Top 10 Low Fade Haircuts for Men

Low fade haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles you’ll find men are doing in 2019. However, not all men know that there are plenty of different ways to create such a hairstyle. They stick to one haircut, which works for them and forgets about the myriad of options waiting in the fashion world.

Depending on the length of your hair and the extent of your imagination, you can come up with a low fade hairstyle that can help you conquer the universe. While there are plenty to choose from, we came up with just 10, to make your struggle easier.


 What Is A Low Fade Haircut

low fade haircut men

With all these fade haircuts conquering the planet, not many people can give a clear definition of the low fade. The low fade is a fade the shortest part of which starts below your ears. There are 4 different low taper fades you can take advantage of.


The Neck Fade

This is the lowest fade haircut which involves trimming a couple of inches near the neckline, while the rest of the hair stays the same length.


The Low Skin Fade

The skin fade involves shaving the hair about 1- 2 inches above the ears in front and below the ears in the back. The shaving is done in the back of the head as well.


The Classics

The classics or the high and tight haircut involves cutting the hair short at the ear level and making layers above the skin line. You can either use a razor or scissors to create the classic low fade haircut.


Very Short Low Fade

A very short low fade is close to the military hairstyle when most of the hair is cut as short as possible with a trimmer and only about 2-3 inches are completely shaved at the ear level.

When you go to the barbershop and ask for a low fade haircut, make sure to specify exactly what you need. The best way out is to show the hairstylist a photo of your dream haircut. Read the differences between low fade and high fade hairstyles if you are confused.

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Men’s Low Fade Hairstyles

Low fade haircuts for men come in all shapes and sizes. The main difference between them is the starting length of your hair. Some men are brave enough to create such hairstyles on their own while others entrust their hair to the hairdressers.

Low fades created with trimmers and razors are a simpler option. Meanwhile, a scissors fade, which takes longer to make, appears much more stunning. Short low fades require fewer touchups than long ones. However, they don’t look as impressive.


1. Short low fade with a side part

short Low Fade Haircut for men

A short low fade haircut is a great option for men who want to look great when they just get out of bed. In order not to make this hairstyle appear too simple, you can ask the hairstylist to accentuate the side part with designs.


2. The simpler the better

simple Low Fade Haircut for black men

This classic low fade is especially favored by men with thick, unruly or curly hair. The hair all over the head is kept the same length and only a couple of inches above the ears are shaved. This hairstyle can easily be done on your own.

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3. Low Fade Haircut With Beard

Low Fade Haircut with beard

Low fade hairstyles, just as any fade haircuts, look great when coupled with a beard. The transition from the thick hair on top and a trimmed line on the bottom to the facial hair creates a great impression.


4. Low Fade Mohawk

Mohawk Low Fade Haircut

Mohawk is a bold hairstyle not many men are ready to go for. Fading the hair on the sides makes the overall appearance more stylish. The difference between the tapered layers outlines the high hair on top.


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5. Scissor fade

young boy favorite Low Fade Haircut

This low fade haircut for men is magnificent due to the way it is made. Scissors fades are harder to accomplish and require more frequent maintenance, but they appear more stylish and create an overall interesting look.

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6. Very low fade

low fade haircuts for men 21

This very low scissors fade requires plenty of work but looks extremely fashionable especially if you are ready to leave the top part long. The hair on top of the head can be styled into spikes or a comb over.


7. Drop fade cuts

side shave low fade haircuts for men

The low drop fade keeps the hair short not just on the sides but in the back of the head as well. Adding a fashionable line which drops down together with the hair improves the overall look and brings in extra style.


8. Fade highlighting

Low Fade highlight Haircut for boy

This special low fade hairstyle doesn’t just involve cutting the hair, it creates contrast by highlighting. The sides are dyed a lighter color than the top and the back. As a result, you get an appearance of a fade without any trimming.

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9. Low Fade With A Beard


If you want to make a really cool statement with your hair, consider playing around with the contrast. Leave the hair on top several inches long to create the appearance of a mohawk. Add a beard for a more manly look.


10. Above the ears


This low fade haircut is very easy to achieve since only the part above the ears is cut noticeably shorter than the rest of the hair on the sides. A prominent side part coupled with long hair on top can make you truly shine.

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Now that you know how much low fade haircuts for men can vary, you can start making your choice. Whether it’s a voluminous mohawk or a very short fade, the overall image is bound to make you feel extremely well about yourself.