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20 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara and Veil

Every bride wishes to look perfect on her big day in order to stun everyone including the groom. While fretting about the ideal wedding dress, makeup, and jewelry, another aspect that needs special attention is the hairdo.

Most ladies, if not all, love to wear a veil as a sign of modesty and purity, while others prefer to look like royalty by putting on a star-studded tiara. But what about women who plan to wear both of these romantic accessories together?

Not a problem at all as here are 20 of the best wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil. Thank us later!


Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara and Veil

Though all the following hairstyles consist of both a tiara and a veil, each one is different in its own way!

1. Tight Curls

curly hairstyle with tiara and veil for wedding

Tight curls are ideal for wedding events, especially for straight-haired ones who can rock them for a change.

The front straight fringe is pinned back with a soft bump on the top and a crown in between. Spice up the look further with fresh hair color and highlights.


2. Loose Waves + Pouf

blonde brides with tiara and veil

Don’t like those noodle-like coils? Consider this majestic wedding hairdo with a veil and tiara to steal the show.

Opt for loose waves, a puffy pouf, and pair them with a half-up hairstyle and long side-swept bangs. Put on your accessories and voila!


3. Jumbo Puff

black wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

African-American brides can flaunt their natural kinky curls by slicking them back with or without a parting into a jumbo bun.

Place the stone tiara around it and your veil beneath it at the back completing the look. In the case of short hair, use a synthetic puff and no one will ever know!


4. Low Bun

low bun with tiara and veil for brides

Low bun updos look graceful and can be achieved at home. Go for a classic middle part and swirl the tresses around at the back to be secured with pins. Pull some strands loose to frame the face and couple a big diadem with delicate earrings. You won’t regret it!


5. Soft Layers

medium length wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

Those who want a relaxed hairdo on their big day can refresh their mane with a medium-length haircut and soft layers.

Tease the top portion creating a subtle bump to place your headpiece with a long veil dangling at the back. Can’t get any easier!


6. Boho-Chic Look

half up wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

Sport an unusual hairstyle worth remembering at your wedding because why not? Women with long locks can wrap them in a top bun behind their hairline and leave the remaining ends to fall forward on one shoulder. Finish off the boho-chic style with a tall coronet.


7. Two-Toned Locks

wedding hairstyle to the side with tiara and veil

Extensions can be a lifesaver for brides with short hair or those wishing to rock a different hair color for a day.

Brunettes can recreate this look by securing their natural hair in a bun and fixing a curly blonde weave over it for a two-toned look.


8. Chic Chignon

wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil underneath

This wedding hairstyle with a tiara and veil is the prettiest among all. It features a jumbo chignon bun created with a hair donut maker while the side locks are entwined around it with curled strands at the front for a detailed appeal. Classy, without a doubt!


9. Bouffant Style

wedding hair bun with tiara and veil

Remember those bouffant hairstyles from the ’60s? Sport a softer version by teasing the crown area and smoothing it out, resulting in a perfectly round bump with a simple bun at the back.

Position your crown behind your middle part while your veil sits above the bun. Chic!


10. Half-Up, Half-Down

wedding hairstyle with tiara veil and blusher

Keep all the attention on that sparkling tiara with a simple half-up hairdo. Go for loose curls or waves and secure half of them with pins at the back with a barely-there puff at the front.

Avoid overdoing the look by putting on either earrings or a necklace. Your choice! If you prefer to keep your hair down, check these hairstyles.


11. Updo with Bangs

wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil for overweight brides

Although wedding hairstyles with bangs are not very common, that does not mean they don’t exist. Flaunt those short brow-grazing strands confidently by gathering the remaining tresses in a curly updo. Add a long veil, a delicate tiara, and some soft makeup. There you go!


12. Messy Appeal

pixie hairstyle with tiara and veil for wedding

Messy hairdos look stunning on brides and here is a style to prove it. The sides are slicked back with a fluffy ruffled top and disheveled bangs covering the forehead. Pair your pearl jewels with a pearl diadem and see heads turn around you!


13. Box Braids

braided hairstyle with tiara and veil for brides

Black brides can celebrate their ethnicity with long box braids. Add a personal touch to the look by opting for a half-up ponytail and placing the coronet just behind the hairline while the veil flares out from the top of the head towards the back. Eye-catching, right? You can also consider these braided hairstyles for brides.


14. Sleek and Straight

asian wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

Asian girls thinking of wearing a tiara and veil together can copy this wedding hairstyle without worry. Gather the hair in a low updo sparing the sleek side-swept bangs to accent the face and place the crown just behind them followed by the veil on top.   


15. Thin Hair, Don’t Care

simple wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

Thin-haired ladies can add some volume and movement to their lifeless tresses with soft curls, leaving them loose to sway with the wind.

Not enough? Keep focus away from the hair with a delicately embellished circlet and a long tiered veil.


16. Slicked Back

short wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

The simpler, the better! Those who are just not in the mood for elaborate hairstyling can slick back their tresses in a basic bun. Attach the veil to your crown before placing it on the head to achieve a dreamy look that will surely be praised.


17. Side-Swept

wedding hair down with tiara and veil

Brides thinking of skipping an expensive salon appointment should invest in a nice tiara and veil as these adornments can set even the simplest styles on fire.

Opt for a simple side part with soft curls sticking out from a loose updo at the back. There you go!


18. Baby Fringe

wedding updo with tiara and veil

Express your hipster personality by pairing those baby bangs with tight curls along the sides and a high updo sitting on top of the head. Complete the look with a teeny tiny crown hair comb and you will surely love it!


19. Princess Vibes

wedding hairstyle with tiara and veil

Look like a princess on the day your prince comes to take you away. Spare the front strands while styling the remaining ones in a curly half-up bun leaving some curls to dangle at the back.

Place your crown and pull the front chunks back, covering its sides for a majestic appeal.  


20. Simple Elegance

bridal hairstyle with tiara and veil

Last but not the least, this wedding hairstyle featuring a tiara and veil is ideal for those who prefer elegance over anything else.

Assemble the locks in a basic updo with loose face-framing chunks at the front and set off the look with a mini diadem and an angel-cut cloak.  


We hope these wedding hairstyles with veils and tiaras have given you an idea of how to rock the two adornments together on the day you say ‘I do’. While any veil will accent your bridal look, keep in mind your face shape and jewelry when choosing your embellished crown.