How to Do Messy Top Knots: 8 Styling Ideas

Casual hairstyles such as messy top knots are a huge trend today for women. Effortlessly chic look is what most women love the most about these styles, and you can wear it in many different ways.

If you need a little bit of inspiration on how to create this hairstyle you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to create this messy knot easily as well as eight ideas on how to rock it.


How to Do A Messy Top Knot

How to Do A Messy Top Knot

Probably the best thing about messy hair top knots for women is their simplicity. Although a simple hairstyle it still looks both fancy and casual and cute by daring. What we love the most about this hairdo is that we can make it in different ways.

Every girl has her own method she uses to get a messy top knot bun. Your method is a result of experimenting with different styles and trying out different ways to get it done. Eventually, you find out what works for you best. The easiest way to do this cute knot is to gather all your hair and pull it into a high pony.

When you’re at the last loop of the elastic band leave the ends out, but don’t worry they will be taken care of in the next step. Now, gather those loose ends leaving no hair behind. Use hairspray or dry shampoo to spray bobby pins and to pin down loose end strands around the bun. Then, proceed to tousle up your hair to make it somewhat messy and casual.

You can also use mousse to control your hair more easily, or you can apply it on the bun to style it a certain way and to make sure it remains perfect throughout the day.


Messy Top Knot Hairstyles

How many times have you seen someone with an awesome messy bun and wanted to rock it yourself? You can do it! These eight styling ideas are the only thing you need in addition to bobby pins and other props to get messy looking top knot today.

1. Voluminous Top Knot

Voluminous Messy Top Knot for Women

Top knots rich in volume give you the effortlessly chic look, and they are also suitable for both casual and formal occasions and events. Use mousse to give your knot on messy hair more volume.


2. Simple and Classic

top knot styles for women

For those times when you want to get ready quickly, you can just pull your hair up and apply spray to set your bun in. That’s it, and you’re good to go. Create a knot using the method you find the easiest, just pull your hair in the bun with no particular order to symbolize simplicity.


3. Tight Knot

tight messy top knot for women

Top knots and buns don’t have to be wide with a few strands pulled out, and you can make them tighter. Sleek, yet a little bit messy buns still look amazing and are easily matched with different outfits.


4. Half Up Half Down Top Knot

half up messy top knot

You don’t have to gather all your hair to create a messy top knot, and you can rock amazing style with just a certain part of it. Let your locks gently flow over shoulders or back and create a top knot like you usually would for a fun and chic look. This style looks great on both longer and mid-length hair.


5. Top Updo and Bangs

top knot with bangs for women

Got bangs? Then you can create a super cute look by making a top knot and parting or sweeping your bangs to the side. This women’s messy and romantic top knot look is ideal for spring and summer time.


6. Sexy Top Knot

women with messy top knot

This topknot with messy hair look is easy to do, and it looks super adorable. Once you pull up your hair in the bun start tousling hair a little bit and pull out a few strands to create a messy bun with long hair. Easy, simple, and romantic – this style’s got it all.


7. Braided Space Bun

girl with messy top knot hair

Channel your inner Bohemian girl with two French braids that merge into top knots on messy hair. At the same time, your curls are let loose thus giving a whole look a sort of a liberating vibe.


8. Add Undercut into The Mix

messy top knot with undercut

The messy knot looks great in various combinations, and it’s easy to pair it with other hairstyles. For example, you can add nape undercut into the mix for an edgy look.

You can also opt for highlights that would make your top knot more colorful. As seen above in the article, your top knots can also look great with messy braids.


Casual, effortless chic calls for the messy top knot that you can easily do in more ways than one. Now that you know how to create top bun use our styling ideas to find the perfect look when you’re out and about.

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