7 Splendid Haircuts for Cute Little Boys That Moms Will Love

When you are looking for a cute little boy haircut you might get a bit confused browsing through many different options. Most of the time mothers choose something very simple and low in maintenance in order not to bother with the boy’s hair. Little guys don’t understand what taking care of their hair is all about and will rarely use a hairbrush. However, there are some interesting hairstyles that require a few minutes of the mom’s attention in the morning and look fantastic all day long. Little boys often have fine and thin hair, so make sure to consider the hair type before choosing the style for your child.


Fun Haircuts for Little Boys and Their Mothers to Enjoy

If your son knows something about style, he will probably want to get the most fashionable haircut on the block. However, he will doubtfully be styling it every morning. So if you are going for something complicated, remember that the styling job will be up to you and most likely by the time he gets home from school, he’ll have a mess on his head. If you are brave enough to deal with these setbacks, then you’ll like this small collection of amazing haircuts for all the cutest little boys out there.

1. Spiky fohawk

Spiky Fohawk hairstyle for little boy

This should be the number one choice of all moms out there since it is very easy to make. The basis of this hairstyle is a simple taper fade. All you need to do is spike up some hair in the middle.

2. The real deal

30/09/2015 - Ben Anderson a pupil at Torbridge High School says he has been banned from going outside at breaktimes by teachers because his hair is too short. Contact mother - 07850 129 627 Steph Anderson. Pic by Paul Slater

If you are brave enough to go for a real mohawk, then your son will surely shine among his peers. Remember, this hairstyle will need regular touch-ups since little boys’ hair grows very fast.

3. Blowout mohawk

Blowout mohawk hairstyle for boy

This is a mixed little boy hairstyle that consists of a blowout and a mohawk. It’s a complicated variation that will take some time to keep neat. Consider this options for boys older than 6.

Cute & Adorable Baby Boy Haircuts

4.  The fohawk


This fohawk is a great idea for boys who hate hair care. The hair will not get into their eyes or become too messy. Just the top part should be styled on a daily basis. You can make it as short as you wish.

5.  Be simple


A simple Ivy League haircut is a good choice for boys who go to school. The hair is short enough to avoid brushing yet long enough for the hairstyle not to look too outrageous.

6.  The crest

13 years old little boy crest haircut

Creating a crest is an easy way to go about a little boy’s hairstyle. If your boy’s hair is longer than 3 inches, you can create a voluminous crest by spiking it up and securing it with hair gel.

7.  Short bangs


If your little cutie has fine straight hair, he will look terrific with short bangs. If a simple hairstyle with bangs is not enough, spike up his locks a bit and he will immediately become very stylish.

Most of these hairstyles are very easy to create and won’t take too much of your time. If you want your little boy to always look his best, start teaching him the importance of the right hairstyle as early as possible.