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Can You Mix Conditioner with Hair Dye and Developer?

Trying to change your hair color look can leave you with all sorts of questions running around your head. One of the most common ones we see is: Can I mix conditioner with hair dye and developer?

That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you determine if you can mix conditioner with hair dye and developer and if not what else you can do to protect your hair while dyeing.

Is Mixing Conditioner with Hair Dye and Developer Good?

Mixing conditioner with a hair dye that contains a developer is not recommended by hair coloring experts. This practice can interfere with the dyeing process and lead to disappointing results.

There are no real pros to mixing conditioner with hair dye and developer. The only potential benefit is that it could make the dye less damaging to your hair, but this is not guaranteed.

A developer helps to open the hair cuticle and allow the dye molecules to penetrate. Conditioners can neutralize the developer and prevent it from working properly.

Effects of Mixing Conditioner with Hair Dye and Developer

conditioner with hair dye and developer

As mentioned earlier, mixing these little products can leave you with unexpected results for various reasons. These include the following two:

Unexpected Results

Using a product is one thing, but using three different products with different ingredients is a whole new ballgame!

Each product uses specific components to achieve the desired results of its purpose. However, when you mix these components, there’s no clear way to predict how they’ll behave.

Although, in this case, all the products are designed to treat hair, putting them together can cause unexpected outcomes. You could damage your hair, leaving it feeling too greasy, brittle, or just plain weird!

Also, let’s not forget that you could create a whole new product that could cause your skin to feel irritated or dry.

Unattractive Colors and Odd Patches

Do you know the difference between a conditioner and a hair developer? If not, allow us to explain! Conditioners are mainly there to help moisturize your hair and keep it healthy and shiny.

Hair developers, on the other hand, aim to lift your hair cuticles for the hair dye to penetrate and retain its color for as long as possible. It also helps you get the exact shade promised on the box.

Now, you aren’t meant to use these products simultaneously but one after the other. First, you use the dye and developer, then condition your hair immediately.

So, when you incorporate the conditioner into the main dyeing mixture, you dilute the developer and dye, resulting in a less vibrant shade with uneven application.

Neutralizes the Developer

The developer activates the dye and allows it to penetrate the hair. Conditioner can interact with the developer and neutralize its cuticle-opening effects.

This makes it difficult for the dye to enter the cuticle and cortex for consistent, uniform color deposit.

Leads to Faster Fading

Conditioner alters the viscosity and texture of the dye mixture, making application messy and difficult to control. The extra slipperiness causes drips and streaks rather than neat, precise application.

Since the dye is unable to properly bind to the hair when mixed with conditioner, the color tends to fade more quickly. The color will require frequent touch-ups and refreshing.

Can You Mix Conditioner with Hair Dye?

mixing conditioner with hair dye and developer

You can mix conditioner with your dye if you are using a semi-permanent dye. As a developer is a necessary component of permanent hair dye you shouldn’t mix conditioner with permanent hair dye.

Now, if you mix hair dye and conditioner without a developer it might not be the best idea, but it’s not an entirely bad idea either. 

On the plus side, adding conditioner can make the dye mixture creamier, which could mean:

  • Easier to apply and distribute evenly
  • Less abrasive on your hair and scalp
  • Can help deposit color more uniformly for less splotchiness
  • May reduce irritation or itchiness some people get

But there are also some potential cons to keep in mind:

  • Can dilute the dye and give you a lighter color than expected
  • Different conditioners have different ingredients, so the results could vary
  • Color might fade faster, especially if the conditioner contains silicones
  • Risk of weird chemical reactions you didn’t anticipate

So, it’s best to contact the brand or a hair professional before doing anything. Make sure to mention what products you’re using, including the brand names, and if they’ll go well together. If they don’t respond or give you a clear answer, it’s best to take it as a “no.” 

Tips to Keep In Mind When Coloring Your Hair

things to consider when coloring hair

If everything is alright and your hair and skin are ready for this adventure, then here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Always Patch Test

At the risk of sounding redundant, please don’t forget to perform a patch test first to avoid any skin aggravation.

You can do this by taking the mixture you’ve created and applying it to a small area in your body. If all is good after 24 hours, you can go ahead and dye your hair!

Stay Away from Hot Tools

Straightening, curling, or generally using heat is a daily routine for many of us out there. However, you must avoid using any blow dryer or curling irons for about a week or so before dyeing your hair.

Why, you might wonder? Unfortunately, the constant use of heat tools can dry and brittle your hair. So, when it’s time to dye it, you’ll find that the color won’t take as well. 

Get the Right Product

We understand you can find the color you want in Walmart or Target, but why not go all out? If you’re going to dye your hair, you might as well make sure it looks super good!

Consider heading to a salon or a beauty supply store, where you can shop for the perfect products and ask around for what you need.

So, Can You Mix Conditioner with Hair Color and Developer?

While conditioner is a fantastic product for maintaining hair health and manageability, it’s not recommended to mix it with hair dye and developer.

If you’re looking to protect your hair dyeing, consider using post-color treatments or a semi-permanent hair dye that doesn’t contain a developer so you can mix it with conditioner.

Also, make sure to perform a patch test to avoid any unpleasant skin conditions or weird discoloration. Good luck and happy coloring!

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