15 Interesting Wirehaired Vizsla Dog Care Facts

6. Vizslas Require A Certain Food Ration


As it is with most of the dogs, wirehaired vizsla puppies require more food than adults do. You need to give a dog under 12 weeks four bowls of food per day. Puppies from 12 weeks up to six months require three meals per day. 12 – 18 months vizslas need two meals daily. An adult dog requires only one feeding per day.


7. Vizslas Are Easy To Train


These dogs are easy to train so you can start as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated. The faster you start the training, the easier it will go. Puppies are often easier to train than the adult dogs are.


8. Vizslas Are Great Companions

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While wirehaired vizslas are hunters, they are also wonderful family companions. You can enjoy all types of activities with them. These dogs are incredibly gentle and they love children. They fit into any family life and don’t have problems with other dogs.


9. Wirehaired Vizslas Are Prone To Hip Dysplasia

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One of the common diseases of this breed is hip dysplasia. That’s why yearly veterinary exams are even more important. If noticed early enough, the symptoms of this condition can be alleviated.


10. Is A Wirehaired Vizsla Right For You?

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If you are looking for a good-tempered dog that can fit into any family, this is the perfect breed for you. However, if you are not ready for long everyday activities, you have to consider a less active dog.

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