Ponytail With Bangs: 21 Styles to Turn Drab to Fab

On its own, a ponytail is fun and casual, but a ponytail with bangs is glamorous, mysterious, and you’ll be amazed at how young they make you appear. Bangs are like the fountain of youth, and they pair particularly well with ponytails, which are youthful anyway. You can get baby bangs, blunt bangs, long bangs, wispy bangs, side-swept bangs. You can even fake bags if you want—all you need are a few bobby pins.

It’s so much more fun to experiment with an authentic fringe that you can play with and style. Besides, in addition to automatically making you look younger, bangs give you the opportunity to frame and flatter your face.


Add Ponytail With Bangs for a Next-Level Style

Long, short, and medium-length ponytails with bangs evince a high-fashion aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk, and never mind if you’re just going shopping at Target. The onion-with-ears phenomenon that all too often occurs when you pull back your hair is no longer an issue. Bangs give your ponytail a different shape and silhouette. It takes on depth and new dimension.

Besides, just as you can use bobby pins to fake a fringe, you can also use them to pin back your bangs if you get tired of them. That happens, usually, two or three weeks after you get them. Don’t let the fear of regret stop you, though, especially fear of something that has an effortless fix. Just think about the style of bangs you’d like to try.


#1: Bettie Bangs

Ponytail with bangs hairstyle

With the right combination, you can evoke another era simply by wearing a ponytail with bangs. For example, this long, sleek ponytail and those darling Bettie bangs call back to an age of glamorous pinup girls and saucy appeal. Named after Bettie Page, legendary pinup queen, these bangs are longer than baby bangs but shorter than traditional blunt bangs.

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#2: Parted and Swept Up

Ponytail with bangs hairstyle

You don’t have to wear your bangs straight across your forehead, you know. Side-parted bangs are almost like a short layer, so you can part them just as you do the rest of your hair. They’re a bit messy and tousled, making them an ideal complement to a high, up-swept pony.


#3: Thick and Arched

Ponytail thick hairstyle

Arched bangs like these are shortest in the middle, and gradually get longer the closer they are to your temples. They emphasize the curves of round faces and add softness to angular features. They tend to make you look 5-10 years younger, too, because they draw attention to your eyes while simultaneously making your peepers appear wide and kitten-charming.


#4: Bettie and Baby

I adore everything about this ponytail with bangs, including the color—gray is my jam. The sloppy side ponytail morphs into an enchanting, downright glam hairstyle with that fabulous fringe. Bluntly cut, they’re the perfect hybrid of Bettie bangs and baby bangs, which flatter high, rounded foreheads.


#5: All the Bangs

bangs Ponytail hairstyle for women

What’s that you say? Can’t you decide on one style of bangs? Who said you have to pick one? What you see here are wispy but arched bangs that just so happen to be center-parted at the moment. For the record, you can side-sweep this style, as well. This type of fringe is remarkably versatile.

Best Hairstyles with Bangs for Women

#6: Pinup Perfection

Blunt bangs with a retro-inspired updo create a solid signature coif that’s ideal for no-shampoo days. You can even hide your roots this way. It’s a fun twist to a regular ponytail, too, plus using a wrap saves you from putting too much strain on your hair.


#7: Schoolgirl Style

Ponytail hairstyle for school girl

The ponytail with bangs combo is a classic schoolgirl look. Middle school, high school, college—a high, perky ponytail paired with messy side-swept bangs strikes a carelessly cool note that works well on those mornings when you barely want to roll out of bed.


#8: Pony Puff

Curly bangs, curly ponytail, curly everything! Don’t straighten your hair before you put it up in a ponytail. Love your natural spirals. Let your coils fall over your forehead.


#9: The Eyes Have It

The best bangs frame your face, your forehead, and your pretty peepers. Notice how your eyes are automatically drawn to this beautiful woman’s gaze. Notice, too, that at the right length, you can use your bangs to hide your eyebrows anytime you’re off your brow game.


#10: Bun with Bangs

Ponytail bun hairstyle for girl

This is more of a bun with bangs than a ponytail with bangs, but let’s not be pedantic. I’m a massive fan of center-parted angled bangs, particularly with those tendrils of hair pulled free from the bun.

Trend Alert! Weave Ponytails Style




genie ponytail with bangs




weave ponytail with side swept bangs




bob ponytail with bangs



pinup bangs with ponytail


There’s something fresh and youthful about a ponytail with bangs, but the combo can get surprisingly sophisticated, too. How do you wear your hair when you have bangs?