60 Stunning Hair Down Looks for Your Wedding

If you are looking for a romantic wedding day look then you’ll need to keep your wedding hair down. So, let loose and take some stress off your shoulders as we have listed various hair down styling ideas below.


Hair Down Ideas for Wedding

Wearing your wedding hair down is a bold move. You need to get ready for frequent touchups. But the overall impression you’ll make will be so stunning that you’ll thank yourself for the effort.

The best wedding photos are created when the bride wears her long locks down. If you have medium hair, don’t be afraid to flaunt it either. There are so many ways to create stunning wedding hairstyles without lifting the hair up. You can take advantage of a few we’ve chosen for you.

1. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair

half up half down wedding hair

You have to look fabulous on your wedding day because all eyes will be on you. Don’t worry, this wedding hair down hairstyle is among the best options. It has a gorgeous low ombre and a mesmerizing small braid crown.

Those waves make your hair look like you are depicted from a fairytale, and a silver pearled flower application will add a charming effect for your hairdo. 


2. Straight Down Hairstyle

straight down hair for wedding

Sometimes less is more, and the best way to give value to that statement is this refined look. Part your hair in the middle and let your bangs frame your face. Grab your crown hair and pin it in the back, leaving the rest of your hair loose, falling on your back. 


3. Shoulder Length Down Hair

shoulder length down hair for bride

This is probably one of the best hair down hairstyles for weddings, and that fresh gorgeous flower crown brings the magic in. For your hair, create a simple wavy look and let it arrange itself. 


4. Rustic Wedding Hairstyle

rustic wedding down hair

If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day, use a curling iron and style some twirls. Let them loose, on your shoulders, and add a pearled diadem on your forehead.


5. Down Hairstyle for Wedding Guest

down hairstyle for wedding guest

If you are just a guest at a friend’s wedding, beware, all eyes might be on you and not on the bride. Choose a ginger color and create full loose ringlets. Accessorize this wedding hair down hairstyle with a flower application that you must orient on one side. 


6. Hair Down With Side Swept Waves

swept waves with wedding hair down style

This simple option is perfect for girls, who have long thick hair. You need to add your locks a little wave with a curling iron and sweep them to one side. This hairstyle is hard to keep in place, so it’s usually created for photoshoots.


7. Blunt Bangs

women bangs wedding hair down cut

Long wavy hair is a perfect opportunity to sport blunt bangs. You have to give your hair a wave while leaving the bangs straight. The contrast is fabulous. You can add any hair accessories, such as a tiara or headband.

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8. Wedding Hair Down with Headband

Floral Headband with Wedding Down hair

Wear your sunkissed waves and ringlets in a wavy side-swept style topped off with a floral headband for a more feminine and chic look. Moreover, pair it with makeup from the nude palette to go with your delicate girl-power appearance.


9. Wedding Long Down Hairstyle

simple Wedding Hair Down cut

Keep things a little more loose in the front and back gives off a more breezy and effortless vibe. So, all that is required for the wedding hair down design above is the attachment of the symbolic white veil.


10. An Organic Smile

beautiful Wedding Hair Down hairstyle

It’s hard to get that organic smile out of a bride on her stressful wedding day. But, with a wedding hair down design, she’ll feel more comfortable, confident, and less insecure. So, go ahead and choose something effortless yet spectacular like the one shown in the example above to loose some of the stress you have to deal with on that big day.


11. The Princess Crown

crown with Wedding Hair Down hairstyle

On your wedding day, you have to not just feel like a princess but also, look like one. So, get yourself this princess look and crown your natural curls with mini crown and puffy veil that go with your bridal dress.


12. Tucked In

women favorite Wedding Hair Down hair

For loose curly ends and a neat black top you’ll need to:

  • Tuck in your hair behind your ears.
  • Use hair pomade or gel to moist the top and make sure it gets a little glow.
  • Apply a spritz of hair spray to avoid little hair pop-ups during your big night.
  • Wear tall dangling earrings that go with this kind of wedding hair down design.


13. Excessive Curls

If you are the kind of bride who wants everything to turn out so dreamy and fairytale-like, then this wedding hair down design will inspire you. It combines excessive back curls of the ponytail while the front remains neat and crowd with a shiny floral headband.


14. The Most Effortless

black women Wedding Hair Down hairstyle

Coco Channel once said that simplicity is the keynote of true elegance. And that is why effortless and simple hairstyles are a big hit.

In addition to the whole, not enough time and less stress concept, this extremely easy wedding hair down design can draw a smile on your face make you look as beautiful as ever. Therefore, all you have to do is just brush your hair beforehand and you’ll be good to go!


15. Down Wavy Wedding Hair

Wedding Hair Down

Go with the water flow and wear your wedding hair down style in a wavy manner for a stunning look.


16. Pretty In Pink

If soft, romantic, and stylish is what you are looking for then this is the right wedding hair down design for you. Consequently, all you need is a deep side part and a single pink flower pin to complete the whole romantic and pretty look.


17. A Beaded Trail

nice Wedding Hair Down hair for girl

Get lost in a trail of beads hanging on to your hair locks that go all the way from your hair roots to your tips. And for a more random effect leave a few strands messy and overflowing. Finally, there’s no doubt you will look exceptionally pretty and fully comfortable with this hairstyle.


18. Curled Up

Here’s a wedding hair down design inspired by the expression ” Tie the knot” which implies getting married. So obviously, it includes curling up into knots and twists making up a legendary look for everybody to remember.

Tip: This works best for brides with backless wedding dresses and wants to fill up that space with something even more attractive than a naked back.


19. Wedding Hair Down With Braid

Wedding Hair Down

When you decide to wear your hair simply straight and plain, you’ll need an eye-grabbing factor to add to the mix. And what’s more feminine than a spiral braid that goes all the way around your face like a contour line marking your beauty territory?


20. Wedding Hair Down for Bridesmaid

For women with medium hair length, wedding hair down designs can be tricky. Because it’s not long enough to give us the volume we need or short enough to stand on its own without help whatsoever.


21. Head Piece Concept

cute girl Wedding Down haircut

Sometimes all your wedding hair down design needs is the main headpiece as the focal point behind your hairstyling concept. So, by adding that headpiece to your plain braid you get an interesting wedding down do.


22. Side Swept Hair Accessory

One of the ways to look stunning is to pair up your hair accessories with your bridal wedding dress. Thus, here’s a wedding hair down design that requires nothing more than that hair accessory and brushing your hair.


23. Laid Back

women beautiful Wedding Hair Down style

For a laid-back alfresco ceremony why not go with your slightly curled natural hair? And therefore, no accessories, no hair decals, no hair sprays, no bobby pins, just lived in loose waves.


24. Side Swept Style

women wedding hair down cut

In order to think outside the box a little, here’s a wedding hair down design to make things a little bit more interesting. Sweep your hair to one side leaving the other completely exposed and decorated with a dangling earring choice. And of course, don’t forget to curl up the ends to increase the appeal.


25. Slight Curls With Crown

For a bohemian bride, the central headpiece used is the focal point of the whole design. Therefore, a headpiece perfectly center – parted wavy hair is the definition of boho- glam.


26. Not Floral Hair Pin

So instead of going with the cliché floral hairpin that everybody seems to be doing these days, get your own custom hair made floral design and add some shiny decals to make it the center of attention. In addition to that, this wedding hair down design includes curly ends to add to the mix.


27. Curly Down Hairstyle for Wedding

Curly wedding hair down for women

For girls who can’t get enough of curls, here’s a wedding hair down style you might like.


28. Floral wreath

beautiful Floral wedding hair down

If you want to wear you natural wedding hair down, you can appreciate a floral wreath. It won’t just look fabulous and make your image more natural, it will hold your hair in place and eliminate frequent touchups.


29. Tied strands

Nice wedding hairstyle down for women

If you want to wear your hair down but wish to keep the windblown look to a minimum, you can use a simple trick. Tie two frontal strands in the back to sweep the side locks backward. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle. You can check out these trendy wedding hairstyle ideas for brides with short hair.


This princess hair down wedding styles is also a popular option:


30. Loose ponytail

ponytail with wedding hair down

You can wear your locks down but keep them tied a little in order to avoid a messy appearance. Make a loose ponytail in the back and hang it over one shoulder. You’ll create an appearance of down hair.


31. Go wild


Allow your hair to get a boho look just by hanging it down. A slightly messy appearance can be an advantage for certain images. You can use a hair clip to keep one of the side strands swept backward.


32.  Windblown front

black wedding hair down for girl

If you want to wear just part of your wedding hair down, consider tying the back part into a loose bun or a ponytail. Leave the front strands hanging naturally to frame your face.

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33.  Hair extensions


If you have thin hair but still want to wear it down, consider adding some hair extensions. Professionally woven in hair extensions can create a truly amazing and regal image for a bride.


34.  Low wave


Consider keeping the top part of your hairstyle straight and giving the bottom some wave. This contrast will keep the hair neater during the wedding day and can take the unnecessary volume out of your thick locks.


35.  Floral clips


If you’ve decided that your wedding hairstyle will be simple, consider adding some floral accessories. Overdoing the decorations is easy so think about getting just one. It can be a clip, a tiara, a bow or a headband.


36.  Behind the ear

simple wedding hair down style your favorite

When you decide to wear your wedding hair down, it’s hard to decide which earrings to choose since the ears are hidden. Consider brushing the hair behind one ear and clipping it there with a thin clip.


37. Wedding Hair Down with Veil


If you choose to wear your long hair down, you’ll need to get a long veil. Wearing a long veil is not as easy as it might seem so you might want to practice a little.

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38. Wedding Hair Down with Flower Crown

wedding hair down with Highlights

A wedding is a perfect occasion to brighten up your locks especially if you are planning to wear your hair down. Think about using partial highlights to make the frontal strands brighter and sun-kissed.


39. Soft and neat


Wearing your wedding hair down can be great if you create subtle twists. When you are making curls with a curling wand or iron, twist the hair into loose strands like you see in the photo.


40. A weave


If your hair is short but you want to wear it down, consider attaching a weave. A curly weave is exactly what you need to shine at your wedding just like you always wanted.


41. Large flower clips


Large floral clips are perfect for keeping the hair intact when you decide to wear it down. Don’t be afraid of getting really large accessories. They look perfect when coupled with windblown loose hair.


42. Honey blonde

wedding blonde hair down for girl

Your loose hair will look even more fabulous if you choose the right colors. The bride’s hair should truly shine, so consider getting bright and shiny colors, such as golden or honey blonde.


43. Swept back


Sweep back the two frontal strands from each side and clip them behind with a floral accessory. You can add a large flower or another large decoration above one of your ears. The size of the wave you use can vary.

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44. Asymmetrical choice

wedding Asymmetrical down hair for women

This is an alternative way to wear your wedding hair down while keeping it up. You can lift one side and sweep the hair to fall down another shoulder. Leave one strand hanging on the opposite side.


45. Romantic bun

girl Romantic wedding hair down style

If your hair is really long or you decide to go for a weave, you can combine a down hairstyle with an updo. Tie part of your hair up to create a loose bun and leave the rest of the hair falling down.


More Down Hair Inspirations

Many women are trying to create an image of a princess on their wedding. Down hairstyles are a great way to complete that look. If you’d like to use this idea but don’t know where to start, you can take a look at the few modern and interesting hair down styles for weddings.

wedding hair down styles





hair down styles for brides






ombre hair down styles for brides





wedding hair down styles


hair down styles for wedding



When to Style Your Hair Down

wedding hair down

Whether topped off with a princess’s crown, classic white veil, a floral hairpin or simply sweeping over your shoulders naturally, wedding hair down styles cannot be resisted! So, check out a plethora of our bridal collection down below and get inspired!

Should I wear my wedding hair up or down? This question is one of the most popular among brides.  Making a choice is easy.

  • Wear it down if you have long and thick hair.
  • Wear it up if your hair needs volume.
  • Wear it down if you have a stylish cut.
  • Wear it up if your hair is hard to manage.
  • Wear it down if you are not afraid of frequent touch-ups.
  • Wear it up if you want to forget about your hair for the whole day.


Advantages Of Wearing Hair Down

Wedding Hair Down

Instead of going on a social media wormhole search for the best wedding hair down styles and the reasons behind their success, we have got you covered. So, what are the advantages of styling a wedding down hairdo?

  • More comfortable and moveable.
  • Less loose bobby pins to worry about while dancing or posing for photos.
  • No headaches resulting from tight high buns.


What About Hair Down with Bangs

wedding hair down with bangs

When you are letting your wedding hair down, you are giving up on most of the complicated hairstyles. However, you can still create an awesome image by making bangs.

Bangs look fantastic with any type of hairstyle as long as they are created professionally and maintained as required. Consider wearing blunt bangs with medium-sized bobs, side-swept bangs with long curls, and wispy bangs with straight hair. If you haven’t tried a bangs hairstyle yet, your wedding might be the time to start.

Wearing hair down at your wedding can be a wonderful way to make your appearance more magnetic. Don’t be afraid of saving on a hairdresser and flaunting the beauty of your natural mane.