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30 Cool Little Boy Braids That Are Trendy

Little boy braids are an easy and versatile way to experiment with your little boys’ hairstyle. Braids can make little boys look cuter and moreover they are very easy to achieve.

Even if you have a military haircut, your hair will suffice for the shortest braids. Long hair has the maximum number of possibilities to show off the creative side of the braids. Take a look at these amazing braids for boys and little boys that will inspire you.


Little Boy Braids Styles

Boy braids are trending and don’t set your boundaries when it comes to hairstyles. We have handpicked the most adorable braided hairstyles for little boys that you can pick for your little angel’s next hairstyle.

1. Short Hair with Thin Braids

little boy's rattail braid

Remember the infamous rat tail that little boys used to sport in the 90s? It’s making a comeback as a braid hairstyle! Just leave one strand of hair longer on either the left or right side and braid it to help it stand out.


2. Lineup on Braid Ponytail

man bun braids for little boys

Does your little boy love having long hair? Make lots of thin- to medium-size braids and show him how to wear them up in a “man” bun. A lineup haircut will set this style apart from other braid ponytails and make your little man feel more grown up. 


3. French Braid with Fade

boy's blue braid


From the shiny electric blue hair color to the masculine French braid, this little boy’s hairstyle is all about the details. He’ll appreciate the short faded sides but love the character the color and braid give him.


4. Undercut with Cornrows

braided hairstyle for little boys

If you have a little boy with natural black hair who simply wants to experiment with a new hairstyle, show him the beauty of cornrow braids. This little boy’s braid hairstyle features cornrows on the top half, and natural hair underneath either faded or just short.


5. Lineup Haircut with Cornrows 

Young boys who want that fresh, poppin’ braided haircut will fall in love with how a lineup defines their face shape. For the length of these cornrow braids, hair should be at least shoulder-length. Leave the ends natural to show off curls when gathered in a ponytail.


6. High Fade with Braids

This little boys’ braided hairstyle is basically a higher version of Dutch braids. What makes them boyish, however, is the high faded sides. They’re easy to maintain at home with a pair of clippers.


7. Buzz Cut with Top Braid

little boy's braided hairstyle

There are two levels of buzzed hair in this boy’s style. The circular shape of the second buzz leads up to a single braid at the crown of the head. If your little boy wants to play with color, have fun with a temporary spray-on in blue or green!


8. Colorful Braid Extensions

For kiddos whose hair isn’t long enough to make braids with, that’s where extensions become helpful. Let your little boy choose braids in his favorite colors, then simply have a stylist attach them to his natural hair for instant cuteness. 


9. Multi-Directional Tiny Cornrows

braids for little boys


We love the intricacy of these thin cornrow braids for little boys with natural black hair. For a more flattering style than braids that go directly back from the hairline, make them flow in different directions. You can dress up the braids with gold or silver hair cuffs.


10. Extra Thin Braids for Medium Hair

little boy with middle parted braids

Any little boy with hair that is about shoulder-length needs a haircut that can keep up with how active he is. These extra thin cornrow braids are ideal. They’ll keep hair off the face and need only minimal touchups throughout the day.


11. Little Boy Bun with Braids

braided bun for little boy

This little boy braids style looks cool and is trending a lot. Little boys can too rock the look. Mix their braids with a bun to have a masculine look. You can simply club two braids together with the bun. You can also run from the forehead into the topknot to create some texture. This single or double bun works well with multiple plaits.


12. Natural Twist Hairstyle

natural twisted hairstyle for little boys

A unique little boy hairstyle. Braids don’t have to be the traditional 3-strand style. Some boys have naturally curly hair. In order to get the natural approach to their braids, one can simply twist the hair and end up getting the awesome look. It is recommended for boys who like the easy-going hairstyles.


13. Braided Locks for Little Afro Boys

little boy's dreadlock braids

Locks are the most versatile things which can be easily braided to give an interesting braid hairstyle for little boys. It looks good for a broad range of hairstyles.


14. Little Boy Cornrows

little boy's hairstyle with cornrow

Being one of the most popular little boy braids, cornrows are those types of tight braids which are worn close to the head. You can either go with two-lane cornrows followed by a middle parting or simply do single plait cornrows. It brings a nice texture to the hair and even let the barber’s style your hair intricately.


15. Two Small Braid Hairstyles

small braided hairstyle for little boy

This two braided hairstyle is easy to do. All you have to do is to divide your hair into two sections and side part it. Choose the smaller section and start creating two overlapping braids across the edge of an undercut.


16. The Fishtail Braid

boy's fishtail braid

It is one of the easiest braids to do. If you want a bohemian approach for your braids, you can easily go with the fishtail braids.


17. Fishbone Braids

This type of braided hairstyle does not require much effort. It is widely embraced and looks good for most little boys. It includes longer hair to pull off, but the result is an eye candy. Before proceeding with this hairstyle, it is recommended to part your hair in symmetry.


18. Back Crown Braid

Crown braids are generally done in the front part. But if you want something unique and versatile, you can definitely try getting the crown braids on the back part of your head. This gives an original look to the style.

One of the easiest ways to do back crown braid is first to proceed with the two traditional braids and then just pin them one over the other. This will create a temporary braid hairstyle for little boys.


19. Reverse Braid

braid hairstyle for little boys

If you’re looking to try a manly braid for boys, go for this hairstyle. Growing teenagers who have soft and fine hair can easily go with the reverse braid hairstyle than the traditional one. In order to get this hairstyle, tip your head upside down. Now start braiding from your nape. Once done, just end it in a knot or just tie it.


20. The Dutch Braid

dutch braid for little boy

This little boy braid style is famous among those to have thicker hair. The Dutch braids end up making your hair look richer and thicker. In the African hair community, this hairstyle is considered as Ghana braiding.


little boy box braids




little boy braided hairstyles




braid styles for little boy




little boy braids


Try these hairstyles today to get your favorite rappers to look. The braids are fun and nice-looking to have and even they tend to stay intact for a longer amount of time.