Straight Pomp

Drop Fade Spiky Pompadour


For this ultra-straight pompadour, you will certainly need a micro straightening iron. Go for a fade on the sides and gradually shorten the top hair towards the back. To make those strands stand up like that you will need fixing spray and a strong pomade. 


13. Yellow Faux Hawk

Dyed Pompadour Fade


If you are not afraid to sport a look that will draw all eyes on you, you must try this yellow pompadour. It features loads of yellow strands that are styled to resemble ocean waves. 


14. Platinum Blonde Pomp

Blonde Pompadour Fade


Giving your hair that amazing high-definition is going to step up your hairstyling game. First, go for a taper fade on the sides and dye your top in a platinum blonde color. Keep the roots in their natural shade. Use thin hair strands to define the base of that high pompadour and do a comb-over. 


15. Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Skin Pompadour Fade


This pompadour fade will help you get more volume and draw attention away from the thinness of your hair. Focus on building a pomp with density, structure, and height. Also, keep a bald back and opt for a volumizing mousse. 


16. Axe Pompadour

Modern Pomp Fade


When your hair is both thick and long, your pompadour can have various shapes. Using a mousse and a strong pomade you can create that sleek look and shape the hairstyle into almost everything, even an axe. Define each strand that composes the hairstyle and get a razor design on the sides. 


17. V Hairline Pomp

Razor Faded Pompadour


The pompadour is one of the most recommended hairstyles for men who have a V hairline or receding hair on the forehead. By giving the top height more structure, elegance and that sleek look, the hairless forehead sections won’t look so prominent. 


18. Designs and Taper Pomp

Pompadour Fade with Beard


A taper pompadour like that won’t be hard to notice. It has height, volume, and high definition. Each strand looks sculpted and the shaved sides blend beautifully with the longer parts. Create a continuation between the head design and the beard.


19. Pomp Fade and Wavy Lines

Pompadour Fade with Line


The way the taper sides blend into that pompadour looks like a work of art. The whole hairstyle has a smooth appearance, disconnected by that flawless razor-wavy line. 


20. Pomp for Chubby Face

Using a razor cut, you will get a smooth transition for the bald shave in the lower back and the pompadour. The whole look is elegant, with a touch of modernity and sophistication, and is perfect for every occasion. 


21. Burst Fade Pompadour

Fine Pompadour Fade


This pompadour is edgier with well-defined corners and structure. It features burst fade that transforms into a stunning hairstyle with volume, height, and structure. The layers are almost invisible, and the hairstyle resembles a fancy mohawk


22. Pompadour for Black Guys

Afro Pompadour Fade


If you have coarse hair, thickness, and volume, all you need to do is find the right shape for your pompadour. Opt for short trimmed sides that provide contrast and make the pomp stand out. Get a short razored line to obtain that delimitation between the pomp and the laterals. 


23. Gray Pomp with Taper Fade

Taper Fade Pompadour


Firstly, you’ll need to bleach your hair and go for that gray nuance. The haircut uses a mid-taper for the sides and keeps the top extremely long. Ask your barber to delimit each strand and flawlessly incorporate them into the structure of the pomp. 


24. Short Pompadour

Pompadours are versatile and can easily match all hair lengths and hair types. So if you have fine hair, that doesn’t mean you can add more volume to that top and style a pomp. Opt for a hairstyle with a fade and for a side comb.


25. Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff combines the pompadour and the mohawk and concentrates on the top hair. It gives it volume and height and is a very popular hairstyle among young men and Hollywood stars. To maintain its shape throughout the day you will need strong styling products. 


The pompadour with fades is so versatile and still very trendy at the moment. It’s a great alternative for men who want to express their personality and tastes through their hairstyle.