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10 Examples of Black Men Waves

Choosing the right hairstyle for the day in case of men can be a task especially when you are on the go and short of time. And when you don’t feel like spending much time on the hair and still look elegant and glamorous it can be tiresome. Plus all hell breaks loose when your hair is hefty in volume and you are entangled in what to do with them.

Well, we might have lessened your pain today by bringing you a list of interesting wave hairstyles for black men! The list will help you take on some pretty nifty hairstyles on the go without giving much thought. So tag along to get an idea of the latest trends this season.


How to Get Waves on Straight Hair

How to Get Waves on Straight Hair

When opting to get waves especially with straight hair, one may think that it will be tasking and require tons of styling. Well, not exactly. No doubt the whole dilemma requires some patience, but the outcome is worth it.

The best method to solve your problem of getting waves is to cut your hair in the form of layers. The method works for men regardless of the length of their hair. The method works in a way to give an illusion of the wavy hair regardless of your hair is straight as ever.

Similar to the method mentioned earlier, try having your hair cut into a number of thick layers. In order to add volume and texture to there, try making use of the razor to achieve even better results and get some thick waves I not time.

You will require some tools to help you achieve the desired hairstyle. The common tools under consideration for this include rollers, both heated and soft, crimping irons, curling tongs and some other heat methods to get the hair to kink. But this is only true for mid to long length hair as these tools come in handy then. For short hair, this might not be true as these tools are of no use then.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Get Waves with Straight Hair


Best Black Men Waves Hairstyles

1. Waves with Low Fade

Black Men Waves with Low Fade

Once you successfully get your waves either from the layering technique or by making use of some heating element, all you need is to style them in the right manner. For that, the top style in our list is waves with a low fade. Adding a lineup to the fade just adds to the coolness of the style. Make use of a number of lineup styles available or simply opt for a simple low fade style with the waves on the top mass and rock the look. The style does not take time and all you need is to maintain the waves.


2. Wavy Hair with A Side Line

black men hair waves with line

When it comes to black men, the natural black locks offer some great texture to play with. And this allows us to use the next style with waves on this texture. Plus a stylish wavy style that adds on a cool line to make it unique and sassy at the same time. The line can be short or long depending on the length preference. This style is suited to all hair types and to add texture to the use of some styling products may be required.


3. Colored Wavy Hair

black guy with red wavy hair

Add another touch to the otherwise bland waves by bringing them to life using vibrant colors. This way of carrying waves adds life to the hair make them pop out and accentuates their waviness at the right gradients. You can multi-dimensions to these waves by adding the color of your choice. The style is cool and jazz for young and teens.


4. Deep 360 Black Wavy Fade Haircut

black men 360 waves hairstyle

This one is our personal favorite on the list. The style requires you to have waves but that too in 360 degrees. How cool is that? The style is best suited to black men with short hair. And men with oval faces just simply rock the look. However, as exciting as it sounds, it requires some heavy styling on your part and thus can be time-consuming, but the output is extremely cool.

In order to get this style, you will be required to wear a Do-rag overnight. This will help you get the neat cool 360 waves. Plus you will have to brush your hair with a hard brush for half an hour to 1 hour daily.


5. S Pattern Wavy Hair

black men hair waves

A patterned wave hairstyle is another addition to the list of trendy wave hairstyles for black men. It’s the first preference of many black men with naturally wavy hair, but the ones with straight can also opt for it. The haircut is a low maintenance one and is ideal for all age groups. It looks unique and cool at the same time with some pattern in the hair. However, this cannot be done at home. You will require a professional to do it right for you and to give you the right tips on how to carry it.


6. Long Wavy Black Hair

Having naturally wavy hair is a blessing for it needs not to be styled in a specific manner. It can be simply left open. Especially when you have a considerable length to show. But at the same time it can be half tied or put into a man bun to give off a cool elegant look.


7. Wavy Top Knot

black men waves with top knot

Another classic style for the waves on the list is getting the wavy ponytail to enhance the overall effect. The style is elegant and is ideal for black men up and about in business. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and goes along with longer lengths of hair.


8. Black Wavy Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks is another cool look on the list and are pretty popular amongst black men. The trendiest hairstyle thus far and when done in a wavy fashion it just adds to the charm of the hairstyle. The waves add a new touch to the dreadlocks making them stand out more than usual.


9. Graphic Waves

waves on black hair

Compared to the last style, this one is pretty dramatic and demands a greater commitment. Plus it adds a touch of your personality, making the style a bit unique. This style is recommended for people supporting curly mop of hair that is thick and textured. Moreover, if you are looking for something on the edge, this might be the style for you!


10. Textured Fade

black men waves with fade

Waves can be enjoyed using a textured fade as they tend to stand out more in this fashion. Additionally, having a fade with it just adds more style to the waves and makes the hairstyle unique in a true sense.

In order to get this style, ask your barber to fade the sides and the back short in length, whereas the top mass is left in length. Once done, ask him to keep a heavy line that is visible between the fade and the top mass. As for the waves, do the layers on the top mass and style them up with some matte gel. And walla! You have yourself a new unique wave style with a hint of fade to it.


With this, we end our list of wavy styles. Do try them out and rock the season in glamour and style.