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How to Style Curtain Bangs With A Flat Iron Like A Pro

If you are interested in trying one of the hottest new bang style trends sweeping the nation by storm, consider curtain bangs.

To style curtain bangs, you do not need to be a professional hairdresser. Fortunately, all you need is a section of bangs that are shorter than the rest of your hair and a flat iron hair straightener.

To learn more about how to style curtain bangs with a flat iron, continue reading below.

Choosing the Best Flat Iron

best flat iron for curtain bangs

The first step in styling curtain bangs with a flat iron is to choose the best hair tool for the job. When using a flat iron, the best type is one with ceramic plates rather than metal plates. This is because metal plates tend to deteriorate faster and snag the hair.

If your hair gets snagged as you are trying to curl, fold, or style it, the ends are more likely to break, and your hair will become frizzy.

To avoid frizzy and brittle hair, make sure you pick a high-quality flat iron like the Remington Pro 2. This flat iron has advanced ceramic technology for a smooth glide over your bangs while styling.

Natural Curtain Bangs

When styling your bangs with a high-quality flat iron, there are a few different style options for you to choose from. The first is to create natural-looking curtain bangs that fall seamlessly around the face.

This can be done for both short bangs and long bangs, though depending on your hair length and type, your method will be slightly varying.

Natural Curtain Bangs for Short Hair

curtain bangs for short hair

If you have super short straight-across bangs and want to create a natural curtain bang look, you must first separate your bangs into two sections. Then, using your flat iron sideways and horizontally, grasp the top of your bangs near the scalp and curve inwards toward your face.

Your short bangs will then begin to curve and frame your forehead.

While this is not everyone’s favorite way to wear curtain bangs, it is the most natural option for anyone with tiny short bangs and wants to mix up their hairdo.

Natural Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

curtain bangs for long hair

Natural curtain bangs are a little bit easier if you have longer hair and longer bangs. For a natural curtain look on your extra-long bangs, begin by parting your hair down the middle. Then, take your flat iron and grasp your bang sections halfway up.

From there, curve horizontally and inward toward your face until you reach the end of the strands. This will create a natural curtain bang that allows your long bangs to fall seamlessly into place without looking too styled.

Styling Perfect Curtain Bangs With A Flat Iron

If natural curtain bangs are a little bit too casual for your style and you want to accomplish the perfect traditional curtain bangs, you can easily do so with your flat iron.

To sculpt your mid-sized bangs into curtain bangs reminiscent of the glorious 1970s hairdo, take our carefully crafted steps below. Make sure not to skip a step if you want to ensure curtain bangs that will last all day long.

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

washing hair

The first step to properly doing any hairstyle is to wash your hair. Washing your hair with paraben-free sulfate-free organic shampoo will help strip your hair of any unwanted impurities. including dirt and excess oil.

Plant-based shampoos will help your hair be stronger and therefore help your style to last even longer.

After shampooing your hair, make sure to condition the ends. If you have longer bangs that you plan to curl with your flat iron, you can condition the ends of your bangs as well.

Your conditioner should be lightweight and organic, containing no sulfates or parabens in order to keep your hair bouncing and malleable.

Step 2: Straighten Your Hair

straightening hair

The next step in styling curtain bangs with a flat iron is to straighten your hair. While your hair does not need to be stick-straight, any super curly hair must get toned down to match a curtain bang style.

Alternatively, if your hair is naturally completely straight, use this time to add some body and waves with your flat iron so that the rest of your hair matches the body of your curtain bangs once styled.

Step 3: Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo

After you use a flat iron on the rest of your hair, it is time to add dry shampoo. Whether you use a spray or a powder, dry shampoo will give your hair extra body so that your curtain bangs look fresh and bouncy after being styled.

Do your best to find sulfate and paraben-free dry shampoo that contains no talc or artificial colors. This will damage your hair in the long run and make it harder to control.

Step 4: Separate Bangs from Hair

If you have yet to do so, separate your bangs from your hair. If you have longer bangs, this might be a little bit challenging and up to your discretion. Otherwise, split your bangs from your hair and into two sections down the middle.

Step 5: Point Your Straightener Towards Yourself

Once your bangs have been separated from the rest of your hair and are in two distinct parts split down the middle, you are ready to begin the curtaining process. Point your straightener towards yourself and hold it parallel to the ground.

Step 6: Flat Iron and Twist

styling curtain bangs with flat iron

Next, grip the top of your bangs with the flat iron as close to the scalp if possible. As you lower the flat iron toward the end of your bangs, tilt it outward. This is the key part that will give you the curtain bang hairstyle. Repeat this on both sides.

If you feel like your hair needs a little more of a curtained twist, repeat it again on each side and give your wrist a bigger flick as you iron down toward the bang ends.

Step 7: Hairspray

The last step to creating gorgeous curtain bangs with a flat iron is to hairspray your entire head. Pay close attention to your bangs as you spray, and avoid turning your head upside down or doing any extreme head-shaking movements.

The hairspray not only sets the look but also adds a layer of protection against humidity and movement, keeping your bangs looking flawless and in place.

By following these simple steps you will achieve flawless curtain bangs with a straightener, that’ll maintain the perfect shape and style all day long.