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Can You Mix Two Hair Colors From the Same Brand?

Are you looking to get creative with your hair color but are worried about mixing products from the same brand?

It’s natural to have concerns, especially given dry can take its toll on our how when not used correctly. Mixing two products can produce incredible results that aren’t ordinarily available out of the box.

We’ll definitively answer the question, “Can you mix two hair colors from the same brand” and provide practical tips to help you get the perfect shade for you.

Is It Safe to Mix Two Hair Colors From the Same Brand?

Yes, you can mix two hair colors from the same brand if the colors are of the same type, have identical developing times, and are mixed in a proper ratio. It’s a technique often used by professional hair stylists to achieve a custom shade.

In that context, you’ll need to check if the colors are compatible and whether the shades are permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary.

You can not mix two different types of dye even if they belong to the same brand. For instance, you shouldn’t mix an Arctic Fox semi-permanent dye with a permanent Arctic Fox dye.

However, it’s best to be cautious with dye, so always use a strand test before full application.

Mixing Two Colors from the Same Brand

mixing compatible hair dyes from same brand

While you can mix hair colors from the same brand, you will need to first check the type of hair dye. Each color product has a unique formulation and process.

Permanent color, for instance, is designed to be long-lasting and is typically used with a developer to aid hair penetration.

In contrast, semi-permanent color focuses on the cuticle, which is the outer layer of your hair. Since it doesn’t need to penetrate deeper or be as long-lasting, it doesn’t rely on a developer to achieve results.

Their contrasting functions mean mixing different types is best avoided, as they can interfere with each other. That can lead to uneven color or even hair damage.

Checking for Compatible Colors

Start with a base color in a natural shade, as it will be the main factor in determining how light or dark your hair ends up being.

Next, choose your mixing color for more dimension and depth. For instance, combining a vibrant color product with a natural base will give you a muted, less intense look.

For best results, consider color compatibility to guide your choices, as cool and warm shades counteract each other. So do not mix warm and cool colors to avoid risk.

Check the color wheel if you’re unsure how to pick within the same shade family. Stylists often use the wheel to develop color schemes that complement their clients based on factors like skin tone, eye color, and uneven hair.

The Process

process of mixing two colors from the same brand

If you’re going for a blend of two colors from the same brand, mix equal parts of both shades in a bowl or applicator bottle.

For one color to be more dominant, use ¾ of the product and allocate the rest to the other hue.

Next, divide your hair into sections and apply the first color evenly and generously to each section. As you do, ensure every strand is covered, and then let the dye sit for the recommended time.

If the dominant color lacks intensity, use a toner that matches the shade to make it pop. Remember, aftercare is an essential step to rocking your newly dyed locks!

Don’t wash your hair for at least 24 hours so your color settles for optimal results.

Once you shower, use a sulfate-free shampoo designed for color-treated hair. You’ll also want to deep condition at least once a week to ensure your hair stays hydrated and healthy.

So, Can I Mix Different Hair Colors From the Same Brand?

Mixing two colors from the same hair dye brand is possible if both colors belong to the same type. It’s a creative way to get a unique and eye-catching look!

But before you grab your brushes and start mixing, consider color combinations, compatibility, and the differences between permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary color products.

With proper preparation and care, you can rock a gorgeous mixed hair color that’ll turn heads for months to come!


Thinking of mixing two boxes of hair dyes from the same brand? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I mix two box dyes?

Yes, you can mix two box dyes only if they are from the same brand and the same type.

Can I mix two Loreal hair colors?

Yes, Loreal hair colors can be mixed. But it’s a delicate process that needs to be done with care.

Is there any risk if I mix two dyes from the same brand?

Despite often impressive results, mixing two dyes is not a precise process. For that reason, make sure to do a strand test first to minimize the risk of failure.

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