50 Cutest Dogs With Brilliant Haircuts

When it comes to dog haircuts, it seems that the sky is the limit. Long-furred pets give their owners’ imagination plenty of room to shine. Whether you have a special long-haired breed that requires professional haircuts on a regular basis or a regular pooch, there are plenty of options to play around with.

You need to be careful determining when your dog needs a haircut. For example, cutting your pet’s hair short when it’s cold outside can lead to health problems. Leaving the coat too long so it knots and becomes uncomfortable for the dog is a big mistake.


Adorable Dogs Haircuts

Dog haircuts vary greatly. While there are some standard hairstyles that groomers create for various dog pageants, you as an owner can come up with anything you wish. Unless you are planning to present your dog at the next dog show to win an award, you can create even the most extraordinary hairstyles.

Not all dogs are created equal and they might be unhappy with your wish to do some haircutting. Make sure you take your dog’s feelings into consideration. Torturing a pet with styling techniques is not worth the result. Here are some funny and adorable dogs with unique hairstyles.


1. A wig

dog haircut

A wig is a fun and simple way to play around with your dog’s hair without any stress for the pet. You can use a wig to get an idea of what type of haircut to ask the groomer to create next. Just don’t hope for your pet to run around in one of those.

Pomeranian Haircut Ideas


2. Plush toys

dog haircut

Fluffy coats are a wonderful base for plush toy hairstyles. Usually, they are achieved by making a sphere-like style on top of the dogs head and trimming the paws to achieve a fluffy look. The rest is up to you.


3. Comb over

dog haircut

This funny dog hairstyle is easy to arrange when your dog’s ears are long and their color differs from the rest of its head. All you have to is brush the hair from the ears over the top part of the head and voila!


4. Clean cut

dog haircut

Getting a dog haircut is not always necessary for the pets with short fur, however, they can still benefit from a trim. Be careful when grooming the long-eared breeds. They are very touchy about their ears.

Best Poodle Haircuts for Your Dog


5. Scissors cut

dog haircut

While many dog haircuts can be done with a trimmer, some require some careful scissors work. If you are planning to get the hair on the dog’s face cut in a certain way, you better be ready for tedious work.


6. Classic ears

dog haircut

Toy dog breeds often require plenty of grooming. These are not dogs that can survive in the wild without any professional trimming. So make sure you keep the fur clean and trimmed and the ears classically styled.


7. Open the eyes

dog haircut

When you are giving your dog a haircut, make sure to start with the eyes. Many breeds have long hair growing around their eyes and obstructing the vision. This can lead to a partial loss of sight or even blindness.

Cute Yorkie Haircuts For Your Puppy


8. Dog’s Mohawk

dog haircut

Always dreamed about a mohawk but were afraid of getting one? You can create one on your poodle instead. Get the pet to a professional groomer, who can work with the fur to create a real masterpiece.


9. Accessories


Depending on how capricious your dog is, you can use various accessories such as bows and clips. Just make sure they are specifically made for pets so they can’t get hurt with sharp ends.


10. Princess Dog


Some breeds require you to keep the hair long in order to get prizes at the dog shows. You need to learn how to maintain these long dog haircuts and keep them clean and brushed. Some might require several brushing sessions per day.


11. Terrier beard


Terrier’s facial hair is its pride. So you need to learn how to take care of it. Some owners prefer to cut it short and forget the hassle while others can create a real masterpiece and brush it on a daily basis.


12. Dog Hair Designs


Hair designs are popular among humans so why not use them on dog haircuts. You can create any type of pattern you wish starting from dragon scales and ending with cutest hearts anywhere on the body.


13. Lion cut


Lion cuts are the most popular dog hairstyles on the planet. They used to be made only on certain types of breeds, but nowadays you can meet them on absolutely any dog that has enough hair to get it done.

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14. Dog’s Ponytails


If you are brave enough to groom a dog with a long coat, you can come up with many fun hairstyles, such as ponytails. In fact, ponytails can make long hair easier to wear and harder to get dirty.


15. Fine Cuts


Ear hairstyling is always rather tedious and unpleasant for the dog. So if your pet requires an ear haircut, make sure you are very gentle. Don’t choose any hard to make hairstyles. Your pet will say thank you.


16. Neat and cute

dog haircut

The main goal of a dog haircut is to keep the coat neat. If you don’t maintain the fur on a regular basis, even the best hairstyle can become a mess. If your pet has long hair, get special brush kits for grooming.


17. Dog’s Hair Braids

dog haircut

Many dogs have long enough hair for braids. So you can go all out with all types of braids you can possibly make. Fishtails, twists, French braids, do whatever your heart desires as long as the dog is willing to stand still.


18. Classic lion


Lion cuts can be very different, but the classic one involves creating a mane. This usually means that you don’t jut leave the hair around your dog’s head long but keep some more on the neck and down the body.


19. Flaunt the curls

dog haircut

Some dogs have curly fur. It’s hard to maintain. That’s why many owners prefer to cut it as short as possible. However, you must care for the pet’s health and leave enough hair to keep it warm during the cold seasons.


20. Puppy cuts

dog haircut

Most dogs don’t require haircuts when they are puppies. If can’t wait to give your puppy a hairstyle, consider careful trimming. Just like children, puppies have trouble keeping still for a complicated haircut.


21. Layered cuts


Pets with curly fur can benefit from layered dog haircuts. Remember, that neat layers are hard to make so ask for the help of professional groomer. The hair on the head also needs to be styled in a special way.


22. Clips and bows


Using clips, elastic bands and bows is a lot of fun when your pet is ready to wear them. Make sure that you choose the softest accessories to make your dog comfortable. Play around with braids and ponytails!


23. Haircut mix


Dog haircuts are so much fun to play around with. Don’t refuse yourself the pleasure of coming up with something unique for your pet. Let your imagination run wild and create mohawks, fohawks, lion and dragon cuts, etc.


24. Classic approach

dog haircut

Each breed has its own perfect appearance. So if you are about to enter your pet into a dog contest, make sure not to go overboard with your haircut imagination. Ask the professional groomer to create a masterpiece.


25. Time for a cut

dog haircut

Some owners have trouble understanding when their pet is in dire need of a haircut. The biggest sign that your dog needs a visit to the groomer is when the eyes are obscured by the hair. The second sign is when the coat is dragging on the floor.


26. Facial trim


Many dogs require a facial trim more than they need a haircut on the rest of the body. You need to pay close attention to the fur around their nose and mouth. If it’s too long and easy to get dirty, it can lead to health problems.


27. Chest cuts


Making sure that the dog’s chest is well-groomed is every owner’s responsibility. More often than not a dog can’t properly reach down to the chest hair to get rid of the knots. Make sure you keep the hair brushed.


28. Hairy lion


This lion hairstyle involves keeping the hair long on the paws and trimmed on the head. In any case, the hair on the face must be longer than on the back. Such dog haircuts look very cute and every owner tries them at least once.


29. Terrier beard


A bearded terrier is one of the most popular dog images. The larger your terrier is, the longer you can make the beard look. Just don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to keep that beard neat and brushed.


30. Slight trim


Some dog breeds look their best when covered by their natural hair without too much hair cutting. If you’ve got one of those, don’t hurry to give it a haircut. It might be very uncomfortable without the hair.


31. Pretty girl


Owners of small and fluffy dog enjoy the pretty girl image that’s achieved by making a plush toy cut and keeping the hair long on the dog’s ears. With the right accessories, the ears can look just like ponytails.


32. Don’t forget the tail


When making a dog haircut, you have to pay close attention to the tail. The tail styling depends on the breed of your dog. Some require fluffy and hairy tails while others feel great with their tail neatly trimmed.


33. Bangs


If you want to keep the hair out of your dog’s eyes, you might want to consider this bangs haircut. It’s suitable for both curly and straight-haired dogs and looks like a stylish hat.


34. Worry free


Shorthaired breeds don’t require anything except hygienic haircuts. You have to do your research and talk to a groomer to find out whether or not your dog requires a haircut. Don’t try to ruin your dog’s coat with unnecessary styling.


35. Curly image


Dogs with curly hair need more maintenance and more precise grooming. The best dog haircut for a curly pet is a short trim. However, some owners prefer to leave a few coils. The length is up to you.


36. Asymmetrical touch


Did you think that asymmetry was popular just among humans? Think again! Dogs can look amazing with asymmetrical cuts as well. You just have to make sure that the hair is neat and brushed.


37. Slight layers


A slightly layered hairstyle is exactly what your dog with long hair needs to look neat and fluffy. A cute look is possible to achieve even if the dog is large and far from looking adorable. All depends on the haircut.


38. Paw cut


Trimming the hair on the low part of your dog’s paws allows it to enjoy the long walks and runs even more and reduces the amount of washing you need to do after each walk with your pet.


39. Just the face


This is a variation of a lion haircut. This time you just keep the face hairy and the rest of the dog’s body trimmed. This way you can create an impression as if a dog has a human hairstyle.


40. Stylish ears


Most dogs with long ears can benefit from the ponytail hairstyle. The hair on most of the body and the head is trimmed while the fur on the ears is left as long as possible. Brushing the ears on a regular basis is compulsory.


41. Eyebrow trim


When you are dealing with the hair around your dog’s eyes, you can style it to look like human eyebrows. This way they are kept out of the eyes and give the dog a smart appearance.


42. Stylish approach



If you are not sure which dog haircut to choose, go for a simple one. The shortly trimmed hair on the body and well-arranged fur on the face is a fail-safe choice for most of the dog. Consult a groomer before proceeding.

43. Straight and curly


If your dog’s hair is curly, it might have straight fur on the face. Such dogs need special attention during grooming. You might want to cut the curly coat as short as possible in order to avoid knotting.


44. Messy style


Some dogs look extremely cute when their hair is long and messy. Don’t fall for the photo trap. The hair might have been messed up for a photo shoot. You need to take good care of your dog’s hair regardless of the current fashion.


45. Fluff it up


When your dog is young and still has a thin and fluffy coat, you can maintain such a hairstyle with slight trimming. As the pet grows older, the hair might not stay as plush as before. Be ready for it.


46. Stylish tail


The tail is one of the most important parts of a dog’s haircut. If you decide to leave the hair on it long and thick, you have to be ready for some tail care. Long and fluffy tails are the hardest to maintain but tend to look the best.


47. Long layers


Long layers are a wonderful choice for a dog haircut no matter what size the dog is and how thick the coat is. Layers allow your pet and you to minimize the maintenance and enjoy a neat appearance.


48. Adorable image


A professional groomer can create an adorable image for any dog as long as the hair is long enough to be trimmed. Even the fiercest animals can turn into cute pets when the scissors and the trimmer do a good job.


49. The shorter the better


The shorter you make the hair on the dog’s face, the easier its life will be. Long hair on the chin keeps the coat dirty every time a dog eats or sniffs something. Try to keep the face neat and groomed.


50. Fun beard


Some dogs have adorable facial hair that can easily be turned into a fun beard. Consider getting a short dog haircut on the rest of the body and keep the hair as long as possible around the mouth.

These cute and appealing dog haircuts are just the tip of the iceberg. When you decide that the time has come to give your dog a cut, consider the above advice and choose one of the suitable options.

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