90 Wedding Hairstyles for Black Brides to Feel Special

Black women usually have some trouble managing their thick and curly hair. So, a wedding haircut choice can become a nightmare. That’s why having a list of most beautiful hairstyles to choose from can help any black girl feel comfortable about her wedding hairstyles. There are so many ideas out there. All you have to do is pick the best.

The wedding day is the most special occasion in every woman’s life. Every girl wishes to look amazing during that day. Special words are said, vows exchanged, photos taken. Everything revolves around a beautiful bride. Planning a wedding might be a terrible hassle. For weeks and even months, brides are busy with a myriad of things from choosing the right venue, to shuffling through the cake recipes. But the appearance is always their main worry. The shoes, the dress, the veil – all these must be chosen carefully. One of the most important parts of every bride’s appearance is her hairstyles. Below are some gorgeous wedding hairstyles for black brides.


Most Beautiful Black Bride Hairstyles

No matter how long your hair is, these wedding hairstyles for black women can be a suitable choice. While black women with short hair often worry about their locks look stunning, there is no reason to be upset. All types of hair extensions available on the market today can make a black wedding hairstyle look spectacular. All you have to do is take a deep breath and go through the below 25 hairstyles. Pick a couple you like the most and go to your hairstylist for the final piece of advice.


1. Creative bun

black Creative bun wedding hairstyles for women

This complicated hairstyle is absolutely perfect for a wedding. You will need to straighten out your hair, make a low bun, but leave the ends free and sticking upwards. Then one strand is used to make a braid and hide the elastic band. The ends are curled into small loops. The bangs are left straight and side swept.

2. Neat curls with an ombre

black wedding hairstyles for women 2-min

Straighten out your hair and make an ombre. Colors can vary but a black and brown mix will look very natural. Gather your hair in the back to make a loose ponytail. Curl thin strands into loops and attach them with pins. A great idea for a bride with short or medium length hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

3. French braid with ponytails

 French braid with ponytails wedding hairstyle

This amazing wedding hairstyle can be made on your own. All you have to do is start making a high runaround French braid, while leaving the strands hanging freely. Clip the braid with some pins and then curl the ends. Voila!

4. 1920’s queen

black wedding hairstyles for women 4-min

If your hair is short and you have to forget about braids and buns, go for the 1920’s looks. This wonderful hairstyle will never become unfashionable. All you have to do is make soft waves and use a lot of hair gel to keep them intact. Black girls with long hair will envy your light look.

5. Seashell bun

nice wedding hairstyles for black girl

This seashell bun will do wonders for looking impressive in the back and beautiful in front. It will have to be created by a professional since the precision here is very important. The bangs are styled to stay out of your face.