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9 Must-Know Tips to Wear Bangs with Oily Skin

Battling bangs with oily skin can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to wear your oily bangs or how to help your skin be drier and less oily. Thankfully, there are ways to ensure your skin remains dry and won’t need much attention to prevent oily skin from sticking to your bangs all day.

You may need to know the causes of oily skin and our best tips for wearing bangs with your oily skin.

How Can You prevent bangs from getting oily?

Bangs are gonna get oily since they’re on your face, right? So, what you can do to prevent bangs from getting oily? Just put your hair in a ponytail, leave out the bangs, and wash ’em in the sink. Then blow-dry and you’re good to go!

No need to wash your whole head because it’s just the bangs that are oily. Another cool trick is using dry shampoo. Beware that some brands can be sticky, toxic, or just not right for your hair. Pick your shampoo carefully.

How Can You Prevent Bangs From Getting Greasy Overnight?

Maintaining bangs can be challenging, especially when dealing with greasiness. Here’s a simple solution: When you wash your face in the morning, take the opportunity to wash your bangs as well. Then give them a quick blow-dry for about 40 seconds. Done! They’ll be refreshed and ready for the day!

Many clients find that washing and styling their hair in the evening leads to a more efficient morning routine. Their hair often looks better compared to when washed and styled in the morning.

What Causes Oily Skin?

causes of oily skin and trying bangs cut on it

Many factors can contribute to oily skin, including a fluctuation of hormones, increased stress, humidity in the air, and genetic makeup. Many people may notice their skin getting more oily when they are experiencing more stress or start hormone medications.

Oily skin can also result from traveling to locations you may not be familiar with daily. Be mindful while vacationing to ensure you aren’t going to break out or do damage to your hair or face with excess oil in your skin.

Tips to Wear Bangs with Oily Skin

Wearing bangs with oily skin can be challenging, but these nine tips can make a huge difference and allow you to look how you want. Read on to find out how to wear bangs with oily skin.

#1. Wash Your Bangs Frequently

You may need to wash your face or bangs frequently to prevent your oily skin from making your bangs stick to your forehead or look greasy.

This does not mean washing your full hair, rather, it may mean washing your bangs before you leave home and/or washing them again after returning. In some cases, you may need to wash your bangs throughout your day.

#2. Keep a Travel Size Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver in a pinch. Consider using a dry shampoo while out and about to make your bangs less oily and control how greasy they look. You can use dry shampoo as often as needed to make them dry.

#3. Avoid Conditioners

Conditioners are notoriously oily and will work against you when addressing your oily skin. Conditioners will contribute to oily bangs since these products usually have oils in them.

If you want to maintain smooth hair, you can use a conditioner once weekly for maximum benefits.

#4. Use Tissues Or Cloths

tips to keep bangs dry

Tissues or cloths can help keep your face clean and dry, meaning your bangs will be clean and dry, too. Keep tissues or some cloth on you all day to use in a pinch.

#5. Avoid Touching Your Bangs And Face

Touching your bangs and face can transfer dirt, grime, or oils to your face and bangs. This touching can increase the number of oils on your face and make your bangs look even more oily.

Prevent touching your face as much as possible to ensure your face and bangs are as dry as possible.

#6. Use Hair Ties Or Clips

using hair clip to keep bangs dry

Hair ties can be a perfect way to keep your bangs from getting oily, but most bangs aren’t long enough to be able to get tied back. You can use clips or pins to keep them back and prevent them from looking oily and greasy.

#7. Avoid Oily Face Products

Oil-based face products like makeup and lotions can cause breakouts and make your already oily skin even more oily. This can transfer to your bangs and make them look greasy and undesirable.

Instead, use less oily products or products made for people with oily skin.

#8. Stick to A Facial Routine

skincare routine for oily skin

A skincare routine for your face can help control your oily skin and make it less likely that your bangs will stick to your forehead and get oily.

A face skincare routine can also help with stress and make you feel more at ease, causing less stress, and resulting in less oily skin.

#9. Keep Brushes and Combs Clean

Oils from your skin can transfer to your self-care tools. Make sure you wash your tools once weekly to remove grime, dirt, and dead skin cells from your brushes and combs.

Reusing dirty brushes and combs may make your bangs oily from the previous use and work against you when trying to correct the issue.

So, How Can You Wear Bangs with Oily Skin?

You can wear bangs with oily skin, but you may need to keep a small amount of dry shampoo on you, use a washcloth or tissue to blot your face and bangs or adhere to a strict face care routine.

Bangs are harder to maintain with oily skin, and you may need to keep your bangs clipped back or pulled into a hair tie if they are long enough. Anything from stress to hormonal fluctuations can cause oily skin and make it challenging to handle your bangs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers may help you make the best choices and take care of your oily skin and bangs. Consider these answers before taking action on your oily skin and bangs.

Why are my bangs still oily after washing?

Sometimes, oily bangs can come from a skin condition like dandruff, excess sebum, or factors related to climate and temperature.
Consider how often you are washing your hair and your haircare routine to narrow down the reason your bangs are oily.

Can I have bangs if I have oily skin?

You can wear bangs if you have oily skin. However, you may need to take precautions to ensure your hair stays as dry as possible. If you can’t identify the source of your oily skin, bangs may not be a good long-term look for you.

How can I prevent oily bangs?

You can prevent your bangs from getting too oily by using dry shampoo, clipping them backward, or using a washcloth to wipe your face throughout the day.

Can I use dry shampoo on oily bangs?

You can use dry shampoo on oily bangs to help keep them oil-free and look as vibrant as you desire. Using dry shampoo on oily bangs is a quick and easy solution when out and about.

Why do my bangs get oily faster than the rest of my hair, and how can I prevent this?

Your bangs get oily quicker because they’re in contact with your forehead, which produces oil. To prevent this, you can use oil blotting sheets, available at stores like HEB for around $3. Additionally, avoid touching your bangs or running your fingers through them to reduce oil transfer.

After having a middle part for a while, my block bangs split in the middle. How can I eliminate the gap and make my bangs look perfect?

You can try using hairspray to keep your bangs in place. Alternatively, after showering, hold your wet bangs against your forehead and let them dry in that position, or use a hairband to secure your wet bangs while they dry.