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Can I Bleach My Hair After Dyeing It Black?

Can you bleach dyed black hair? It can be a tricky process, but with the proper knowledge and care it’s possible. 

Let’s explore the pros and cons of bleaching dyed black hair and if there’s a safe method to do so.

Is It Possible to Bleach Hair After Dyeing It Black?

Can I Bleach My Hair After Dyeing It Black?

Yes, you can bleach your hair after dyeing it black. However, there is a risk of damage, so proceed with caution. You should assess your hair condition and treat it to repair if there is any damage. We recommend you visit a professional colorist for this.

You must take precautions to protect your hair and ensure the best results. The process requires a special bleaching agent strong enough to lift the dark color without damaging or drying out your locks. 

Before bleaching your dyed black hair, you should give sufficient time for the scalp’s natural oils to restore and safeguard strands from further harm during the lightening process. 

Additionally, this waiting period allows for any underlying pigment left behind by the original dye job to fade away as much as possible before stripping it.


  • It’s not recommended to DIY bleach your hair after dyeing it black at home unless you know what you’re doing.
  • You should go to a specialist colorist to avoid damaging your hair.
  • If you try to save money by doing it at home, it’s a high chance you’ll end up ruining your hair.
  • Bleaching your hair at a salon can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment to achieve the desired result without damaging your hair.

How Soon Can I Bleach Dyed Black Hair?

bleach dye on black hair

If you’re thinking about bleaching dyed black hair, give yourself at least two weeks before taking any action, and this allows enough time for the color to settle in fully and become permanent within the strands of your hair. 

It also gives any potential irritation from dying or chemical treatments time to heal completely before attempting another.

When deciding how soon you can bleach dyed black hair, consider what type of dye you used and how long ago it was applied. If you used a semi-permanent dye, waiting two weeks should be enough. 

However, if you used a permanent dye or if more than three months have passed since application, additional steps may be needed before bleaching, such as using a clarifying shampoo or stripping agent first.

You should exercise caution even though this might seem easy when considering going lighter from darker shades. If gone wrong, reversing can be challenging, leaving only one option: starting again.

How to Bleach Black Hair Dye?

Let’s take a look at this procedure step by step.

Prepare Your Hair for Bleaching

ways to bleach black dyed hair

Before lightening dyed black hair, prepare the tresses by cleansing them with a clarifying shampoo and then thoroughly drying them. 

This will remove any oils or dirt interfering with the bleaching process. When handling bleach, do not forget to wear protective gloves as their contact can cause severe damage to the skin and eyes.

Mix the Bleach Properly

The next step in bleaching dyed black hair is mixing the bleach solution according to package instructions. Usually, 1 part bleach powder with 2 part developer (20/30 vol). Make sure to use quality products.

Once mixed, pour some of the solutions into an applicator bottle so you can apply directly onto sections of your hair without making a mess on yourself or your surroundings.

Apply the Bleaching Solution

bleach on black dyed hair

Now that you have everything prepared, begin applying small sections of bleach at a time onto dry strands of hair using an applicator brush or comb for even coverage from root to tip all over your head (or just on certain areas). 

Leave each section in place for about 15 minutes before moving on until you’ve covered all desired areas thoroughly with bleach – being careful not to let any drip down onto exposed skin. 

Then rinse thoroughly afterward using cool water only (no shampoo) and pat dry gently with a towel before continuing.

Condition Hair After Bleaching

Once you’re done rinsing out all traces of bleach from your scalp/hairline area, it is time for conditioning. 

Using a deep conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair helps nourish and protect newly lightened strands while keeping them healthy and vibrant and adding extra moisture where needed. 

Let sit according to directions, then rinse off after 10 minutes before styling as usual. And there you have it – lighter locks than ever before.

So, Can You Bleach Your Dyed Black Hair?

You can bleach your dyed black hair, but it must be done cautiously. 

Carefully follow all instructions and enlist professional help to avoid potential damages such as breakage and discoloration due to incorrect application methods or harsh chemicals used during bleaching. 

With proper care and attention given throughout each stage of lightening colored strands, you can safely achieve beautiful results when transitioning from darker hues into lighter shades.