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Short Hair Vs. Long Hair: Which Looks Better on Men?

Short hair or long hair? A question that has baffled most men worldwide at some point in their life.

There was a time when long hair was the norm. Some 1000 years ago, it was common for men to grow their hair out, but that is no longer the case. These days it is far more common to keep men’s hair nice and short.

That being said, long hair has made a bit of a comeback in recent decades. Many athletes and actors like to grow their hair long, and many youngsters follow them.

With thousands of men’s hairstyles available, it can be overwhelming for guys to decide how to style their hair and what length to go for. So, short hair vs long hair, which is better for guys? 

What Is Considered Long Hair for Men?

what is considered long hair length for men?
A man with long hair (Over 6 inches is considered long hair for guys)

It was becoming more and more common for men to grow their hair out. However, it can be difficult to decide whether to let it grow to a medium length or let it get truly long.

Both are viable options, but what length is considered long for men? Typically, men’s hair is considered long when it exceeds six inches in length. For most people, six inches is when their hair reaches their shoulders.

If a man has hair that reaches their shoulders, it is long by men’s standards. It is important to note that the definition of long hair differs for men and women. Shoulder-length hair is short for women but long for men.

What Is Considered Short Hair for Men?

what is considered short hair length for men?
A man with short hair

Short hairstyles are very popular among men. Most men opt for short hairstyles for one reason or another.

However, some men might not have short hair when they think they do.

Short and long hair are not the only categories your hair can fall into; it can also be medium. So, what length is short for men?

When discussing short hair, most people refer to hair two inches and shorter. Hair that gets longer than two inches starts to reach medium in length. Short hair is convenient as it does not need to be styled, but you also have less freedom with what you can do with it.

Short Hair or Long Hair: Which Looks Better On Men?

short or long hair for men

So, you know how to categorize short and long hair, but which is better? Sadly, there is no objective answer to which is better. There are several things to consider when comparing the two hair lengths.

Each has its benefits and detriments. So, it is crucial to weigh what is important to you before making a decision. 

Here we will look at several of the most essential factors to consider before cutting or growing your hair.


When you are picking a hairstyle, the thing you will think of the most is how you will look. There are other things to think about, but you probably care about how you look the most.

Having short hair is more traditional and professional, whereas long hair makes people look more free-flowing. 

How you look with long and short hair depends on several factors. Number one, your hair type will play a significant factor. Do you have straight, wavy, or curly hair? Your answer to that question will impact how you look significantly. 

Additionally, how the rest of your body looks impacts how you look with different hairstyles. If you do not like the shape of your head, long hair can hide some of that.

Conversely, short hair can accentuate some of your best facial features. 

Sadly it is challenging to see how you will look with long hair before growing your hair out. You need to give it a try before you can tell if you will like it.


Short or long hair - which one is more professional for men
Short Hair Vs. Long Hair

Another factor to consider before growing your hair is professionalism. Sadly, how your hair looks impacts how you look professional in the corporate world. 

Many people have several internal, unconscious biases, and hair length is one of them. Many people looking to hire people will automatically assume men with long hair are not professional. So, it is something to consider before growing out your hair.

If you are a young guy looking to make your way into corporate America, you might find it challenging with long hair. Fewer bosses will give you a chance, and at the start of your career, that can be devastating. 

Once you are more established, long hair should not impact you too much. If you have an impressive resume and portfolio, your hair length should not make much of a difference.

However, when you are young and without experience, many companies will look at other candidates before you because of your long hair.

With that in mind, there are many professions where companies do not care about hair length. If you plan on working in the creative industry, your hair length should not impact your career potential.

So, you must consider the impact of your hair length on your job prospects depending on the industry you are in. You might want long hair, but it is not worth risking your job.


People with different lengths of hair have different maintenance routines. Short hair is much easier to maintain and manage than long hair. You can leave short hair alone most of the time and it will be fine.

Conversely, long hair requires maintenance every day to keep it looking good.

To maintain long hair, you must brush it every day. However, you cannot use the same brush you would use with short hair. You can damage long hair with brushes with fine bristles. These brushes cause too much friction and can pull out several strands of hair.

Instead, you should use a boar bristle brush.

Furthermore, long hair can dry out easily, so it is crucial to hydrate it regularly. You need to purchase hydrating products to keep your hair healthy.

Those are just two of the many things you must do to maintain long hair. Conversely, you do not need to do much with short hair other than washing it regularly.

Hair Type

When deciding on men’s hair length, you must consider the hair type. When we refer to hair type, we are not talking about how you style it. Instead, we are referring to whether your hair is short, curly, or wavy.

The natural style of your hair will have a significant impact on how much work it is to maintain and style long hair.

If you have curly or wavy hair, it will take more effort to maintain your hair. Additionally, it is more challenging to style.

Conversely, if you keep your hair short, you can barely notice the curls in some men’s hair.

Face Shape

Short or long hair for men - Face shape

Faces come in many shapes, including oval, long, round, and triangular.

Additionally, you could have a prominent, flat, or round nose. These factors impact how your face looks, but they also impact which hairstyles look good on you. 

For example, an oval face or round face is a fantastic match for men with short hair. With an oval face, your hair will sit symmetrically on the top of your head. Whereas long or triangular faces need more length.

Conversely, people with prominent noses should consider growing their hair out. If you have a prominent nose, it will pull attention forward.

So, growing your hair out counteracts the impact of having a large nose

Historic Significance

Long and short hair has different cultural significance. In most cultures, people with short hair were under society’s control. Poor people usually had short hair, and long hair was seen as attractive by both men and women. 

So, it should not be surprising to see people in the military and prison with short hair in most countries. While there is no direct association between hair length and status in modern society, stereotypes break through.


The final thing to consider before choosing your hair length is the climate. The more hair you have, the hotter your head will be.

So, if you have long hair, you are better suited for colder climates. Conversely, people with short hair are better off living in warmer areas.

Do Women Prefer Long or Short Hair in Men?

When many men pick their hairstyle, they do so hoping it will make them more attractive to women. Sadly, you will have trouble pleasing every woman with your hairstyle. All women are different, so they have conflicting tastes. 

Some women prefer men with long hair, whereas others like short hair. Some prefer medium hair, and others like bald men. So, rather than choosing your hair length to please a woman, pick a style you like.

It is hard to determine if short or long hair is best for men. Each length has its pros and cons. Long hair is more freeing, but short hair is seen as more professional by society.

Long hair is more difficult to maintain, but you can style it in many different ways. You must consider all factors before deciding to grow or cut your hair.