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Differences Between Platinum Blonde and Bleach Blonde

Thinking of going blonde but can’t decide between platinum blonde and bleach blonde? While both of these blonde shades may look similar, some distinct characteristics set them apart.

Platinum and bleach blonde shades have differences in tone, maintenance needs, versatility with skin tones, and more.

If you want to know the details pick the right one between these two, read this article till the end.

What Is Platinum Blonde? 

platinum blonde hair
Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde is the lightest shade on the blonde hair spectrum. The color is so light that it almost looks icy white. 

Despite the silver, icy tones that make platinum blonde hair famous, it’s not quite silver, either. Platinum blonde might look white or silver, especially in the sun, but it still has warm undertones.

Many people associate platinum blonde hair with white or gray hair; however, it’s become a trademark for young women looking to experiment with their hair color. 

What Is Bleach Blonde? 

bleach blonde hair
Bleach Blonde Hair, lindenhurstlemontree/Instagram

Bleach blonde hair is an edgy look that’ll turn heads whenever you walk into a room. It refers to an obviously unnatural color that’s only attained by stripping color from the hair with chemicals.

Though bleach blonde might look near-white for some (typically natural blondes who lightened their hair), darker colors typically retain a yellowish tint from the bleaching. Toners can help offset the brassy tones, but a bleach blonde still trends more toward yellow than white.

Platinum Blonde Vs. Bleach Blonde

platinum blonde vs bleach blonde

Some say all shades of blonde are a variation of the same color, but platinum blonde and bleach blonde have significant differences. 


Platinum blonde is a type of blonde that typically has warm undertones. Though it seems like it would be a cool shade, there are typically pinkish undertones.

Bleached blonde hair has brassy, orange, or copper undertones. It’s common to use blue or purple toner to offset the undertones so they are less noticeable. 


Platinum and bleached blonde hair require frequent maintenance. Aside from taking several sessions to achieve the desired results, you can plan on touch-ups every five to eight weeks.

Additionally, you can expect to invest in a good quality purple shampoo and conditioner. 

Purple shampoo keeps your blonde hair looking vibrant and prevents your new color from fading too quickly. 

For platinum blonde hair, you don’t want to add any chemicals to your hair that might dull the vibrant and shiny color. 

The best way to maintain healthy blonde hair is to use at-home remedies that maintain color-treated hair. For example, you should use a hair mask at least once a week to repair any damage. 

It also helps to limit how often you wash your hair and use lukewarm or cold water. 


If you’re not a natural blonde, it takes time and money to achieve and maintain the ideal platinum blonde or bleach blonde locks. The cost will be higher than normal, especially for platinum blonde hair. 

Bleach blonde hair is often maintainable at home if you have some skill. It can save you money to handle some touch-ups at home. However, you need to have a pro handle the initial bleaching and get you to the ideal shade.

Platinum blonde hair is an investment and not something to undertake on your own. Expect to invest money in salon treatments and aftercare products. 

Skin Tone 

Platinum blonde hair is perfect for people with all skin tones, making it one of the most versatile shades. In addition to skin tone, platinum blonde pops against brown and blue eyes. 

While making your eyes pop, you don’t want the platinum blonde color to wash out your skin, so be careful what you wear, contrast and blend them.

Bleach blonde hair is also perfect for any skin tone because you can balance the shade with highlights and lowlights. It depends on how you bleach and tone the hair.

For example, yellow or golden skin tones might keep the blonde a bit darker or add caramel highlights. If you have a lighter skin tone, you can enhance the bleached shade by adding icy and delicate colors to match your skin tone. 

Final Verdict

If you prefer a cooler-toned look with warm undertones and are willing to invest in maintenance and cost, platinum blonde can be a great choice for various skin tones.

On the other hand, bleach blonde provides flexibility in customizing the shade and is more budget-friendly, making it suitable for any skin tone with the right adjustments.