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Top Cavachon Haircuts (With Pictures) & DIY Grooming Tips

Cavachon haircuts are usually short, making this breed mix between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise look like a cute pup all the time. It is a hypoallergenic dog breed with curly hair, shreds infrequently, and is perfect for the apartment because you won’t experience balls of fur all over the year.

However, this breed requires a cut every now and then, depending on the coat. As a mixed breed, you might observe that every Cavachon fur is different, so you must adapt the trimming. 

Prepping Cavachon For A Haircut

Cavachon haircuts firstly require a thorough brush. This helps you remove dead hair that is caught in the coat and any possible mats. Prepping the coat for the bath and groom is a necessary step because this will decrease the chances of getting mats.

Before the groom and bath, check your little buddy’s ears and remove the hair from the canal. When bathing your dog and rinsing it, make sure you don’t get water into his ears. To avoid that, hold the ears close to the head.

It is important not to leave any conditioner or shampoo in your dog’s coat because it will build up with the debris. Towel him off and dry the coat. Once you are done, you are ready to do the Cavachon haircut. Follow the steps and discover the best trimming tips for your fluffy friend. 

Final Brush

cavachon puppy haircut

After you dry off your dog, brush its hair again to make sure all the dead hair is eliminated. If you can get a comb through its coat, then that’s a sign that you can start trimming. If you can’t, don’t ignore this step and continue brushing until its coat is easy to manipulate. 

Neck and Jaw

short cavachon haircut

All hair from the base of the ear to the throat and the back of the skull will have the same length. When you reach the ear base, make sure you hold the ear up and not cut any hair that covers it.

You will be dealing with that later. You can use the trimming machine in booth directions, depending on how you find it comfortable. 

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Body Trim

Contouring your dog’s body is the best way to trim its hair. You can use a short length for the body, legs, abdomen, following the natural hair direction. Spare the tail. This way, you are only setting the length, and to make it look even, you will need to use the scissors. 

Top Head

cavachon haircut

Use a longer-length clipper for the head. From the back of the skull, go towards the face area. Use the same length for the side of the cheeks. 

Sanitary Trim

Pull his tail and back leg up and trim the bottom. Use the trimming machine to cut the hair in a V shape, around the belly button. Also, gently clean the hair from the lobes and the paws, trimming the hair that the dog can stand on. 

Face Trim

Comb the brow hair towards that muzzles and trim its visor from one corner of the eye to the other. Make sure it’s straight and even.

After that, you can easily gather it all in a top pin, like the image above. This Cavachon dog haircut is so sweet and ideal for owners who love to make their dogs look even cuter. 

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Scissors Cut 

Use the scissors to blend all the hair and create a ‘V’ or a circle shape for the face. Finally, trim the ears, making the hair look straight and even.


Here are some common questions people ask about a Cavachon’s hair.

Do Cavachons have hair or fur?

Because Cavachons have a double coat, they technically have fur instead of hair. However, this distinction is often only made between those who are knowledgeable about dogs. Many people use the terms hair and fur interchangeably.

How often do Cavachons need haircuts?

Cavachons are high-maintenance pets when it comes to having their hair cut. They are hypo-allergenic, but the longer their fur gets, the less allergy friendly they are due to dust or debris they can pick up. It is a good idea to have their hair cut every seven weeks. 

Can I shave my Cavachon’s fur?

You can shave a Cavachon to achieve the teddy bear cut. This cut is only one or two inches long around their entire body. This cropped length is perfect to see all of their features and still have soft, pet-worthy coats. 

Should I bathe my Cavachon before or after a haircut?

If your Cavachon needs a haircut or a bath, it is best to take them to a professional groomer. Bathe them at least every six weeks.

If you schedule the haircut and the bath at the same, time you will save some time and money.

Should I consider the weather before cutting my Cavachon’s hair?

Considering the weather when thinking about when you should take your dog for a haircut is a good idea.

For Cavachons, you might want to keep their fur shorter in the summer and longer in the winter, depending on the climate you live in. 

If you live in a hotter climate, you might need to take them once every four weeks to keep their fur at a comfortable length! 

Do Cavachon dogs require regular brushing?

Brushing your Cavachon dog is a good idea because while they do not shed as much as other breeds, they have loose hairs that should be removed through brushing.
It is also a good idea to brush your Cavachon pup so that their fur remains soft and free of any knots or other irritating objects. 

Before doing the Cavachon haircut,  it is also important to clean your dog’s ears with a cotton ball and a special solution. You just want to wipe inside to get rid of all debris. Remember that if you want the Cavachon trim to look perfect, you need to remove all the mats and comb your dog’s hair thoroughly.