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100 Splendid Little Boy Haircuts for 2024

When you are looking for a cute little boy haircut you might get a bit confused browsing through many different options. Most of the time mothers choose something very simple and low in maintenance in order not to bother with the boy’s hair. 

Little guys don’t understand what taking care of their hair is all about and will rarely use a hairbrush. However, there are some interesting hairstyles that require a few minutes of the mom’s attention in the morning and look fantastic all day long. Little boys often have fine and thin hair, so make sure to consider the hair type before choosing the style for your child.


How to Pick A Hairstyle for Your Little Boy?

little boy haircut and hairstyle

The thing with little boys is that you get to have a massive say on the subject of his haircut. He may not like it always and you may be tempted to choose functionality over aesthetics.

However, a bad haircut or hairstyle takes time to grow out and your little toddler can be facing a world of taunts meanwhile. So take a look at some of the key pointers while choosing little boy haircuts.

The shape of the face: A haircut – at any age – should be chosen basis the shape of the face. For instance, if your boy has a round face, focus on adding volume to the hair, without making it look bulky.

The volume is aimed at sharpening the angles of the face. If his face is oval, you can focus on textures. or a square face, it works to keep the hairstyle short, and aiming upwards, so as to elongate the face.

Ambient temperature: The season of the year plays an important role in the choice of little boy haircuts. Summers demand a trim and clean neck. This prevents accumulation of sweat and itchy nape. During winters, however, you can let your boy grow out his hair, particularly over the ears.

Expected maintenance:  Not all hairstyles are low-maintenance. Some definitely require some amount of styling product and blowdrying to get the right look, in the absence of which it can defeat the purpose of the style.

For regular days – viz. not vacations and breaks – it is easier to stick to straight-forward hairstyles that can be easily managed and maintained. If you are out on a vacation or if your boy is headed to a camp, then you may experiment with some rad hairstyles!


Short Hair or Long Hair: How to Decide?

little boy haircut - short or long

In fact, the most basic checkpoint to cross while deciding on little boy haircuts is whether to keep the hair long or short. The answer lies simply in the shape of the face and the ability to maintain the hairstyle.

As we discussed above, not all hairstyles are meant for every kind of face. You may need to accentuate certain aspects of the face while discounting some others.

Similarly, you must remember that little boys are hardly able to take care of their own hair; they really have no time for that. So you are stuck with monitoring the health and style of your kid’s hair. The longer the hair, the more troublesome it is.

It needs regular grooming and maintenance. Especially when the little boy is headed out to school, what with getting him ready, taking care of the hair is an added task. Shorter hair, on the other hand, is relatively easier to handle.

Of course, some styles of short hair need to be styled for best effect, but still, the time required to arrange short hair is far less than that taken for long hair.


How to Maintain Little Boy’s Hair

Once you get your little boy his haircut it is time to go for the regular maintenance. Without proper care, not only does the haircut lose its shape and form, but the hair too becomes lanky and listless. Here are some quick tips for maintaining a haircut for a good, long time.

  • Choose the right haircut: Prevention is better than cure. A particular haircut may look cool on your little boy for one evening, but on a daily basis, it could be a nightmare to control. Do not go for a haircut that you know you cannot handle. Left uncared for, haircuts tend to lose their shape and shine, until you have to go for a trim pretty soon.
  • Use the right products: In order to maintain good hair health and retain the haircut, it is advisable to use the best quality of shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Not all products are compatible with your boy’s hair. You should be careful about what you put on your boy’s head, lest the strong chemicals cause some adverse reaction to the skin and hair.
  • Proper post-wash care: Wet, soppy hair is not something you should hurry with. It is always advisable to let the hair dry out – either completely or mostly – before starting any styling process. Damp hair under styling products like gel and hair is not healthy for the hair.
  • Styling: Use a soft styling gel, whenever possible, unless you need to maintain a hairstyle for an extended period of time, avoid harsh chemicals. Same goes for blow drying. Minimizes the exposure to heat on a daily basis.


The Best Haircuts for Little Boys

If your son knows something about style, he will probably want to get the most fashionable haircut on the block. However, he will doubtfully be styling it every morning.

So if you are going for something complicated, remember that the styling job will be up to you and most likely by the time he gets home from school, he’ll have a mess on his head. If you are brave enough to deal with these setbacks, then you’ll like this small collection of amazing haircuts for all the cutest little boys out there.

1. Layered Blonde Hairstyle

blonde haircut for little boys

This is cute little boy hairstyle has loads of layered and looks pretty messy. It also features layered bangs that can be spread on the forehead or even tossed on one side. It is low maintenance and requires occasional trims. 


2. Baby Mohawk

mohawk haircut for little boys

When your child is young, you can experiment with all sorts of hairstyles. Shave the sides and create a mohawk. To make it look even cooler, use just a pinch of hair gel to make it look spiky. Your little man will look absolutely gorgeous.


3. Mid Fade

haircuts for little black boys

A mid fade is ideal for boys with thick, coarse hair. Use a mid fade for the sides and back and keep the top a little bit longer. The hairstyle is quite low maintenance and a great option for moms that want to get their son a simple hairstyle that looks good and is easy to manage.


4. Funky Hairstyle

hairstyle for little boys

If you want your son to look cool from a young age, this cute hairstyle for boys is everything he needs. It is quite hard to recreate, requires a lot of patience, but the outcome is fabulous. Create hair rows and start each row with a small section of hair. Use it to create a ponytail. Take another hair section and style another pony, including the previous tie. 


5. Afro Hair

curly hairstyle for little boys

You have so many options when your little man has such gorgeous Afro hair. You can opt for braids, buns, and all sorts of unusual knits. However, keeping the hair untied is the hardest hairstyle for a mom. It requires a lot of detangling, but the hair will look stunning. You can use a hairband to keep the front hair away from the face. 


6. Medium Layered Hair with Bangs

long haircut for little boys

This is one of the cutest hairstyles for boys and probably one of the most practical. It gorgeously frames the face, has multiple layers and the bangs are just above the eyes. It is messy, playful, and so low maintenance. 


7. Thin Braids

dreadlocks for little boys

Thin braids are ideal protective hairstyles for young boys with rich hair. Section the mane into small pieces and braid each section. This way, your child hair will be protected by external factors that cause damage to coarse hair. 


8. Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair

thick hair for little boys

This medium cute hairstyle for boys works like a charm for little gentlemen with thick hair. It looks like a longer bowl cut where the bangs are tossed and flipped on one side. To get the best out of this hairstyle, use a rounded brush when drying your kid’s hair. 


9. Crazy Spikes

messy hairstyle for little boys

If your kid loves messy, crazy looks, you must try this cute hairstyle for boys. Keep the hair in medium length and make it look messy by tousling the hair. Use hair gel to create spikes and obtain that wet look. 


10. Colored Messy Hair

hair color for little boys

When he loves getting all the attention, you must find a hairstyle that suits him. This colored, messy hairstyle is everything your little one needs if he has blonde hair. Part the hair in sections, use colored hair spray, and finally, tousle the hair. 


11. The layered cut

If your boy’s hair is reasonable straight and you are willing to let him sport a long hairstyle, try the layered cut.  It comes sweeping and cascades over the forehead. It is a stylish haircut and slightly difficult to achieve and may not appeal to your little kid during summers, but you can give it a go during those cold winters.


12. The mop

The classic mop top is a cute hairstyle for little boys with an inherently scruffy head of curly or wavy hair. Instead of snipping it close to the skull in an attempt to tame the hair, allow longer layers in the back of the head and leave wisps of hair on the forehead. Be mindful to keep the area around the ears clean.


13. The spliced hairstyle

For perfectly straight hair, you can also go a hairstyle involving shorter layers. This is the spliced hairstyle, which comes in jagged hair strands over the ears and short splices over the eyebrows. The purpose is to create an impression of volume when the straight hair falls over the forehead.


14. The pompadour

If you are bored of the traditionally floppy hairstyle that your boy with long hair is forced to sport, you can go for this trendy style. The key is to maintain a considerable length of the hair over the top of the head, while the sides and the back can be kept close-cropped.


15. The samurai cut

Best for summers, you can make your little boy look smart and cute at the same time, using the samurai cut. You can tie a small knot on top of the head, right at the center and trim off the sides. It is a very clean and pragmatic cut and requires almost no maintenance.


16. The boyband look

For all those aspiring rockstars out there, this is the style to go for. This is quite like the pompadour except that the hair of the sides of the head are kept longer and the longer slicks on the top of the head are shorter. This tuft of hair can be held up using gel or simply let be.


17. The fringe cut

You can keep long hair looking as messy as its meant to be – in a good, stylish way, of course – by going for the fringe cut. This gives a structure to the long wisps of hair in jagged ends which stay slopped on the top of the head and covering the ears. The back of the head is also voluminous.


18. The skater cut

This is a fairly simple hairstyle, wherein you can trim the hair as usual, and leave a slightly longer fringe towards the front of the head. This fringe can be made to fall in a variety of ways, depending on the style of the day. On little boys, this looks cute. For older boys, it looks cool.


19. Sidebangs

Bangs are a great option for boys with long hair. Instead of having them crown the forehead, you can have them sweep over to the side. That, paired with an undercut is one of the coolest little boy haircuts to rock. It does require some amount of styling using gels and maybe a tad hard to manage though.


20. The mushroom cut

If you simply can’t think of anything else, mushroom cuts are the way to go. Especially with a thick head of hair, the mushroom cut falls like a bowl over the head. It is acute, traditional style for little boys, although older boys might start objecting to that when they start having a say in their styles!


Little Boy Haircuts for Long Hair

21. Loose Waves

little boy's long blonde hair

One of the cutest things about little boys is that their hair tends to be wavy. For the little boy with blonde locks, embrace waves by letting hair grow long and not cutting bangs too short.


22. Top Knot

Top knots aren’t just for men and women with long hair. Give your little boy style of his own by gathering his hair into a loose top knot.


23. Long Mohawk

For those days when your little boy is feeling spunky, try a long mohawk. He’ll feel like a rockstar with the spiky locks.


24. Long and Messy

Little boys with long hair don’t need to go short just because society says so. Leave it long and give him some bedhead by not combing it perfectly.


25. Long and Curly

Curls on little boys are so cute and innocently childlike. Help your little guy be confident with his by taming it with a bit of product.


26. Medium Braids

Especially for little boys with natural black hair, cornrows are a super cool way to sport it. These medium braids begin at the hairline and can be secured in a bun or ponytail.


27. Blonde Curls

Little boy with curly hair

This little boy is absolutely adorable with his shoulder length curls. Minimal styling with a side part is all it takes to pull this look together.


28. Wavy with Bangs

The body of this little boy’s hair may be wavy but a bluntly cut bang draws attention to his big eyes. With short bangs, he’ll be able to see everything easily.


29. Side Part

A side part separates one long side and one short side on this little boy’s hairstyle. The short length is easy to maintain and the different lengths ensure it’s a unique look.


30. Springy Curls

Those tight kinky and springy curls on little boys are adorable and shouldn’t be hidden or cut. Keep your little guy’s hair long, using your fingers to “comb” it.


31. The shaggy hairstyle

This is one of those little boy haircuts that bring out the best in long hair. Bangs of uniform length all over the head makes for a messy top which looks adorable. It can be styled slick and may even be left as is. The deliberate untidiness is what endears the hairstyle to so many little boys.


32. The surfer haircut

Beachtime does not mean that you have to crop your little boy bald. In fact, long, spindly locks of hair over the face is an excellent hairstyle for a romp in the sea waves. you can keep the hair long over the head and the same length at the sides. this gives a windswept look to the hair, which looks pretty cool.


34. Side-swept hair

If your boy has long hair, you can have him control it a little by sweeping the hair all to one side. This means that one side of the head is required to have longer hair, and sides are determined by a soft parting, not exactly at the center. This hairstyle leaves hair on the forehead, which looks cute.


35. The undercut

This one is for the brave at heart. Admittedly not many boys can carry this off with gusto. The undercut means that a swathe of long hair will be concealing – only half-heartedly – a close-cropped head of hair. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be used as a short hairstyle as well as a long. In other words, you can let it loose, or tie it up in a bun.


36. Side-parted bangs

Long hair can be made to remain floppy, by sniping the bangs in a way that when the har is side-parted, the bangs fall loosely over the ears. There is no undercut involved in this hairstyle and so, a side-part (soft or hard) is the only way to go for it.


37. Extra long side sweep

If your little boy is fine with managing really long hair, you can go for this hairstyle. In this style, the hair on one side is kept short, but not entirely up to the crown. Instead, long bangs are left over the head and to the other side, as well as a little to the shorter side.

When all these long bangs are swept up and made to drape over the forehead, they are supposed to fall diagonally over the face, all the way down to the chin.


38. Textured waves

This is one of the cutest little boy haircuts for long hair. The long hair is allowed to be kept up to shoulder-length at the back, while at the sides, the hair is cut up into several layers, the longest of which reaches the lower end of the ears. This creates levels which curl up or down, making naturally straight hair look wavy.


39. The carefully careless

This hairstyle is identical to the textured waves as discussed above, but differs in the inclusion of layers even to the back of the head. This created the effect of a messy head of hair, fresh out of bed. On little boys, this looks very cute.


40. Plain bangs

For the safe option, cut your little boy’s long hair to a medium length, just stopping above the nape of the neck, so that it wisps over the ears as well. On the front, cut long, sweeping bangs that fall across the forehead. This is a typical sweet-boy-haircut, which makes long hair look trendy and smart.


Little boy haircuts for short hair

41. The spiky hair

This is the go-to little boy haircut for boys with straight hair. this hairstyle sticks close to the skull and is super easy to maintain. You can leave it unstyled or use gel, but either way, it stands to look smart and manageable, particularly on hot summer days, when sweat can make a longer hairstyle seem uncomfortable.


42. The short wisps

If you do not want to cut too close to the skull, you can choose the dreamy wisps. This hairstyle is also clean, especially towards the back of the head. The top of the head appears like a mish-mash of wisps overlapping on another. In effect, the wisps are all of the slightly different lengths, with a few of them draped over the forehead.


43. The mini mohawk

Little boys have quite a few tricks to stand out, the mini mohawk being one of them. Not only does it add volume, but it also is a break from all the goody-two-shoes little boy haircuts that boys with short hair are often relegated to. The Mohawk can be left as it is or may be styled with gel; both styles look equally chic.


44. The military hairstyle

The smart and the prim prefer the military hairstyle. Little boy haircuts are no different. Basically, these hairstyles go against the grain, this hairstyle is the poster boy of the use of clippers. You can go for an all-out army-man cut, all over the head, or you can focus some areas of the head where you retain some length of hair – the front or the crown.


45. The side-part

Short hair can be made to look voluminous by creating a hard parting and slicking back the mass of hair to one side. With a good smattering of gel and careful combing, you can make the brushed downside look slick, while faded side creates a nice balance.


46. The modified mushroom haircut

Short hair does put restrictions on the number of hairstyles you can try for your little boy. The trick is to make the cut give an illusion of volume.

This can be achieved by going for a modified mushroom cut, wherein, significant hair is left on the top of the head, while the portion below the ear-line is kept trimmed. This gives a bouncy feel to the hair.


47. The round haircut

The idea here is to keep one side bereft of length, while the other side should emphasise the same. This necessitates the creation of a side parting, although a hard part may not be necessary. The trick here is to have the hair swept up to one side, so that the all-in-all, the hair assumes a round shape.


48. The front spiky cut

Spiky hair can sometimes be just a bit too much, well, short. It is all good if you want a regular hairstyle, but if you want to add a touch of style, you keep only the front of the hair – just above the forehead in longer spikes, while you can lay the hair behind flat.


49. Buzz fade

Especially in summers, you want to let your little boy run around without having to whip his hair out of his eyes. The buzz fade, in that case, is an ideal little boy haircut style.

The region around the ears remains next to bare, with a minor stubble. As you move higher up the head, the hair remains close-cropped. You can glam up the style by adding a line and edges at the forehead.


50. The faux hawk

This one is pretty close to the mini mohawk. The only difference is that it is not as jaw-dropping! The sides, in this case, are not entirely shaved off. Rather, it is trimmed to a reasonable level and the focus is entirely on the tuft in the top of the head. This patch of long hair can be kept in place with a strong gel.


51. Edged hairstyle

You can bypass all the hassle and just stick to a crew cut. But that is boring, right? So you jazz it up with some creative buzzed patterns. A creative hairstylist and pick from a wide palette of curls and lines and zig-zags to make the hair look like that of a rock star.


52. The blue-collar haircut

Keep it strictly ‘professional’ with an investment-banker haircut! This, you can achieve, by buzzing the sides from behind the ears till about half of the forehead, and then maintaining long hair on the top of the head.


53. The designer neckline

You can out short hair to good use, by drawing focus away from the length of the hair to the pattern it can create. There is growing fad among men – as well as little boys – of buzzing the back of the head and using that clean area as a palette for some interesting patterns.


54. The spiky crop

You can make things look really groovy by using this haircut. It leaves the sides behind the ears buzzed up high. The front of the head sports medium-length fringes, while the crown of the head is designed in the form of layered spikes. This is an ideal style for little boy haircuts for short hair.


55. The modified jarhead

Akin to the crew cut or the military cut, you can customize this modified jarhead cut by keeping the heavy front bangs longer. Also, instead of going all neat at the back of the head, you can also add a few textured spikes to the crown, to make it look stylish.


56. The spiked rows

Instead of creating spikes that stand up individually, you can select bunches of hair in a straight line, tending diagonally across the head and cut up layered spikes. This creates a nice, wavy effect on the top of the head and adds the much-needed volume.


57. The asymmetric spikes

Seems like the spikes are the go-to solution to all little boy haircuts for short hair. You can create a variation in this hairstyle, though, by chopping up messy spikes over the head. Its not that the spikes are all of the different lengths, but they need to snipe in a way that they point helter-skelter, giving an asymmetric look to the hairdo.


58. The line-up

Short hair looks good when it is buzzed, but what can take the buzz to a wholly different level is to create a line-up on the forehead. It creates a nice outline and accentuates the tidiness of the hair, something that can rarely be achieved with long hair.


59. The low bald

You can create a neat version of a regular haircut on short hair by cleaning up high above the nape of the neck. You can balance the lack of hair on the back by allowing fringes on the front (which can be swept to the side or quiff-ed up).


60. Sideburn fades

In addition to the crop up top, you can choose to fade gradually the sideburns of your little boy too. Ideally, this should be accompanied by a low neck fade as well, so that the two buzzed regions meet and proceed upwards into thicker strands


61. Spiky fohawk

Spiky Fohawk hairstyle for little boy

This should be the number one choice of all moms out there since it is very easy to make. The basis of this hairstyle is a simple taper fade. All you need to do is spike up some hair in the middle.


62. The real deal

If you are brave enough to go for a real mohawk, then your son will surely shine among his peers. Remember, this hairstyle will need regular touch-ups since little boys’ hair grows very fast.


63. Blowout mohawk

Blowout mohawk hairstyle for boy

This is a mixed little boy hairstyle that consists of a blowout and a mohawk. It’s a complicated variation that will take some time to keep neat. Consider this options for boys older than 6.

Cute & Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts


64. The fohawk

fohawk hairstyle for little boys

This fohawk is a great idea for boys who hate hair care. The hair will not get into their eyes or become too messy. Just the top part should be styled on a daily basis. You can make it as short as you wish.


65.  Be simple


A simple Ivy League haircut is a good choice for boys who go to school. The hair is short enough to avoid brushing yet long enough for the hairstyle not to look too outrageous.


66.  The crest

13 years old little boy crest haircut

Creating a crest is an easy way to go about a little boy’s hairstyle. If your boy’s hair is longer than 3 inches, you can create a voluminous crest by spiking it up and securing it with hair gel.


67.  Short Bangs


If your little cutie has fine straight hair, he will look terrific with short bangs. If a simple hairstyle with bangs is not enough, spike up his locks a bit and he will immediately become very stylish.


Little boy haircuts for boys with thin hair

68. The classic man

If your little boy has thin hair, then you can try the classic hairstyle. Keeping the back of the head, especially near the nape of the neck clean and close-cropped, you can leave a single head of hair on the top. This hairstyle can be slicked back by gel after a side parting or may even be back-combed, as the occasion warrants.


69. The punk

Thin hair need not mean fewer hairstyles. In fact, it indicates bolder choices. If you are so inclined, take a trimmer to the hair and shave a pattern, You can pair up this hairstyle with some other forms like adding a pompadour, or you may also choose to keep a sweep of hair long at the nape of the neck.


70. Slicked back

Instead of finding ways to make thin hair look voluminous, you can simply slick back the hair over the head. You need to keep the hair on the top center of the head long, while the ones on the side may be kept of medium length. With a good styling cream, you can slick back the hair over the scalp to give a polished look.


71. The classic haircut

If you are not a fan of anything flashy, and your boy has thin hair, you can opt for a simple, classic cut, with a full forehead and back. It is not too short, nor is too lengthy, making it just the hairstyle to sport for a regular day.


72. The piecey

This is a very measured cut, especially suited for boys with thin hair. In this hairstyle, the inner hair is kept short, while the bangs and the outer layers are kept long. This adds texture to the hair and lets it develop thickness.


73. The hipster

You can mask the lack of volume on your toddler’s head by going for this hairstyle. This little boy haircut keeps the hair close-cropped all around the head – from the ears to the back and extending to the crown of the head.

From thereon, long strands are maintained, forward-swept, overhanging the forehead. This gives a trim and full look to the hair.


74. Subtle spikes

Spikes are a good idea for short hair, and also for thinning hair. Albeit, with thinning hair, it is slightly difficult to maintain a close-cropped spike. You can instead, keep most of the head close-cropped, except the top of the head.

There you can keep the hair slightly longer so that they stand up in the form of spikes. These spikes will be longer than usual so that the spikes are not that sharp.


75. The side-sweep

You can keep things traditional when going for little boy haircuts. This means that you can simply have the hair trimmed to a reasonable length and sweep up a tuft to one side, without any discernible side-parting. This style is subdued and very smart.


76. Different Lengths

An effective way to hide thin hair is to have it cut in different lengths; smaller near the ears and the back of the head, and as you progress up the scalp, you can keep longer strands. The top of the head can sport the original length of the hair.


77. Shapely choppy

This is an excellent hairstyle for little boys with short hair. Keeping the area starting from behind the ears up to the middle of the forehead buzzed, the hair at the edge of this buzzed part can be kept blunt. Then you can work around with some clever undercuts to create a choppy effect on the top of the head.


78. Front fringes

Conceal the thin hair by shaping some fringes in the front of the face. Do make sure though, that these fringes do not cover too much of the facial features. You can choose to have them slicked upwards or backward. The aim is to concentrate the hair towards the front of the face.


Little boy haircuts for boys with thick hair

79. Keep it up top

If your boy has a thick mane of hair that is almost unmanageable, try keeping it out of harm’s way. You can achieve this by cropping the sides of the head very close to the skull, all the way from behind the ears to the front hairline. Keep a tuft of the thick hair on the top of the head and let it cover the trim in the front.


80. Front pompadour

Thick hair has its advantages, although the biggest demerit is the inability of the possessor to manage the hair in a way in which it looks tied down and neat.

Short of doing a full pompadour, you can simply snip the hair in a way that the back of the head starts close-cropped, and the hair blends into progressively longer slick of hair.

The hair ends towards the front in a tuft. Be careful to maintain the length of the hair in the front such that it does flop over the forehead.


81. Textured crop

You can give thick hair a textured look, creating several levels and restricting it to the top of the head. This is not exactly a pompadour. rather it is more muted and looks fuller. The several choppy layers give a tousled appearance to the hair.


82. The high top

You can accentuate your little boy’s thick mane of hair by creating a high top, covering most of the top of the head, and be tapering down into a gentle fade along the side and behind the ears. This kind of hairstyle looks good if the boy has frizzy or wavy hair, which creates a nice crown.


83. Short wavy

If your little boy has thick and wavy hair, you can try this cut which looks very groovy indeed. Keeping the region around the ears clean, you can snipe the crop of wavy hair is layers. Using some soft gel can keep the layers in place.


84. The French crop

If your boy’s thick mane of hair is straight and not wavy, then you can try the above style, only you can keep the chops longer and use a styling gel to have the strands pointing upwards and in different directions. You can focus on the back-center of the head and create a scruff too, which adds to the casually prim look.


85. The classic undercut

If you are looking for little boy haircuts that are eye-catching and easy to maintain, go for the classic undercut. An undershave to the sides with a long tuft of hair at the top of the head allows you to sweep that tuft any which way you like. If your boy has a longish face, you can sweep the tuft in a circular motion, to keep the top of the head flat.


86. Cornrows

If you are bold enough to let your little boy sport some killer hairstyle, go for cornrows. Thick hair will allow the hairstylist to braid slivers of hair close to the scalp. These braids will create natural borders on the head, separated by swathes of pulled in hair.


87. The retro haircut

Thick hair on your boy’s head can be styled in a retro fashion easily. Maintaining a soft parting, you can have one side of the head trimmed shorter than the other side. The hair on the longer side can then be flipped in a curl or a wave, in keeping with a retro style.


88. Short and Spiked

little boy short haircut

Adding spiky texture to your little boy’s short hair is easy to do with product and finger shaping.


89. Spiky Fade

little boy hairstyle

Whether it’s just for picture day or as an everyday hairstyle, spiky texture is always a flattering look on little boys.


90. Long Wavy Fade

little boy wavy hair

Give contrast to long or medium waves with a medium or high fade on just one side of the head. Hair will no longer be unruly and the fade gives the style a touch of edge.


91. Short Natural Hair

african american little boy haircuts

Black little boys don’t often rock any other hairstyle other than natural ‘fros or cornrows. But a high fade will have them looking dapper with the top section of hair cut short.


92. Voluminous Top

little boy haircuts

If you’ve never given your kiddo a blow out, try one tonight to get this voluminous top. Cut sides short to avoid the look going too poofy and funky looking.


93. Ginger Side Bangs

ginger hair little boy

People don’t often see red-haired little boys so when they do, they should see one with a rockin’ haircut! Layer his bangs to get a side fringe, leaving the rest of his hair just a little longer.


94. Shaved Detailed Fade

little boy pattern haircut

Why go with just a fade for your little boy’s short haircut when he can have fun with shaved details as well? He can pick letters, shapes, or other symbols to edge it up.


95. Side Swept Hair

Combing hair to one side is a very grown up look for little boys. Avoid making it too smooth and perfect by using fingers to shape piecey sections.


96. Crew Cut

Crew cuts are a common hairstyle choice for parents with little boys. Short hair is super easy to maintain and the style looks good on pretty much every boy.


97. Colorful Hair

little boy green hair

Is your kid on the more daring side of hairstyles? While lime green is definitely a standout hair color, give your little boy free reign to experiment with any color he desires to add pop to his hair.


98. Combed to the Side

If your little boy has at least several inches of hair, comb as much of it as you can to one side. It’s perfect for holidays and picture day!


99. Natural Hair

 afro hairstyle for little boy

You may prefer your little boy to have short hair, but there’s no reason that it can’t still have texture! Natural short black curls need only a little product.


100. Line Up

little boy curly hair

A lineup haircut doesn’t have to just be for older men. Your little boy can rock it with his natural curls.


Most of these hairstyles are very easy to create and won’t take too much of your time. If you want your little boy to always look his best, start teaching him the importance of the right hairstyle as early as possible.