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What Should I Do After Protein Treatment?

The journey to achieving healthy hair can be a tiresome one. It often involves trying many different products and regimens. One such regimen is a protein treatment. The treatment is vital in maintaining the health of your hair. 

Some benefits of a protein treatment include:

  • Strengthening hair
  • Preventing breakage
  • Repairing damage
  • Restoring elasticity

Chemically-treated hair benefits even more from protein treatments. You’ll notice your hair looks rejuvenated after applying a protein treatment.

However, you must play your part to keep enjoying the benefits of the treatment. Keep reading to get answers to “What to do after protein treatment?

What Should I Do After Protein Treatment?

After a protein treatment, give your hair 72 hours before washing it and avoid over-manipulation. Also, use protein-treatment-friendly products, blow dry your hair less frequently, and wait for at least two weeks before permanently dying your hair. 

If you’re wondering what to do after a protein treatment, here are some quick do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. We’ll go over them in more detail later in this article.

  • DO wait 72 hours: Waiting 72 hours before washing helps the treatment last longer.
  • DON’T put your hair up: Manipulating your hair by tying it after a protein treatment leads to dryness, hair loss, and growth prevention.
  • DO use the right products: Using hair products that support the protein treatment also helps it last longer.
  • DON’T apply heat right away: Excessive use of heat destroys the treatment. Waiting a while before dying your hair after a protein treatment gives it time to soak up the protein. 

Guidelines To Follow After Getting a Protein Treatment

Things To Do After Getting a Protein Treatment

Applying a protein treatment is the first step. Follow these guidelines after the treatment to reap its full benefits. 

Wait 72 Hours After a Protein Treatment To Wash Your Hair

Protein treatments don’t last forever. With each wash of your hair, you lose some of the beneficial components of the treatment. Thus, you should wait 72 hours before washing your mane. 

Doing so gives the treatment time to bond with your locks and have the desired effect. Also, wait three days between every wash. Washing hair too frequently may strip your hair of natural oils, causing it to dry out. 

Don’t Over Manipulate Your Hair

After getting a treatment, you must give the protein enough time and freedom to bond with your hair. Tying up your hair keeps it from flowing freely, causing it to heat up. The result? Dryness, dandruff, and hair loss. 

So, avoid over-manipulating your hair by tying it up. However, it may be necessary to do so. For example, your work may require it. If so, ensure you tie your hair loosely.

Use Protein-Treatment Friendly Hair Care Products

One common question on what to do after protein treatment involves which products to use. Not all products are suitable for your hair after a protein treatment. You have to find those that will help the treatment last longer. 

So, how do you find the best hair products to use after protein treatment? Start by reading the labels on hair products. Choose hair products with protein—for example, keratin, coconut oil, and collagen.

Use a Blow Dryer Less Frequently

Limit your use of the blow dryer. Excessive use of a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron can destroy the treatment.

When using heat on your hair, apply a protectant, then use a hair dryer. You could also let it air dry, then use a protectant before curling it or using a flat iron.

Give Your Hair a Few Weeks Before Coloring It

Wait about 14 days after a protein treatment to color your hair. Doing so ensures the protein has enough time to work its magic.

The proteins vanish if you color your hair before two weeks are up. That’s because your hair will get rid of the proteins it soaked up to make way for the dye.

Protein treatments help you develop and maintain healthy locks. Knowing what to do after protein treatment is as crucial as getting the treatment.

So, ensure you use the correct hair care products, avoid excessive washing, go easy on the heat, and wait before dying your hair.

FAQs on Protein Treatments

What does a protein treatment do to your hair?

A protein treatment helps restore your hair’s strength and safeguards it from further damage. The professional products used for the treatment often include keratin and collagen. They help restore hydration and your hair’s structure.

How long does a protein treatment last?

A protein treatment can last for a couple of weeks or months. It all depends on the treatment and how you got it done. The effects of over-the-counter treatments typically last for about four to six weeks. Other professional treatments may last for up to six months.

Can a protein treatment damage your hair?

Yes, it can damage your hair if done wrong and without the help of a professional. The major causes of hair damage from a protein treatment are its ingredients and heat.

How often should you apply a protein treatment?

Apply protein treatments once every four to six weeks. Exceeding the recommended limit may cause a protein overload, resulting in hair breakage. Going over the set limit also yields no further advantage.

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