70 Exclusive Short haircuts for Black Men [2020 Versions]

Short hairstyles look great on black men. They are perfect for both casual and professional styles. The benefit of wearing your hair in a short hairstyle for black men rather than a long hairstyle is that these styles are really easy to take care of. Some of these amazing short hairstyles are ‘get up and go’ looks, whereas others require a little bit more work.


Cool and Trendy Short Haircuts for Black Men

To keep your hair looking great, you will need to wash it regularly using a moisturizer rich shampoo and conditioner. Afro-textured hair can be drier and more brittle than other hair types, so you will need to keep it hydrated if you want it to look great.

Here are 70 trendy short haircuts and hairstyles for black men to try in 2020.


short professional hairstyle for black men

short professional hairstyle for black men



black guy with short mohawk

short mohawk



short afro hairstyle for black men

short afro hairstyle for black men



very short haircut for black men

very short haircut



black men's short hairstyle with line

black men’s short hairstyle with line



short twists for black guy

short twists



low fade for black guy with short hair

low fade



short high fade cut for black men

short high fade



360 waves



short slick back hairstyle for black men

short slick back hairstyle for black men



black guy with short flat top haircut

short flat top haircut



short hair and beard



short braids for black guys



short haircut for young black guys

short haircut for young black guys




16. High taper fade

short haircut for black men

A high taper fade is easy to make, maintain, and enjoy. The length of the hair on top determines the complexity of the touchups and the intensity of the style.


17. Windblown afro

black boy short haircut curly

The variety of afro hairstyles for black men is striking. Take advantage of this more or less short option by keeping the hair about 3 – 4 inches long. Note that the locks are layered.


18. Short drop fade

This short haircut for black men is attractive thanks to its simplicity. The drop fade makes the overall image a little more complicated than a military style.


19. Low drop fade

very short hairstyle for black young teenager

A low drop fade is exactly what you need when you are trying to deal with unruly hair. No hair – no problem. The shorter you trim the locks, the longer you’ll wait for the next touch up.


20. High taper fade with ocean waves

Black Man short simple fade haircut

While taper fades don’t surprise anyone anymore, a smart way to catch the attention is to create ocean waves. They look great on the hair of any length.


21. Small Afro with Line Up

Small Afro with Line Up short hairstyle

A short Afro style is ideal for black men who are looking for a smart-casual hairstyle. Crisp clean lines and sharp angles look amazing as long as they are kept neat.


#22. Tall Afro

Tall Afro hairstyle you like

Black men who want to elongate the shape of their face can do so by styling their hair into a high Afro. Rather than growing hair outwards, the edges of the style should be kept neatly trimmed. This encourages upwards growth instead of outward growth.


23. Block Cut

Block Cut hairstyle for black boy

A block cut is a no-nonsense short hairstyle for black men. Trim your hair so that there are no hairs out of place on the sides or across the flat top.


24. Small Afro

black men with short Small Afro hairstyle

Small Afros are a great short hairstyle for black men. Give your hairstyle a softer look by growing the style upwards and outwards. Do not trim your style or you will give your hair a blocky look.


25. Afro Mohawk with Shaved Tramline

short Afro Mohawk with Shaved hairstyle

Shave your hair at the sides but leave your hair long and curly in the middle. Enhance the definition of your Mohawk by using a razor to cut a thin Tramlines into the style.


26. Short Cut with Line-Up


A close shave haircut with a line-up style creates a really intense short haircut for black men. You can build up the intensity by fading the length between your beard and hairstyle.


27. Tramline Art

Tramline Art short hair for little boy

You can make any black men’s short hairstyle into a work of art by cutting stylistic tramlines into your hair. Choose your own patterns to express your individuality.


28. 80’s Cool


Tall boxy haircuts with crisp and sharp lines were a really popular look in the 1980’s. Pay homage to the decade by styling your own retro short haircut for black men in the same way.


29. Trainee Afro


Trainee Afros are a very popular choice for black men who want a brilliant new hairstyle. At this length, the haircut is just starting to develop a pleasant Afro texture which is soft to the touch.


30. Blocky Afro with Poker Straight Tramlines

Blocky Afro with Poker Straight short hairstyle

Give yourself a block short haircut for black men – an extra edge by cutting in a super straight Tramline. The precision of the line will help to enhance the blocky angles of your hairstyle.










































There are so many different short haircuts for black men that we were only able to choose a few of our favorite options. If you are looking for a longer hairstyle for black men, try viewing one of our other lists.