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10 Most Famous Blonde Actresses from the 80s

The 80s decade gave us a lot of things to cherish and some gorgeous Hollywood actresses are one of them. 80s was a decade when the Hollywood industry was at its peak and many young actresses were getting popular, not only because of their looks but also because of their acting skills.

Actresses of different colors, sizes, and ethnicities took over Hollywood, and some were successful enough to still get roles in the 2020s.

In this article, we will specifically talk about some famous blonde actresses from the 80s who are still shining in their fans’ hearts, all because of their ethereal beauty and golden locks.

Hollywood produced many young actresses in the 80s but we’re going to list only the blonde ones who made a name for themselves in the acting industry.

1. Meryl Streep

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Meryl Streep

When discussing famous blonde actresses from the 80s, Meryl Streep always comes first. She made her stage debut in 1975 and her film debut in 1979 with a film called Julia.

From then on, she started climbing the stairs of success quickly and won her first Academy Award for a supporting role for her role in the film Kramer vs. Kramer.

The 80s were very kind to her as she won the Best Actress Academy role in 1982 for her film, Sophie’s Choice.

She also acted in various films in the 2000s and some worth mentioning are The Devil Wears Prada(2006), Mama Mia!(2008), and Little Women(2019). Her blonde hair depicts charm and grace in her personality.

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Michelle Pfeiffer

Ruling over Hollywood for more than four decades, Michelle Pfeiffer first appeared in Greece 2 in 1982. The 80s were lucky for her because she acted in a lot of films and gained the utmost praise for them.

It was her movies in the 80s that gave her nominations for six Golden Awards and 2 Academy Awards.

She won her Academy Award for Best Actress for Fabulous Baker Boys in 1989. After having a hiatus in the 2010s, she is back again for some more groundbreaking roles with her dirty blonde hair.

3. Jodie Foster

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Jodie Foster

No one can deny the absolute grace Jode Foster possesses because of her straight blonde hair and perfect smile. A winner of two Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, and three Golden Globe awards, Jodie Foster is one of the prominent actresses of the 80s and the 90s.

But her acting career didn’t stop in the 20th century, rather she experimented in filmmaking too in the 2000s. In 1996, Entertainment Weekly named her the 57th greatest movie star of all time.

In 1992, she was named the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine. We are sure her golden hair must be one of the reasons for that.

4. Glenn Close

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Glenn Close

Glenn Close is always praised for her acting in different roles in many movies. She appeared in a lot of movies in the 80s like The World According to Garp (1982), The Big Chill (1983), The Natural (1984), and Fatal Attraction (1987), for which she was also nominated for several Academy Awards.

What made her a great attraction was her role as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmations in 1996. In the 80s, she changed her hairstyle several times but what remained a constant was her blonde hair.

5. Daryl Hannah

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Daryl Hannah

Gorgeous Daryl Hannah started her acting career in the 70s and then adapted major roles in many films in the 80s. She played some roles in Blade Runner in 1982 and in a horror film called The Final Terror in 1983.

She also acted in various music videos in the 80s. She didn’t succeed in getting a major award in her acting career but she still made a mark on her fans and film enthusiasts.

6. Jessica Lange

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Jessica Lange

Born in 1949 and starting her career in 1976 with a bad remake of King Kong, Jessica Lange instantly became a favorite of filmmakers because of her strong acting skills and a face that could turn heads.

Throughout her career, she was nominated for many awards and won a few Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards to her name. She became famous for her role as Frances in a biopic called Frances in 1982.

After her many performances in various movies in the 1980s, she soon became an A-list Hollywood actress with blonde hair.

7. Kathleen Turner

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Kathleen Turner

Doing her breakthrough with Body Heat in 1981, Kathleen Turner became the face of many shows that aired in the 80s.

Her roles in Romancing the Stone (1984), and Prizzi’s Honor (1985) earned her two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress.

All through her career, Kathleen mostly kept her shiny blonde hair shoulder length and didn’t try to grow it out. Her golden hair adds more beauty to her face.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Jamie Lee Curtis

This actress who loves wedge cut and pixie cut is often regarded as Scream Queen because of her various roles in films of the horror genre. She made her acting debut in 1977 and started getting the recognition she deserved in the 80s.

She won her BAFTA award for the best supporting actress in 1983 for the film Trading. Her BAFTA for the Best Actress was won in 1988 for the film A Fish Called Wanda.

She has always been a prominent actress in the 80s, 90s and 2000s. She is truly a gifted and talented actress in all sorts of ways.

9. Kelly Preston

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Kelly Preston

Although Kelly Preston wasn’t as well known as the other blonde actresses from the 80s, she still made a name for herself due to her acting in many drama and film productions.

Her blonde hair was usually permed in the 80s, just like many other actresses. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2020. May her soul rest in peace! She was truly a gem for the Hollywood industry.

10. Kristie Alley

Blonde Actress from The 80s-Kristie Alley

Most of you may know Kristie Alley as her role in the sitcom Cheers(1987-1993) where she performed gracefully and won an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award. She also appeared in The Wrath of Khan(1982), Summer School(1987), and Shoot to Kill(1988).

She also acted in many other popular films and TV productions in the 90s and 2000s. She died at the age of 71 in December 2022. Her last appearance on the red carpet let us know how beautiful her blonde hair was.

We mentioned some of the famous blonde actresses from the 80s who were famous due to their acting skills and their gorgeously styled blonde hair. They were confident about their hair and that’s why many still remember them for their stunning hairstyles.