15 Interesting Wirehaired Vizsla Dog Care Facts

If you are a lucky owner of a wirehaired vizsla, you know how amazing these animals are. Besides having a wonderful temper, they are easy to care for and bring their owners plenty of fun and enjoyable moments. The wirehaired vizsla dog breed appeared back in the 1930s. The goal was to create a hunting dog that could deal with tough weather conditions while being able to conquer the harsh terrain. The breed was initially developed in Hungary. Forty years later, it was brought to the North America.

Wirehaired Vizsla dogs

Besides being a very enduring dog breed, wirehaired vizsla dogs are adorable. They have a soft look in their eyes, which coupled with a noble head gives them an appearance of wonderful friends. The vizslas have v-shaped years and a robust jaw. Their bodies are muscular and the chest is broad. The best part about the vizsla appearance is their coats. While looking pretty shiny and impressive, they are easy to take care of and require only a fair amount of brushing and regular washing.


Smart Grooming Tips for Wirehaired Vizsla

While wirehaired vizsla breed doesn’t sport long coats, they still do some substantial shedding. You can reduce the shedding by regular brushing. Consider buying wide-toothed and fine combs to make the brushing process faster and more enjoyable for the animal. If your wirehaired vizsla doesn’t spend most of its day outside rolling in the dirt, you don’t need to wash it more often that once every two to three months. Before giving your pet a bath, make sure to comb the coat thoroughly to remove all the residue. Do a good job rinsing the shampoo out of the dog’s hair. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile and the dirt will stick to the wet coat.


1. Wirehaired Vizslas are easy to handle


When you need to pick up a vizsla puppy, put your hand under the pup’s chest and use the other one to support the back legs. Don’t ever lift the puppies by their legs or tail, you might hurt the animal. If you need to lift a larger dog, support the chest with one hand and the back with another.


2. These Dogs Need Comfortable Housing


When you get such as a dog, make sure to arrange for a nice place to sleep. While this breed is known for its endurance, they like having a nice and comfortable place to sleep. Consider buying a large dog bed or making one out of a box.


3. Wirehaired Vizslas Need Activities


These dogs need to have space in order to be active. Keeping this breed at home all year round is not a good idea. Make sure to go on long walks with the dog so it has enough space to run around and enjoy nature.


4. Puppies Need to Vent


While an adult wirehaired vizsla needs enough space and long walks to feel healthy, puppies need even more activities. If your dog is under 18 months old, you need to provide it with opportunities to run and play in order to avoid health problems.


5. Wirehaired Vizslas Need Annual Checkups


If you want to make sure that your dog lives a happy life that can last as long as 15 years, you have to make sure that it’s healthy. Your vizsla needs to go through an annual vet checkup that includes shots and blood tests.

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