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30 Stunning Summer Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Summer allows you to show off and brag about your gorgeous hair. Most women search for practical summer hairstyles that are easy to handle and don’t keep their tresses on the back.

Sweat is your biggest enemy during the summer because it makes your hair look sticky. So, find the best approach and pick a summer hairstyle suitable for the hot season!

Trendy Summer Hairstyles for Women

1. Short Blunt Bob

blunt bob for summer

A short blunt bob is the perfect hairstyle for summer. The hair has that thick aspect, falling just over the ears, so your nape and back won’t be all sweaty as it happens with longer hair.

The color has such a fresh vibe and warmth that is perfect for the season.

2. Top Twisted Bun

topknot for summer

Summers nights, dancing your heart out at beach clubs, and wearing your favorite sandals; we’re sure you can’t wait for a night like this. But you need a hairstyle that completes your summer look.

Comb all your hair up and make sure there are no bumps or hairs plucking out. Twist the mane and secure it to create a flawless top bun.

3. Gray Pixie

crop short pixie cut for summer

Pixie cuts are a girl’s best friend, especially during hot summer days. The haircut allows you to pull off some color but keeps the nape and sides shortly trimmed.

Trim the top in a bowl cut, bleach it, and dye it with a gorgeous gray toner.

4. Top Curly Pony

high curly updo for summer

For this hairstyle, you need to make sure there are no bumps and the hair is flawlessly combed towards the top. Here, you will secure it in a ponytail.

If your locks are not naturally curly, you can use a wand to create those cute ringlets. If you also have blonde highlights, those curls will be in the spotlight.

5. Box Braids

protective hairstyle for summer

One of the best things about box braids is that they can be such a cool summer hairstyle, but also a fabulous option for white collars or women who need to approach a more business look.

To create them, do large square partings and add hair extensions in the same color as your natural hair for a unitary look.

6. Hair Twist with Large Clip

summer hairstyle with claw clip

When you have waist-long hair and don’t want to harm it by pinning it in a ponytail, then you must use a large clip.

Twist the hair and secure it in the back, using the clip. Make sure it’s not too tight so you won’t create any root damage.

7. French Braid

half up braided hairstyle for summer

French braids are so romantic, sending such a summerish vibe. If your roots are dark and combined with a warmer, lighter color, then this braid will look fantastic because it will create such an amazing contrast.

Start from the top of the head and loosely braid. Integrate a smaller blonde braid. Secure at the nape and slightly pull off the edges to give your French Knit more volume.

8. Blonde Summer Pixie

short haircuts for summer

Summer is the season when hair saloons are flooded with women who want to get a dramatic change and get a pixie. So if you’re tired of long sticky tresses on your back, especially when outside feels like a sauna, go for a pixie cut. 

9. Waves with Highlights

beach waves hairstyle for summer

Voluminous waves will probably never fall out of trends. We all crave them and use them to build more dimension. But, instead of using heated tools, remember that you can get the same hair by wrapping your tresses around a cord overnight. 

10. Multiple Space Buns

bantu knots for summer

Are you getting ready for a beach party? Girl, you’re in the right place! Style multiple small buns all over the head and use a thin strand to build the finger wave. Go for electric makeup, and don’t forget about those trendy huge rounded earrings. 

11. Hawaiian Look

curly summer hairstyle

You can recognize a Hawaiian-inspired look from miles: it’s vibrant, fun, colorful, and joyful. And the same should be your look for the summer! So get the Hawaiian necklace called lei, and use it as a head decoration. 

12. Bun and Scarf

summer updo hairstyles

Are you going to the beach with your friends? Don’t forget your favorite scarf! Use it on your head and wrap it around. It will protect you from the burning sun, and it will also look cool and chic. Go for a messy bun and a pair of glasses to complete the look. 

13. Wet Look

wet hairstyle for summer

Wet looks are the definition of summer. Inspired by the way your hair looks when you get out of the pool, sea, or ocean, this hairstyle is still skyrocketing. It involves a comb back and a pomade and styling spray that gives your hair that wet appearance. 

14. Marine Cornrows

African braids for summer

When you love color blends as much as we do, you will probably fall in love with these thick cornrows that and up in a blue sky color.  Once you’re close to the nape, get your bundles and feed in the braids to create those knitted extensions. 

15. Messy Beach Hair

balayage hairstyle for summer

Ombres are probably the best dyeing ideas for summer. Even if the sun enlightens your color and creates highlights, all this will magnificently blend with this gradient. It also suits straight, curly, short or long hair. 

16. Two Braids

pigtail braids for summer

Two Frech braids are a great hairstyle for summer for little girls and women. Instead of braiding and unbraiding to make them look impeccable, carelessly knit them and mess them up a little bit. But don’t mess up in the hair dye chapter. 

17. Pale Teal Summer Hair

summer hairstyle for women with glasses

Summer is the perfect period when you can make a dramatic change and opt for an oceany color like teal. If you don’t want it to be eye-popping, go for something pale and style waves. You’ll obtain those amazing reflexes when you step into the sunlight. 

18. Classic Pony

summer ponytail

A simple high pony never disappoints anybody during summer. So, if you want a quick way to style your hair, avoid sweat, and still pull off a fancy look, the pony is here to the rescue. 

19. Childish Space Buns

space buns for summer

Space buns are so fun and childish and look fabulous on women who adore channeling their youthful selves through their hairdo. To pull off the space buns, part the hair in two and style two half ponytails that you’ll roll into buns. 

20. Comb Back

short undercut for summer

Times when short haircuts weren’t considered feminine are gone. Now women love a good pixie cut with a shave or an undercut, and that doesn’t make them less appealing and glamorous. So don’t be afraid to switch to this fantastic summer hairstyle.

21. Messy Water Waves

bob hairstyle for summer

When you get out of salty water, your hair has great aspects. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your tresses. So make sure that after each dip in the sea, you wash your hair to take off all that salt.

22. Golden Brown Medium Hair

summer hairstyle for older women

Sun-kissed hai suits women of all ages. Therefore, when the hot season comes, forget the brunette and join the blondes crew. Opt for a blonde caramel color, get bangs and style some waves.

23. Low Bun

low bun hairstyle for summer

When looking for a summer hairstyle that is elegant and glamorous, the simplest hairstyle might be the best option. You know what they say, sometimes “Less is more!”. And if you want to focus on that romantic vibe, spare a few strands from your bangs and sideburns. 

24. Horizontal Braid

waterfall braid for summer

Braids can be so chic and romantic and can be styled to suit any girl and personality. Simple, yet very sophisticated, this hairdo gives your whole look that most wanted summer vibe. Start braiding from one side of the head and knit till you reach the lateral.

25. Puffy Pony

bubble ponytail style for summer

This is what practicality meets fun hairstyles means! And that amazing ponytail is the best example out there. It keeps the hair tied into a gorgeous pony that has been secured several times. Use hair elastics to pin it and pull off the edges to get that rounded shape. 

26. Sharp Cut

short summer hairstyle

Such an edgy and bold summer hairstyle! It doesn’t only look so cute, but it’s perfect for the hot season. It’s so stylish, and it keeps the bangs away from the face and uncovers the nape area. 

27. Half Up Half Down

half up summer hairstyle

As a woman with fair skin, a blonde color with even lighter highlights will make your hair stand out in any crowd. Messily wave your hair and go for a simple half up half down hairstyle. Get that glam with a pair of rounded glasses with white frames. 

28. Sun-Kissed Blonde

summer braids style

Not going to see the ocean or the seaside this year? No problem, that doesn’t mean you can’t get that sun-kissed look all girls crave. And the trick lies in the blonde nuance you choose to wear. So opt for a caramel tone that suits your skin color. 

29. Braided Crown

We all know that during summer, one of the worst experiences is to feel that sweaty hair stuck on your nape. To prevent that from happening, here’s a summer hairstyle that will do the trick for all girls with long hair: the halo braid. 

30. Vibrant Fuchsia Hair

scrunchie hairstyle for summer

Summer is the best time of the year to wear vibrant colors and try new things and color combos. So if you’re into that and crave a fresh summer look, choose a fuchsia vivid nuance for only some of the tresses. The rest should be painted in pale pink, contrasting the intensities of the same color.