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Why Does My Hair Always Look So Bad?

If you find yourself having bad hair days on repeat and asking why your hair looks bad no matter what, you likely want solutions fast.

You tried hard to make your hair look nice- got regular trims, used expensive salon shampoos, and blow-dried carefully but nothing seemed to work and your hair just looks weird and messy instead.

Maybe your hair is perpetually grimy, and dry, or it just never sits right. Read on to learn how to figure out causes, and improve the look of your hair.

Why Does My Hair Never Look Good?

Why Does My Hair Always Look Bad?

There are several reasons your hair may always look bad despite your efforts. Some variables affecting your hair quality can be fixed with a few changes.

Wrong Products

Many hair products provide specific benefits to hair. However, if you use the wrong type of products for your hair, you can impact your look or even cause damage.

Ingredients, such as alcohol and sulfates, can weaken hair and cause breakage. You may also be using too much product, leading to damage.  

Incorrect Style

A simple haircut can make or break your look. Some hairstyles may suit some people over others. Plus, some haircuts look bad right after you leave the salon because they are difficult for you to style.

As a result, getting the right look at the hairdresser is a vital starting point when avoiding a bad hair day. 

Poor Care

There are many ways that poor care can impact the appearance of your hair. Common issues include:

  • Getting a haircut that is hard to manage.
  • Not cleaning your hair enough.
  • Cleaning your hair too much.
  • Not getting regular trims.
  • Using too much heat on your hair.
  • Not getting the nutrients and minerals necessary to sustain healthy hair.

Weather and Other Conditions

Sometimes no matter how many changes you make to your routine, the conditions are just not right for good-looking hair.

Heat can dry hair out, and so can a cold, dry winter. While you can not change the seasons or the weather, you can protect your hair from harsh conditions, such as heat, wind, and rain.

What To Do If Your Hair Never Looks Good?

What To Do When Your Hair Always Looks Bad?

So, now that you know the causes, you probably want to know if these are problems you can solve. Here are a few options to try if you want to make your hair look good again.

Change Your Hair Care Routine

If your hair looks unkempt because it is perpetually frizzy, oily, or lackluster, you may need to adjust your haircare routine.

Positive changes include regular trims, using different products, taking vitamins regularly, and strategically creating a hair care regimen.

Some of these changes may take some time to make an impact, and some trial and error may be necessary. Plus, you may need to add those changes to a new style.  

Get a New Style

If your hair is unfavorable because it never feels like it lays correctly or you can not style it correctly, you may need a different hairstyle.

Work with your hairstylist to ensure you get a cut that flatters your face and is something you can easily style at home.

It is a good idea to know what look you want when you go to a stylist. However, it is also essential to consider the professional’s advice. 

Protect Your Hair From the Elements

Protecting your hair from the elements is essential if you want nice hair, no matter your climate. Both heat and cold temperatures can hurt your hair’s health.

Dryness is another culprit that can damage the health and look of your hair. Avoid going outside in cold weather, keep your hair moisturized, and wear a hat when you go outside.

For optimum hair health in the summer, stay away from hot styling tools, shield your hair from the sun, and choose hair accessories carefully.

Wrap Up

To help your hair look good consistently, you must start with a proper hair care routine. Ensure you use the right products, consume the right nutrients, and get regular trims.

A hairstyle that fits your face and works for your hair care abilities will also improve how your hair looks. But it is not a total fix for everyone.

So, it is worth considering all aspects of hair care in addition to cutting it.