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Should I Use Purple Shampoo or Purple Conditioner?

You’ve likely heard that purple shampoo can help tone down brassiness and yellow tones in your hair. But now you’re seeing purple conditioners also combat brassiness while conditioning.

At this point, you might think purple conditioner might be the better option as it offers a combo but actually, it’s not that simple. Otherwise, everyone else would have done the same.

Deciding between purple shampoo and purple conditioner can be confusing when all you want is better-looking hair without brassiness. 

Read this article to understand how to choose between purple shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Purple Shampoo or Purple Conditioner: Which Is Better for Brassiness?

purple shampoo or purple conditioner

Purple shampoo is more effective for canceling out brassy tones than purple conditioner. That is because the pigment can get into the hair shaft before it gets sealed with a conditioner. 

But the better one for your hair between purple shampoo or purple conditioner depends on your hair type and need.

The two products have their purpose in the hair, and while one may be better for some situations or people, another may be better for others. 

Both shampoo and conditioner do mostly the same job but in slightly different ways.

The shampoo will deposit purple on your hair while cleaning, allowing the pigment into the hair follicle. The purple conditioner deposits color on top of the hair shaft while nourishing and closing the hair follicle. 

If you recently bleached your hair, your stylist may have recommended a purple shampoo or conditioner to help maintain your new hair.

Why? Because of color theory. In the color wheel purple is directly across from orange, so you need purple to cancel out orange.

When you first leave the salon, you probably have beautiful icy or golden blonde hair. However, with just the daily wear and tear on your hair and the natural fading as the toner your stylist used washes out, you’ll notice your hair getting a little brassy or orange. 

You’ll need to cancel out these orange tones if you want to get your hair back to a similar color it was when you left the salon. 

Both of these products have purple pigments built in that are left behind in your hair when you use them. Luckily this isn’t enough pigment to turn your hair purple; rather, it will subtly cancel out the orange tones in your hair. 

Who Should Use Purple Shampoo?

purple shampoo

As we mentioned in the last section, purple shampoo is the more effective product of the two, allowing pigments to penetrate deeper into the hair follicle before it is sealed with a conditioning product. 

Purple shampoo is best for those with ice-white hair or prone to deep brassy tones. The shampoo does a better job of toning the hair overall and will keep blonde hair looking brighter and whiter. 

Who Should Use Purple Conditioner? 

purple conditioner

If your hair is damaged, or you’re looking for a product that you can use as part of your daily hair care routine, then a  purple conditioner may be the better option. 

If you use a color-depositing conditioner rather than a shampoo, you can use a shampoo that is better for your hair type or needs. Additionally, shampooing your hair daily isn’t recommended, so constantly using a color-depositing shampoo can dry it out and strip out the natural oils. 

A color-depositing conditioner is also great for those whose only hair limited brassiness, such as those who went for a more golden-hued blonde rather than a full ice princess. 

Final Verdict 

If you have ice-white hair and are fighting off the brassy tones, we recommend a purple shampoo to gently tone your hair and keep those platinum tresses as bright as possible.

If you have damaged hair, want a product that you can use daily, or only have a limited amount of brassiness, we recommend a purple conditioner.

It’s up to you to decide which is the best option for your hair to have the best results and make that blonde hair look amazing for longer.


Here are a few common questions about purple shampoo and conditioner.

Can I tone my hair with purple conditioner? 

Yes, the color depositing pigments in purple conditioner work perfectly to tone out the brassy tones in blonde hair. Some people find it effective to use it daily or every couple of days as needed. 

Can I use purple shampoo or conditioner every day? 

Yes. Depending on how toned you want to keep your hair, you can use a purple shampoo or conditioner daily to help maintain your hair. 

Can I use purple shampoo and conditioner together? 

Yes. Many brands make a set designed to work in tandem to treat your hair with purple depositing pigments. One will also work quite well, so it’s up to you and your hair.