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Can You Put Hand Sanitizer on Hair?

As hand sanitizer has become a common staple in most homes today, some may wonder, what does hand sanitizer do to your hair? Hand sanitizer on hair results in an extreme drying process.

While hand sanitizer will remove your hair’s oil, it will likely dehydrate and strip your hair of its natural oils. This puts your hair at risk of damage. Hand sanitizer can also irritate or burn your scalp, leaving it itchy and dry.


Can You Use Hand Sanitizer On Hair?

No matter what hair type you have, you shouldn’t put hand sanitizer on your hair. Sanitizers are made with alcohol, which is drying to all hair types. Even those with oily hair won’t benefit from hand sanitizer on their hair.

Hand sanitizer will likely damage your hair and strip it of all its natural oils. It can also harm your scalp and cause dandruff.

Most sanitizers also include other additives, like scents and coloring, which can further damage your hair. These damages can be long-lasting, so it’s important to be careful about what you put in your hair.

If you’re worried about contaminants in your hair, buying a hair sanitizer may be a better option. Hair sanitizer contains some of the same antimicrobial ingredients as hand sanitizer, but it’s safer for your hair and scalp.

Hair sanitizer also differs from dry shampoo because it’s designed to kill bacteria, whereas dry shampoo only soaks up oils.

Washing your hair with high-quality hair care products also helps control oil. Choosing hair products designed for your specific hair type is the best option.


What Happens if You Put Hand Sanitizer on Your Hair?

what does hand sanitizer do to your hair

Putting hand sanitizer in your hair will strip it of its natural oils. And if the sanitizer touches your scalp, it could burn your skin.

Additionally, using hand sanitizer to remove the oils from your hair can also lead to long-term consequences. Stripping away all of your hair’s oils leaves it prime to even more damage.

Your hair can take a while to build back the needed oil. As a result, some people may notice oilier hair while it balances out.


Can Hand Sanitizer Burn Your Scalp?

Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based drug that is capable of burning your scalp. Some sanitizers also contain higher levels of alcohol, which can result in even more damage.

While you shouldn’t use any hand sanitizer on your scalp or hair, sanitizers with higher levels of alcohol are the most damaging.


What To Do if You Have Already Put Hand Sanitizer on Your Hair?

how to remove hand sanitizer from hair

If you have already put hand sanitizer on your hair, you should remove it as safely and quickly as possible. The good thing about hand sanitizer is that it dries up quickly.

Once it dries, the damage to your hair is already done. At that point, you should simply avoid using them on your hair in the future. If you notice a burning or red skin on your scalp, you’ll want to wash your hair with warm water and gentle soap.

Gently massage the warm water into your scalp and hair first, then fully rinsing it. Adding natural oils or shampoo with healing ingredients can help soothe your scalp and make up for the lost oil.

If you’re worried about the drying effects that hand sanitizer causes, you may want to add some oil to your hair after removing it.

Natural oils can help to replenish the oils your hair lost. Simply rinse your hair with warm water and then apply a few drops of oil while brushing.

Hand sanitizer is also highly flammable, so avoiding open flames is important if you have already put it in your hair. 

This includes ignition sources, switches, or anything with static electricity. Make sure you wash your hair thoroughly before coming into contact with any of these with hand sanitizer in your hair.



Using hand sanitizer on your hair is typically never a good idea. If you’re worried about bacteria or germs in your hair, you can use a sanitizing spray made for your hair. Washing your hair with shampoo and conditions usually works to clean your hair.

Hand sanitizer is a powerful tool for reducing the spread of bacteria and germs. However, it is best used on your hands. It doesn’t serve as a benefit when applying it to your hair.